Nothing But... Funky House Selections, Vol. 05

2021-07-18 14:30

VA - Nothing But... Funky House Selections, Vol. 05 / NBFNKHS05 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Katt WilliamsOverground (Original Mix)07:0716
2Next Door But OneLifting The Shadow (Electrick City Remix)03:258
3Deeprule & DJ Romi & Rita StarleyPlay (Radio Mix)03:117
4Andrew Novelli & Nicola SerenaHouse Hot Hat (Original Mix)03:569
5Mr MajesticFunky Magic (Original Mix)04:3210
6RossAltoIn Love With You (Original Mix)06:4215
7SoftmalManequim (Original Mix)06:5516
8Brandon BassHow the West Was Won (Original Mix)06:4115
9TzesarYou Can't Stop It (Original Mix)04:5111
10AndradezSplash (Original Mix)07:4818
11DeftoneSushi Takeout (Original Mix)05:1912
12Kris FerreriGet Some (Original Mix)05:0712
13Falcos Deejay & Crown & BeyondLay It Down (Original Mix)05:5313
14D'Amico & Valax & Lamberjack & LHPSNAOMG (Extended Mix)03:298
15Penford & PearsonSo Brand New (Fry up's Remix)05:1012
16Inspired SoulsI Found Love (Ruby Skye's Mission Dub Edit)03:459
17Sito and the StarseedsLove The Way You Love Me (Dub Remix)04:089
18Linda Axelsson & ThesslaA Little Closer (Original Mix)04:049
19Konstantin BeregovoyJust You (Desving Radio Remix)03:328
20TuffcubDisco Cop (Danger Floor Radio Edit)03:268
21Javi ReinaJungle (Original Mix)04:4111
22CihanbackWe Are Coming Down (Kotana Radio Edit)03:047
23EcclesiasRetro Move (Original Mix)04:4811
24The BoatpeopleHello (Monsieur Le Detrake Remix)03:459
25Ben NevilleDon't Get Down (Radio Edit)03:067
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Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Nothing But... Funky House Selections, Vol. 05

Release Date: 18.07.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 274,66 MB Language: English

Label: Nothing But NBFNKHS05

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Katt Williams - Overground (Original Mix) 07:11

02. Next Door But One - Lifting The Shadow 03:28

(Electrick City Remix)

03. Deeprule & DJ Romi & Rita Starley - Play 03:15

(Radio Mix)

04. Andrew Novelli & Nicola Serena - House Hot 03:59

Hat (Original Mix)

05. Mr Majestic - Funky Magic (Original Mix) 04:35

06. RossAlto - In Love With You (Original Mix) 06:46

07. Softmal - Manequim (Original Mix) 06:59

08. Brandon Bass - How the West Was Won 06:44

(Original Mix)

09. Tzesar - You Can't Stop It (Original Mix) 04:54

10. Andradez - Splash (Original Mix) 07:51

11. Deftone - Sushi Takeout (Original Mix) 05:22

12. Kris Ferreri - Get Some (Original Mix) 05:10

13. Falcos Deejay & Crown & Beyond - Lay It Down 05:56

(Original Mix)

14. D'Amico & Valax & Lamberjack & LHNA - OMG 03:32

(Extended Mix)

15. Penford & Pearson - So Brand New 05:13

(Fry up's Remix)

16. Inspired Souls - I Found Love 03:48

(Ruby Skye's Mission Dub Edit)

17. Sito and the Starseeds - Love The Way You 04:11

Love Me (Dub Remix)

18. Linda Axelsson & Thessla - A Little Closer 04:07

(Original Mix)

19. Konstantin Beregovoy - Just You 03:35

(Desving Radio Remix)

20. Tuffcub - Disco Cop (Danger Floor Radio Edit) 03:30

21. Javi Reina - Jungle (Original Mix) 04:44

22. Cihanback - We Are Coming Down 03:07

(Kotana Radio Edit)

23. Ecclsias - Retro Move (Original Mix) 04:51

24. The Boatpeople - Hello 03:49

(Monsieur Le Dtrak Remix)

25. Ben Neville - Don't Get Down (Radio Edit) 03:09

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Katt Williams, Electrick City, Mr

Majestic, Rossalto, Softmal, Brandon Bass, Tzesar, Andradez,

Deftone, Kris Ferreri, Justin Fry, Ruby Skye, Sito and the

Starseeds, Javi Reina, Kotana, Ecclsias, Monsieur Le

Dtrak, Ben Neville, Next Door But One, Deeprule, DJ Romi,

Rita Starley, Andrew Novelli, Nicola Serena, Falcos Deejay,

Crown & Beyond, D'Amico & Valax, Lamberjack, LHNA, Penford &

Pearson, Inspired Souls, Linda Axelsson & Thessla, Konstantin

Beregovoy, Tuffcub, Cihanback, The Boatpeople


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