Toolroom House Party Vol. 6

2021-06-06 05:35

VA - Toolroom House Party Vol. 6 / TOOL104001Z / Toolroom

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1JadedAll I Need (Extended Mix)04:5111
2Sllash & DoppeHooked On You (Extended Mix)06:0114
3Paige & Nihil Young & Lauren L'aimantSecrets (Extended Mix)05:1212
4KC Lights & Leo StannardCold Light (Extended Mix)05:2312
5Martin Ikin & ChenaiYou (Extended Dub Mix)05:5414
6MeleGroove La Afrika (Extended Mix)05:2612
7FlashmobCloser (Extended Mix)06:2315
8Dombresky Ft. Camden CoxDo You Remember (Extended Mix)05:1812
9David JacksonOohhyyee (Extended Mix)06:2915
10EkoboyBack Door (Extended Mix)05:4613
11Alex PrestonLove You Better (Extended Mix)05:2913
12Alaia & GalloSyloo (Extended Mix)05:4413
13Friend Within & ATrak - Know Each Other (Extended Mix)05:2913
14KidekoCubanito (Extended Mix)05:1412
15DJ PPThe Club (Extended Mix)06:1014
16Danny Howard & Eli & FurNext To Me (Extended Mix)06:0214
17Maur & Roobinz Ft. FaberCan't Get Enough (Extended Mix)06:1014
18NinetoesLet U Go (Extended Mix)07:0116
19Kormak Ft. JinaduLook To Me (Extended Mix)05:3113
20Dennis Cruz & Iuliano MamboDogs In Da House (Extended Mix)05:3113
21Angel HerediaFunkea Me (Extended Mix)06:4015
22Kryder & Mark RomaPleasure Or Pain (Extended Mix)04:1910
23Gotsome & George KwaliIn The Dark (Extended Mix)05:3313
24LEFTI & Calo Vance & NeysaFree (Extended Mix)06:1414
25MianeYou Belong To Me (Extended Mix)05:5414
26Amine Edge & DANCE & Clyde PSaturation (Extended Mix)06:1514
27Federico AmbrosiYour Skin (Extended Mix)06:0214
28Wankelmut & Anna LeyneFree At Last (Extended Mix)06:4215
29Sllash & DoppeOff My Mind (Extended Mix)05:4813
30Paige & Nihil Young Ft. MAYLYNLove You Or Don't (Extended Mix)05:3913
31Hatiras & Vincent CairaIts All Right (Extended Mix)06:0414
32Maxinne & Lauren L'aimantTell Me Something (Extended Mix)05:1412
33Leftwing & KodyKeep Pushin On (Ben Cheel Extended Mix)06:0814
34Cheyne ChristianThe Story Of Latin Music (Extended Mix)06:5216
35EsselRunnin (Extended Mix)05:1212
36TechnasiaBring It Back (Extended Mix)07:3017
37MonkeyeShake It Up (Extended Mix)06:2515
38Ellis MossThe Shake (Extended Mix)06:1414
39Martin BadderSo Close (Extended Mix)05:5614
40Mona ValeMaasai (Extended Mix)04:5511
41Phonix & S.J. JohnsonBelieve In You (Extended Mix)06:1214
42Tom ZetaHeist (Extended Mix)06:2115
43Max Styler & LA Riots Ft. BRUXRun (Extended Mix)06:0914
44AternityStrong (Extended Mix)04:5711
45Dario Dattis & Shyam PDevil In My Blood (Extended Mix)07:0216
46IglesiasMr Big (Extended Mix)06:0914
47Pirate Copy & RowettaFlashback (Extended Mix)06:0314
48Federico ScavoWatchin Out (Extended Mix)04:4311
49BrokenearsCmon (Extended Mix)05:4913
50Mason CollectiveThe Light Is Changing (Extended Mix)06:4515
51DEMOUSing Your Praises (Shermanology Extended Mix)06:2515
52James HurrShe Knows What Shes Doing (Extended Mix)06:0014
53Goom Gum & DJ PressingBanabantu (Extended Mix)07:5518
54Ki CreightonDiscotech (Extended Mix)07:1917
55Simon Kidzoo & Elliot FitchThe Reason (Extended Mix)05:2212
56GRAZZE & Diana MiroMolecules (Extended Mix)07:2117
57AdapterCant Get Enough (Extended Mix)05:0812
58Bajau & Because Of ArtDeeper Water (Extended Mix)07:0616
59Capa (Official) & Nathan BallNecessary Evil (Extended Mix)05:2012
60Anthony AttallaDont Stop (Extended Mix)06:2715
61Francisco AllendesRoulette (Extended Mix)07:1417
62SorleyFace (Extended Mix)06:4415
63HowtruHow I House (Extended Mix)04:5511
64Corren Cavini Ft. YSAWreck My Head (Extended Mix)06:1314
65Rsquared & Ben CheelDance (Extended Mix)06:0914
66Rauschhaus & Peer KusivMesopotamia (Extended Mix)07:3017
67CanardCamp Fire (Extended Mix)06:3915
68Jay De LysPeek (Extended Mix)06:3615
69GalestianBerlin (Extended Mix)06:2215
70Richard UlhPowa (Extended Mix)05:2913
71VAToolroom House Party Vol. 6 (Mixed By Sllash & Doppe)78:37180
72VAToolroom House Party Vol. 6 (Mixed By Jaded)77:05176
73VAToolroom House Party Vol. 6 (Mixed By Paige & Nihil Young)76:48176

The AOV Stars rises again with a big M4Gnitude, and presents

VA - Toolroom House Party Vol. 6

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Artist: VA
Album : Toolroom House Party Vol. 6

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Genre : House
Date : 06.06.2021
Encoder : LAME
Quality : 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo
Track(s) : 73
Size : 1,47 GMB
Language : English
Source : WEB
Label : Toolroom
Catalognr : TOOL104001Z

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Going from strength to strength, Toolroom are set to drop the brand-new
and updated compilation 'House Party Vol. 6', a must-have for DJs
looking to get the sound of Toolroom into their mixes. Bigger and
better than ever before, 'House Party Vol. 6' is full of the freshest
new music from some of the hottest acts of right now. Including cuts
from KC Lights, Dombresky, Flashmob, Danny Howard, Leftwing:Kody,
Technasia, Maxinne, Martin Ikin, A-Trak, Eli & Fur, Mele, David Jackson
& many more!

Boasting a huge offering of music, 'House Party Vol. 6' is an essential
collection, offering a total of 70 tracks including 14 exclusive
records plus 3 album guest mixes by Toolroom favourites Sllash & Doppe,
Jaded, Paige & Nihil Young. With exclusive tracks from Alaia & Gallo,
Angel Heredia, Cheyne Christian, DJ PP, Ekoboy, Fedrico Ambrosi, LEFTI
and Monkeye as well as the album guest mixers Sllash & Doppe, Jaded,
Paige & Nihil Young. This time, 'House Party Vol. 6' has enough heaters
to light the dancefloor! Featuring music from all corners of the
#ToolroomFamily, 'House Party Vol. 6' is the perfect collection of
tunes to soundtrack the summer of 2021.

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01.Jaded - All I Need (Extended Mix) [04:51]
02.Sllash & Doppe - Hooked On You (Extended Mix) [06:01]
03.Paige & Nihil Young & Lauren L'aimant - Secrets (Extended Mix) [05:12]
04.KC Lights & Leo Stannard - Cold Light (Extended Mix) [05:23]
05.Martin Ikin & Chenai - You (Extended Dub Mix) [05:54]
06.Mele - Groove La Afrika (Extended Mix) [05:26]
07.Flashmob - Closer (Extended Mix) [06:23]
08.Dombresky Ft. Camden Cox - Do You Remember (Extended Mix) [05:18]
09.David Jackson - Oohhyyee (Extended Mix) [06:29]
10.Ekoboy - Back Door (Extended Mix) [05:46]
11.Alex Preston - Love You Better (Extended Mix) [05:29]
12.Alaia & Gallo - Syloo (Extended Mix) [05:44]
13.Friend Within & A - Trak - Know Each Other (Extended Mix) [05:29]
14.Kideko - Cubanito (Extended Mix) [05:14]
15.DJ PP - The Club (Extended Mix) [06:10]
16.Danny Howard & Eli & Fur - Next To Me (Extended Mix) [06:02]
17.Maur & Roobinz Ft. Faber - Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix) [06:10]
18.Ninetoes - Let U Go (Extended Mix) [07:00]
19.Kormak Ft. Jinadu - Look To Me (Extended Mix) [05:30]
20.Dennis Cruz & Iuliano Mambo - Dogs In Da House (Extended Mix) [05:30]
21.Angel Heredia - Funkea Me (Extended Mix) [06:40]
22.Kryder & Mark Roma - Pleasure Or Pain (Extended Mix) [04:19]
23.Gotsome & George Kwali - In The Dark (Extended Mix) [05:33]
24.LEFTI & Calo Vance & Neysa - Free (Extended Mix) [06:13]
25.Miane - You Belong To Me (Extended Mix) [05:54]
26.Amine Edge & DANCE & Clyde P - Saturation (Extended Mix) [06:15]
27.Federico Ambrosi - Your Skin (Extended Mix) [06:02]
28.Wankelmut & Anna Leyne - Free At Last (Extended Mix) [06:41]
29.Sllash & Doppe - Off My Mind (Extended Mix) [05:48]
30.Paige & Nihil Young Ft. MAYLYN - Love You Or Don't (Extended Mix) [05:39]
31.Hatiras & Vincent Caira - Its All Right (Extended Mix) [06:04]
32.Maxinne & Lauren L'aimant - Tell Me Something (Extended Mix) [05:14]
33.Leftwing & Kody - Keep Pushin On (Ben Cheel Extended Mix) [06:08]
34.Cheyne Christian - The Story Of Latin Music (Extended Mix) [06:52]
35.Essel - Runnin (Extended Mix) [05:12]
36.Technasia - Bring It Back (Extended Mix) [07:29]
37.Monkeye - Shake It Up (Extended Mix) [06:25]
38.Ellis Moss - The Shake (Extended Mix) [06:14]
39.Martin Badder - So Close (Extended Mix) [05:56]
40.Mona Vale - Maasai (Extended Mix) [04:55]
41.Phonix & S.J. Johnson - Believe In You (Extended Mix) [06:12]
42.Tom Zeta - Heist (Extended Mix) [06:21]
43.Max Styler & LA Riots Ft. BRUX - Run (Extended Mix) [06:08]
44.Aternity - Strong (Extended Mix) [04:57]
45.Dario Dattis & Shyam P - Devil In My Blood (Extended Mix) [07:02]
46.Iglesias - Mr Big (Extended Mix) [06:09]
47.Pirate Copy & Rowetta - Flashback (Extended Mix) [06:02]
48.Federico Scavo - Watchin Out (Extended Mix) [04:42]
49.Brokenears - Cmon (Extended Mix) [05:49]
50.Mason Collective - The Light Is Changing (Extended Mix) [06:44]
51.DEMOU - Sing Your Praises (Shermanology Extended Mix) [06:24]
52.James Hurr - She Knows What Shes Doing (Extended Mix) [06:00]
53.Goom Gum & DJ Pressing - Banabantu (Extended Mix) [07:55]
54.Ki Creighton - Discotech (Extended Mix) [07:19]
55.Simon Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch - The Reason (Extended Mix) [05:22]
56.GRAZZE & Diana Miro - Molecules (Extended Mix) [07:21]
57.Adapter - Cant Get Enough (Extended Mix) [05:08]
58.Bajau & Because Of Art - Deeper Water (Extended Mix) [07:05]
59.Capa (Official) & Nathan Ball - Necessary Evil (Extended Mix) [05:20]
60.Anthony Attalla - Dont Stop (Extended Mix) [06:27]
61.Francisco Allendes - Roulette (Extended Mix) [07:14]
62.Sorley - Face (Extended Mix) [06:44]
63.Howtru - How I House (Extended Mix) [04:55]
64.Corren Cavini Ft. YSA - Wreck My Head (Extended Mix) [06:13]
65.Rsquared & Ben Cheel - Dance (Extended Mix) [06:09]
66.Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv - Mesopotamia (Extended Mix) [07:30]
67.Canard - Camp Fire (Extended Mix) [06:39]
68.Jay De Lys - Peek (Extended Mix) [06:36]
69.Galestian - Berlin (Extended Mix) [06:22]
70.Richard Ulh - Powa (Extended Mix) [05:29]
71.VA - Toolroom House Party Vol. 6 (Mixed By Sllash & Doppe) [78:33]
72.VA - Toolroom House Party Vol. 6 (Mixed By Jaded) [77:01]
73.VA - Toolroom House Party Vol. 6 (Mixed By Paige & Nihil Young) [76:44]

Playtime : 655:10Min

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