Funkadelic Disco House, 07

2021-06-06 23:27

VA - Funkadelic Disco House, 07 / LWFNKDH07 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1TzesarFunky Booster (Original Mix)04:2410
2BlacklightEverything Will B Fine (Instrumental Mix)11:3326
3AcrazeFunky Town (Original Mix)02:376
4Thomas RolandSaute D'Humeur(Feat Fran)07:5018
5Mr MajesticBoogie Boogie (Original Mix)05:3013
6Bo ScottParty People (Original Mix)06:0614
7Get To KnowLove Is The Answer (Edit)03:248
8Peter MacHung Up! (Original Mix)05:4913
9Cutting PatternPapaya En La Playa (Original Mix)07:4518
10KatochekFunkyX (Original Mix)04:4811
11Disco Secret & The Lost DJKlassica (Original Mix)05:1812
12Din Jay & Jame StarckChase The Sun (Original Mix)07:2917
13Walter GardiniDancin (Original Mix)04:5311
14Claborg & Kristof TigranYou Can't Live (Original Mix)05:2412
15Inspired SoulsI Found Love (Ruby Skye's Mission Remix)05:0812
16JosesWatch Me (Landon Terrace Remix)05:0512
17TinitusLe Rocanrol (Original Mix)07:0216
18Wine & CheeseThe Dance (Original Mix)04:089
19Kooky & Damoon feat. Joanne SteeleGot To Be Real (Original Mix)06:2215
20Peter BrownFunk Heaven (Odyssey Inc. Remix)06:1414
21James SilkGive Me (Original Mix)06:2715
22Samo Ft AlimishLove Come Alive (Original Mix)06:1314
23Frank RuGotta Move On & On (Original Mix)05:5013
24Norberto AcrisioHertache Number 9 (Original Mix)08:0018
25Luv BoutiqueSoul Holiday (Instrumental)07:4418
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Funkadelic Disco House, 07

Release Date: 07.06.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 347.78 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWFNKDH07

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Tzesar - Funky Booster (Original Mix) 04:26

02. Blacklight - Everything Will B Fine 11:35

(Instrumental Mix)

03. Acraze - Funky Town (Original Mix) 02:39

04. Thomas Roland - Saute D'Humeur(Feat Fran) 07:52

05. Mr Majestic - Boogie Boogie (Original Mix) 05:31

06. Bo Scott - Party People (Original Mix) 06:08

07. Get To Know - Love Is The Answer (Edit) 03:25

08. Peter Mac - Hung Up! (Original Mix) 05:50

09. Cutting Pattern - Papaya En La Playa 07:46

(Original Mix)

10. Katochek - FunkyX (Original Mix) 04:49

11. Disco Secret & The Lost DJ - Klassica 05:20

(Original Mix)

12. Din Jay & Jame Starck - Chase The Sun 07:31

(Original Mix)

13. Walter Gardini - Dancin (Original Mix) 04:55

14. Claborg & Kristof Tigran - You Can't Live 05:26

(Original Mix)

15. Inspired Souls - I Found Love 05:10

(Ruby Skye's Mission Remix)

16. Joses - Watch Me (Landon Terrace Remix) 05:06

17. Tinitus - Le Rocanrol (Original Mix) 07:04

18. Wine & Cheese - The Dance (Original Mix) 04:10

19. Kooky & Damoon feat. Joanne Steele - Got To 06:24

Be Real (Original Mix)

20. Peter Brown - Funk Heaven (Odyssey Inc. Remix)06:16

21. James Silk - Give Me (Original Mix) 06:29

22. Samo Ft Alimish - Love Come Alive 06:14

(Original Mix)

23. Frank Ru - Gotta Move On & On (Original Mix) 05:52

24. Norberto Acrisio - Hertache Number 9 08:02

(Original Mix)

25. Luv Boutique - Soul Holiday (Instrumental) 07:46

About Release 

Funkadelic Disco House, 07. Tracks and remixes from: Tzesar,

BlackLight, ACRAZE, Thomas Roland, Mr Majestic, Bo Scott, Get

To Know, Peter Mac, Cutting Pattern, Din Jay & Jame Starck,

Walter Gardini, Claborg & Kristof Tigran, Ruby Skye, Landon

Terrace, Tinitus, Wine & Cheese, Odyssey Inc., James Silk,

Frank Ru, Norberto Acrisio, Luv Boutique, Katochek, Disco

Secret & The Lost DJ, Inspired Souls, JOSES, Kooky & Damoon

feat. Joanne Steele, Peter Brown, SAMO Ft Alimish


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