Nothing But... Pure House Music, Vol. 04

2021-06-06 23:26

VA - Nothing But... Pure House Music, Vol. 04 / NBPHM04 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Roland ClarkWanna Get Ya (Original Mix)06:1414
2SoldatovHeartbeat (Original Mix)06:1214
3Oli HodgesFelt So Good (Original Mix)05:0912
4Levi SmithThe Way You Move (Extended Mix)05:3013
5DJ Cristiano DesyLatina! (Original Mix)04:2210
6Nicky MarsParty In Ibiza (Extended)04:2610
7MaroyShine Brighter (Radio Mix)03:127
8Tom One & SaxmodeFantasy (Tom Brownlow Remix)06:4215
9Supreme Rhythm Feat. RonelleConfusion (Original Mix)07:3217
10Mark ArmitageMake It Hot (Extended Mix)06:4616
11Terren Evans & LEEONAThe Sun (Classic Version)03:208
12G.Roy & Rocbeezy feat. Radio RasheedAll I Wanted Was You (Spaneo Radio Edit)03:027
13TAYA. & Jamie ValeAm I Wrong (Gabe Ruth Remix Extended Mix)05:3013
14DuBeatsLonely Man (Nhan Solo Remix)05:5213
15Stev DiveLove Is Like My Medicine (Original Mix)02:527
16TallaferroAll Right (Original Mix)06:1014
17MidLoNever Let Me Go (Extended Mix)05:0412
18Jiorgio RanionAll Day Long (Original Mix)05:3813
19Sanya KichYou What? (Original Mix)05:2112
20Joseph GTake My Hand (Original Mix)05:3713
21Madame MBlue Line (Original Mix)06:1814
22Ben DelayOnly You (Superdope Remix)05:3313
23Romy BlackTake Your Time (Sebb Junior Remix)04:089
24XEERBoy You Lose (Original Mix)02:386
25Narciso & GerundinoWoo You (Original Mix)05:4113
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Nothing But... Pure House Music, Vol. 04

Release Date: 07.06.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 297.45 MB Language: English

Label: Nothing But NBPHM04

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Roland Clark - Wanna Get Ya (Original Mix) 06:16

02. Soldatov - Heartbeat (Original Mix) 06:15

03. Oli Hodges - Felt So Good (Original Mix) 05:11

04. Levi Smith - The Way You Move (Extended Mix) 05:32

05. DJ Cristiano Desy - Latina! (Original Mix) 04:24

06. Nicky Mars - Party In Ibiza (Extended) 04:28

07. Maroy - Shine Brighter (Radio Mix) 03:14

08. Tom One & Saxmode - Fantasy 06:44

(Tom Brownlow Remix)

09. Supreme Rhythm Feat. Ronelle - Confusion 07:34

(Original Mix)

10. Mark Armitage - Make It Hot (Extended Mix) 06:49

11. Terren Evans & LEEONA - The Sun 03:22

(Classic Version)

12. G.Roy & Rocbeezy feat. Radio Rasheed - All I 03:04

Wanted Was You (Spaneo Radio Edit)

13. TAYA. & Jamie Vale - Am I Wrong 05:32

(Gabe Ruth Remix Extended Mix)

14. DuBeats - Lonely Man (Nhan Solo Remix) 05:54

15. Stev Dive - Love Is Like My Medicine 02:55

(Original Mix)

16. Tallaferro - All Right (Original Mix) 06:12

17. MidLo - Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix) 05:06

18. Jiorgio Ranion - All Day Long (Original Mix) 05:40

19. Sanya Kich - You What? (Original Mix) 05:23

20. Joseph G - Take My Hand (Original Mix) 05:39

21. Madame M - Blue Line (Original Mix) 06:20

22. Ben Delay - Only You (Superdope Remix) 05:35

23. Romy Black - Take Your Time 04:10

(Sebb Junior Remix)

24. XEER - Boy You Lose (Original Mix) 02:40

25. Narciso & Gerundino - Woo You (Original Mix) 05:43

About Release 

Nothing But... Pure House Music features tracks and remixes

from Roland Clark, Soldatov, Oli Hodges, Levi Smith, Maroy,

Tom Brownlow, Mark Armitage, Spaneo, Gabe Ruth, Nhan Solo,

Stev Dive, Tallaferro, Jiorgio Ranion, Joseph G, Madame M,

Superdope, Sebb Junior, Narciso & Gerundino, DJ Cristiano

Desy, Nicky Mars, Tom One, Saxmode, Supreme Rhythm Feat.

Ronelle, Terren Evans, LEEONA, G.Roy & RocBeezy feat. Radio

Rasheed, TAYA. & Jamie Vale, DuBeats, MIDLO, Sanya Kich, Ben

Delay, Romy Black, XEER


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