Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 07

2021-06-06 23:24

VA - Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 07 / LWSINDIE07 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Konnekt (UK)Disko Futura (Original Mix)08:5320
2SilicodiscoCentauro (Original Mix)06:4716
3PaddyBright Colours (Extended Mix)06:3115
4TantRutClosed Centre (CSK Remix)05:5914
5ItaloconnectionNeon Disco (Linn Kick Mix)08:0819
6DionigiDance Dance Dance (Original Mix)04:2010
7Happy MediumI Don't Know What You Are Called But You Are Beautiful (Johnatron Remix)08:1519
8TinitusEl Hot Club (Panko Duo Mix)06:1814
9Pfeffermouse & Frederik GonzalezBerlin (Original Mix)03:368
10PVLSXDrvmvlator (Lazerchoke Remix)04:3711
11Javier MartinezTundra (Alex Aguayo Remix)07:4818
12StacianGrey Fate (Black Light Smoke Rework)05:5313
13Mumbai SciencePulse (Club Edit)04:4711
14Paco PunkElectronic (Original Mix)04:079
15SCADTAChernobyl Samba (Macaulay Remix)05:5614
16Andy Craig & Morris RevyParadise (Radio Mix)04:1210
17Tolga MahmutLeave You Behind (Extended)04:3110
18Zeni NBubbles (Original Mix)03:439
19MaryagSecond Autumn (Original Mix)08:1819
20QuestionworkNostalgia (Original Mix)02:426
21Effin & BlindinNeonwave (Original Mix)06:0614
22Eric RhowdzSerenity (Extended Mix)05:0512
23Might iEndless Giving (Original Mix)05:2813
24Anturage & Alexey UnionHeartbreak (Original Mix)07:3017
25Sarah Wild & KinsubyGolden Teacher (Struppie's Lila Stirnband Remix)06:4816
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 07

Release Date: 07.06.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 337.20 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWSINDIE07

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Konnekt (UK) - Disko Futura (Original Mix) 08:55

02. Silicodisco - Centauro (Original Mix) 06:48

03. Paddy - Bright Colours (Extended Mix) 06:33

04. TantRut - Closed Centre (CSK Remix) 06:01

05. Italoconnection - Neon Disco (Linn Kick Mix) 08:10

06. Dionigi - Dance Dance Dance (Original Mix) 04:22

07. Happy Medium - I Don't Know What You Are 08:17

Called But You Are Beautiful (Johnatron Remix)

08. Tinitus - El Hot Club (Panko Duo Mix) 06:20

09. Pfeffermouse & Frederik Gonzalez - Berlin 03:38

(Original Mix)

10. PVLSX - Drvmvlator (Lazerchoke Remix) 04:39

11. Javier Martnez - Tundra (Alex Aguayo Remix) 07:50

12. Stacian - Grey Fate (Black Light Smoke Rework)05:55

13. Mumbai Science - Pulse (Club Edit) 04:49

14. Paco Punk - Electronic (Original Mix) 04:09

15. SCADTA - Chernobyl Samba (Macaulay Remix) 05:58

16. Andy Craig & Morris Revy - Paradise 04:13

(Radio Mix)

17. Tolga Mahmut - Leave You Behind (Extended) 04:33

18. Zeni N - Bubbles (Original Mix) 03:45

19. Maryag - Second Autumn (Original Mix) 08:20

20. Questionwork - Nostalgia (Original Mix) 02:44

21. Effin & Blindin - Neonwave (Original Mix) 06:08

22. Eric Rhowdz - Serenity (Extended Mix) 05:07

23. Might i - Endless Giving (Original Mix) 05:30

24. Anturage & Alexey Union - Heartbreak 07:32

(Original Mix)

25. Sarah Wild & Kinsuby - Golden Teacher 06:50

(Struppie's Lila Stirnband Remix)

About Release 

Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 07. Tracks and remixes from: Konnekt

(UK), Silicodisco, PADDY, CSK, Italoconnection, Dionigi,

Johnatron, Panko, Alex Aguayo, Black Light Smoke, Mumbai

Science, Macaulay, Tolga Mahmut, Zeni N, Questionwork, Effin

& Blindin, Might i, Anturage, Alexey Union, Struppie,

TantRut, Happy Medium, Tinitus, Pfeffermouse & Frederik

Gonzalez, PVLSX, Javier Martinez, Stacian, Paco Punk, SCADTA,

Andy Craig & Morris Revy, Maryag, Eric Rhowdz, Sarah Wild &



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