Simply Deep House, Vol. 08

2021-07-23 00:27

VA - Simply Deep House, Vol. 08 / LWSDEEPH08 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Eli DavidHopes & Dreams (Original Mix)07:0316
2Trade & Del SandersonOn Your Mind (Bruverly Dubs Remix)05:3413
3HDSNScreaming Inside (Original Mix)06:0314
4Davka & Kaio BatistaLost Flute (Original Mix)05:4013
5Dreaman feat. CARZiLive As One (The Meals Remix Part 2)07:1317
6KravComon (Original Mix)05:2813
7Jaki BoyI Don't Like (Original Mix)05:5013
8Laydee VFusion (Original Mix)05:1412
9Rui ManuDeepmind (Original Mix)07:1417
10DJ MXNDream (Original Mix)06:4315
11Hendo (UK)Funky (Original Mix)05:1512
12LCAPShow Me Sky (Original Mix)06:1514
13Deep AztecIf I Could (See U) (Original Mix)06:2715
14OzoresIn The Club (Original Mix)05:3313
15Bogdan IoanSeduce Me (Original Mix)03:188
16Col Lawton'You And Me' (Original Mix)06:1714
17Duar VilaLet's Get Lost (Original Mix)06:4515
18Tom Gianelli & Lee JonesAnalog Logic (Country Gents 21 Remix)06:4515
19DeepwireDark Plywood (Original Mix)05:5414
20Sinan KayaRave (Original Mix)06:2315
21Christian DesnoyersDeeper (Dub Mix)05:4513
22Classy TouchTwo-Zero Two-Zero (Original Mix)06:0914
23EvanlyTake Me Home (Original Mix)02:456
24Joe SilvaJabs (Original Mix)06:4515
25BNinjasTriumphant (Original Mix)06:1114
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Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Deep House, Vol. 08

Release Date: 23.07.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 342,74 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWSDEEPH08

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Eli David - Hopes & Dreams (Original Mix) 07:05

02. Trade & Del Sanderson - On Your Mind 05:37

(Bruverly Dubs Remix)

03. HDSN - Screaming Inside (Original Mix) 06:05

04. Davka & Kaio Batista - Lost Flute 05:43

(Original Mix)

05. Dreaman feat. CARZi - Live As One 07:15

(The Meals Remix Part 2)

06. Krav - Comon (Original Mix) 05:31

07. Jaki Boy - I Don't Like (Original Mix) 05:53

08. Laydee V - Fusion (Original Mix) 05:16

09. Rui Manu - Deepmind (Original Mix) 07:16

10. DJ MXN - Dream (Original Mix) 06:45

11. Hendo (UK) - Funky (Original Mix) 05:17

12. LCAP - Show Me Sky (Original Mix) 06:18

13. Deep Aztec - If I Could (See U) (Original Mix)06:29

14. Ozores - In The Club (Original Mix) 05:35

15. Bogdan Ioan - Seduce Me (Original Mix) 03:21

16. Col Lawton - 'You And Me' (Original Mix) 06:20

17. Duar Vila - Let's Get Lost (Original Mix) 06:48

18. Tom Gianelli & Lee Jones - Analog Logic 06:47

(Country Gents 21 Remix)

19. Deepwire - Dark Plywood (Original Mix) 05:56

20. Sinan Kaya - Rave (Original Mix) 06:26

21. Christian Desnoyers - Deeper (Dub Mix) 05:48

22. Classy Touch - Two-Zero Two-Zero 06:12

(Original Mix)

23. Evanly - Take Me Home (Original Mix) 02:47

24. Joe Silva - Jabs (Original Mix) 06:48

25. BNinjas - Triumphant (Original Mix) 06:14

About Release 

Simply Deep House, Vol. 08 includes tracks and remixes from

Eli David, Bruverly Dubs, HDSN, Davka & Kaio Batista, The

Meals, Krav, Jaki Boy, Laydee V, Rui Manu, DJ MXN, Hendo

(UK), LCAP, Deep Aztec, Bogdan Ioan, Col Lawton, Duar Vila,

Country Gents, Deepwire, Sinan Kaya, Christian Desnoyers,

Classy Touch, Joe Silva, Bninjas, Trade & Del Sanderson,

Dreaman feat. CARZi, Ozores, Tom Gianelli & Lee Jones, Evanly


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