Good Old Pal Anxiety

2021-06-05 23:25

Airwave - Good Old Pal Anxiety / BP10362021 / Bonzai Progressive

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1AirwaveGood Old Pal Anxiety (Original Mix)07:4116
2AirwaveYou Are Loved (Original Mix)08:1215
3AirwaveThen And Now (2021 Version)13:5326

The AOV Stars rises again with a big M4Gnitude, and presents

Airwave - Good Old Pal Anxiety


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Artist: Airwave

Album : Good Old Pal Anxiety


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Genre : House

Date : 06.05.2021

Encoder : LAME

Quality : avg. 270kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo

Track(s) : 03

Size : 57,24 MB

Language : English

Source : WEB (WAV)

Label : Bonzai Progressive

Catalognr : BP10362021

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Belgian music maestro Airwave, returns to Bonzai Progressive with his

first 2021 release titled, Good Old Pal Anxiety. No introduction is

necessary when it comes to legends like Airwave. His works continue to

be an inspiration to a generation and he is revered amongst his peers,

commanding respect and admiration for his contribution to the

electronic music scene. From chilled out ambient sounds to chugging

progressive grooves, driving trance, scathing techno and intriguing

scoring, Airwave truly is a master of his trade.

Spread across three tracks, the latest effort from Laurent begins with

the profoundly powerful, Good Old Pal Anxiety. Deep, driving proggy

vibes, laced with delicate melancholy and contrasting euphoric

elements. You Are Loved follows, taking us on an even deeper trek

filled with emotive sounds and note changes. Based around a solid

progressive groove with charged melodies, the track locks you in,

drawing you into the narrative. Beautiful stuff. Rounding out the

release we have the epic, Then And Now - 2021 Version. Somewhat of a

nostalgic piece, Airwave wrote this 3 years ago and now we're excited

he has decided to release it. The track encapsulates that vintage era

of Airwave where sweet, soft melodies and deep droning basses combined,

unleashing raw, unbridled emotion. Ever-evolving and wholly infectious,

this is Airwave.

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01.Good Old Pal Anxiety (Original Mix) [07:42]

02.You Are Loved (Original Mix) [08:12]

03.Then And Now (2021 Version) [13:53]

Playtime : 29:47 Min

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