Electronic Commute 006

2021-05-30 17:25

VA - Electronic Commute 006 / HOTQELC006 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Kemp&ThompsonNo Shame (All In The Game Mix)06:2515
2Customs DJThey're My (Original Mix)04:1510
3SakkeLa Pulga (Original Mix)08:5720
4DandyFly Me To The Moon (Original Mix)03:408
5Son KotaWhere They At (Original Mix)06:2615
6Alec LinoCoral House (Original Mix)06:4816
7Morenno MartinezI Miss You (Original Mix)06:2115
8Yvvan Back & David Novacek & ZetaphunkI Can Make It (Sebb Junior Remix)03:549
9Paul Parsons & Bronx CheerLet Me (Original Mix)05:4913
10ATFCGet Busy (KPD Remix)06:4415
11Yu TakimotoWatsup (Original Mix)06:1114
12Blak Beat NiksGet Over Yourself (Sean McCabe Remix)08:0018
13Mauricio FigueroaJazzman (Original Mix)05:4813
14JollyJ & Kane Lane & Kit RiceEmotion (Radio Edit)03:418
15JJ DillingerHolla (Original Mix)05:1312
16Dander UKCome Around (Original Mix)05:4013
17Bexxie & Bubs & KPDLocked In (KPD Remix)03:258
18DJ Timbawolf & MC BlendaLet Me In (House Radio Mix)03:569
19Gina JeanzMotion (Original Mix)02:547
20Maurice Bird & Helen McCormackSpirit (Dance Mix - Radio Edit)03:328
21Chris LowoneIn The Air Tonight (Original Mix)03:509
22Matt Dawson & Kevin MillsLike This (Original Mix)05:1312
23Jake TravisStereophonic (Original Mix)06:2115
24Toni The MmG & Urvin June & Anthony CareyLoving You Tonite (DJ Hakuei Remix)06:3415
25OmsonIs It Real (Original Mix)05:4613
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Electronic Commute 006

Release Date: 30.05.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 312.00 MB Language: English

Label: HOT-Q Cat.no: HOTQELC006

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Kemp&Thompson - No Shame (All In The Game Mix)06:27

02. Customs DJ - They're My (Original Mix) 04:17

03. Sakke - La Pulga (Original Mix) 08:59

04. Dandy - Fly Me To The Moon (Original Mix) 03:42

05. Son Kota - Where They At (Original Mix) 06:28

06. Alec Lino - Coral House (Original Mix) 06:49

07. Morenno Martinez - I Miss You (Original Mix) 06:23

08. Yvvan Back & David Novacek & Zetaphunk - I 03:56

Can Make It (Sebb Junior Remix)

09. Paul Parsons & Bronx Cheer - Let Me 05:51

(Original Mix)

10. ATFC - Get Busy (KPD Remix) 06:46

11. Yu Takimoto - Watsup (Original Mix) 06:13

12. Blak Beat Niks - Get Over Yourself 08:02

(Sean McCabe Remix)

13. Mauricio Figueroa - Jazzman (Original Mix) 05:50

14. JollyJ & Kane Lane & Kit Rice - Emotion 03:42

(Radio Edit)

15. JJ Dillinger - Holla (Original Mix) 05:15

16. Dander UK - Come Around (Original Mix) 05:42

17. Bexxie & Bubs & KPD - Locked In (KPD Remix) 03:27

18. DJ Timbawolf & MC Blenda - Let Me In 03:58

(House Radio Mix)

19. Gina Jeanz - Motion (Original Mix) 02:56

20. Maurice Bird & Helen McCormack - Spirit 03:34

(Dance Mix - Radio Edit)

21. Chris Lowone - In The Air Tonight 03:52

(Original Mix)

22. Matt Dawson & Kevin Mills - Like This 05:15

(Original Mix)

23. Jake Travis - Stereophonic (Original Mix) 06:23

24. Toni The MmG & Urvin June & Anthony Carey - 06:36

Loving You Tonite (DJ Hakuei Remix)

25. Omson - Is It Real (Original Mix) 05:48

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Kemp&Thompson, Sakke, Dandy, Son

Kota, Alec Lino, Morenno Martinez, Sebb Junior, KPD, Yu

Takimoto, Sean McCabe, Mauricio Figueroa, JJ Dillinger,

Dander UK, Gina Jeanz, Chris Lowone, Matt Dawson, Kevin

Mills, Jake Travis, DJ Hakuei, Omson, Customs DJ, Yvvan Back,

David Novacek & Zetaphunk, Paul Parsons & Bronx Cheer, ATFC,

Blak Beat Niks, JollyJ, Kane Lane, Kit Rice, Bexxie, BUBS &

KPD, DJ Timbawolf, MC Blenda, Maurice Bird & Helen Mac, Toni

The Mmg, Urvin June, Anthony Carey



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