Soultronic 009

2021-08-23 14:24

VA - Soultronic 009 / HOTQSOULT009 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Carlos Yedra & Footsounds & Rhey OsborneSparkle (Jose Carretas Remix)08:2919
2Divided NationSweet Love (Original Mix)06:3515
3TRUEFIRE Feat. D-LoLove Machine (Mr.Tune Remix)04:1610
4Uncle-R & Shanice MayDon't Need You (Original Mix)04:4311
5Roque & Tantra ZawadiLoverution (Sir Mos Remix Instrumental)08:1819
6Pak Jones Feat. Kom XalaTiempo (Instrumental Mix)05:0612
7Ms. JohnLet's Stay Together (Beat Rivals Remix Instrumental)06:5916
8Q-LV x C_MeSoulUwrongo (BosPianii Remix)05:2712
9Daniel Ward & Mark Lee HowlettThe Italian Job (Original Mix)07:3617
10SwankyTell Me (Original Mix)05:4713
11Playmaster & Smallistic ft SongKaraboGive It To Me Remixes (Rune Sibiya Remix)07:0316
12micFreak & Coco StreetSo Happy (Andrew Emil Dreamix)06:4816
13Pam Weathers & Tayo WinkBetter Days (Extended Mix)08:0018
14K-MaestroHigher Spirits (Original Mix)07:0916
15Beat Rivals feat. Marissa AnglinFreedom (Radio Edit)03:228
16Backup PlanThe First Time (Dub Mix)05:3313
17Anaya WeathersTurn Me On (Da RockWildas Boogie Mix)06:3815
18North N South & Vanessa HaynesSweet Love (Main Vocal Mix)06:0214
19B.A.N.G!Feel The Love In You (Extended Instrumental)05:4813
20Alex Poet feat. Michelle Weeks(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story (Richard Earnshaw Heart & Soul Instrumental)05:1612
21Danny Clark & Carla PratherPeople Of The Sun (Main Mix)08:4420
22DomineekyLove Is Tru Part 4 (Original Mix)03:147
23LukadoSummer Time Breeze (Original Mix)05:0312
24Amateur At Play & Richelle HicksEmotions (I Hear Voices) (Amateur's Classic Vocal Mix)06:3015
25Deepconsoul & ShimmyTonesIn A Jazzy World (Original Mix)12:3429
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Soultronic 009

Release Date: 23.08.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 370,51 MB Language: English


Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Carlos Yedra & Footsounds & Rhey Osborne - 08:31

Sparkle (Jose Carretas Remix)

02. Divided Nation - Sweet Love (Original Mix) 06:37

03. TRUEFIRE Feat. D-Lo - Love Machine 04:17

(Mr.Tune Remix)

04. Uncle-R & Shanice May - Don't Need You 04:44

(Original Mix)

05. Roque & Tantra Zawadi - Loverution 08:20

(Sir Mos Remix Instrumental)

06. Pak Jones Feat. Kom Xala - Tiempo 05:07

(Instrumental Mix)

07. Ms. John - Let's Stay Together 07:01

(Beat Rivals Remix Instrumental)

08. Q-LV x C_MeSoul - Uwrongo (BosPianii Remix) 05:29

09. Daniel Ward & Mark Lee Howlett - The Italian 07:38

Job (Original Mix)

10. Swanky - Tell Me (Original Mix) 05:48

11. Playmaster & Smallistic ft SongKarabo - Give 07:05

It To Me Remixes (Rune Sibiya Remix)

12. micFreak & Coco Street - So Happy 06:50

(Andrew Emil Dreamix)

13. Pam Weathers & Tayo Wink - Better Days 08:02

(Extended Mix)

14. K-Maestro - Higher Spirits (Original Mix) 07:11

15. Beat Rivals feat. Marissa Anglin - Freedom 03:24

(Radio Edit)

16. Backup Plan - The First Time (Dub Mix) 05:34

17. Anaya Weathers - Turn Me On 06:40

(Da RockWildas Boogie Mix)

18. North N South & Vanessa Haynes - Sweet Love 06:04

(Main Vocal Mix)

19. B.A.N.G! - Feel The Love In You 05:50

(Extended Instrumental)

20. Alex Poet feat. Michelle Weeks - 05:18

(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story (Richard Earnsha

21. Danny Clark & Carla Prather - People Of The 08:46

Sun (Main Mix)

22. Domineeky - Love Is Tru Part 4 (Original Mix) 03:16

23. Lukado - Summer Time Breeze (Original Mix) 05:05

24. Amateur At Play & Richelle Hicks - Emotions 06:31

(I Hear Voices) (Amateur's Classic Vocal Mix)

25. Deepconsoul & ShimmyTones - In A Jazzy World 12:36

(Original Mix)

About Release 

Soultronic 009. Tracks and remixes from Jose Carretas,

Divided Nation, Mr.Tune, Sir Mos, Beat Rivals, BosPianii,

Daniel Ward & Mark Lee Howlett, Swanky, Rune, Andrew Emil,

Backup Plan, B.A.N.G!, Richard Earnshaw, Domineeky, Lukado,

Carlos Yedra, Footsounds, Rhey Osborne, TRUEFIRE Feat. D-Lo,

Uncle-R & Shanice May, Roque & Tantra Zawadi, Pak Jones Feat.

Kom Xala, Ms. John, Q-LV x C_MeSoul, Playmaster & Smallistic

ft SongKarabo, micFreak, Coco Street, Pam Weathers & Tayo

Wink, K-Maestro, Beat Rivals feat. Marissa Anglin, Anaya

Weathers, North N South & Vanessa Haynes, Alex Poet feat.

Michelle Weeks, Danny Clark & Carla Prather, Amateur At Play

& Richelle Hicks, Deepconsoul, Shimmytones


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