Eastern Star

2021-04-30 23:23

Yuriy From Russia, Ira Ange - Eastern Star / BP10272021 / Bonzai Progressive

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1Yuriy From Russia & Ira AngeEastern Star (Original Mix)07:4218
2Yuriy From Russia & Ira AngeEastern Star (Seth Vogt Remix)06:5516
3Yuriy From Russia & Ira AngeEastern Star (Andy Woldman Remix)06:5316
4Yuriy From Russia & Ira AngeEastern Star (Gelios Remix)07:1417

The AOV Stars rises again with a big M4Gnitude, and presents

Yuriy From Russia & Ira Ange - Eastern Star


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Artist: Yuriy From Russia & Ira Ange

Album : Eastern Star


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Genre : House

Date : 04.30.2021

Encoder : LAME

Quality : 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo

Track(s) : 04

Size : 65,79 MB

Language : English

Source : WEB

Label : Bonzai Progressive

Catalognr : BP10272021

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We welcome Yuriy From Russia and Ira Ange back to Bonzai Progressive to

kick off the Spring season with a solid cut titled Eastern Star. It's

been a few months since we last saw Yuriy after his Lost War release

from the end of 2020. Since then, he continued to ply his trade with

his usual dynamic style. Ira Ange also returns after she provided

vocals on Yuriy's Under The Sky and, as always, we're captivated by her

rich voice. Great to see both artists back at Bonzai.

The Original Mix kicks off the release and sets the tone for a fine

trek into progressive house territory. Punchy beats and a dominating

bassline take control as enchanting vocals and striking, melodic synths

layer up. We welcome Seth Vogt back to BP with a superb remix. As ever,

his interpretation compliments the original beautifully. The vocal

stands out, sending shivers down the spine as 4x4 beats morph into

tight breaks alongside some very powerful, emotive melodies and sounds.

Andy Woldman returns on remix duties, raising the bar once again with

his unique style. With a more direct route, Andy gets down to business

right from the off with a driving bassline and using the vocal

brilliantly. Tension mounts throughout, taking us to the break where a

climactic build up leads us to the blistering final act. Gelios

completes a trio of remixes as he returns to BP with more progressive

goodness. Keeping the quality at a high standard as always, the remix

here is quite simply outstanding. Bold and brash, a more pumped-up

sound with the vocal breaking through the harshness and accompanied by

mesmerizing arpeggios.

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01.Eastern Star (Original Mix) [07:42]

02.Eastern Star (Seth Vogt Remix) [06:55]

03.Eastern Star (Andy Woldman Remix) [06:53]

04.Eastern Star (Gelios Remix) [07:14]

Playtime : 28:44 Min

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