Simply Soulful House, 07

2021-06-09 15:23

VA - Simply Soulful House, 07 / LWSOULH07 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1GoosebumpBetter (Dub)03:298
2Alex Poet Feat. Natasha WattsGive Love A Try (Original Mix)05:4113
3Lukado & HiddenLIts All Connected (Soulful Mix)06:1614
4Da Funk Junkies Feat Zahide GrayLook Me In The Eye (Criss Hawk Remix)05:0212
5Dana WeaverLooking at Your Eyes (Joeflame Remix)08:2919
6Franck Roger & M'Selem feat Chris WonderYou Can Be The One (Instrumental Mix)08:0118
7G.Roy & Rocbeezy feat. Radio RasheedAll I Wanted Was You (Extended Mix)05:2512
8The Kingdeep Feat. Khloe PerezLiving Life (Soulful Re-Dub)07:3817
9Adjust feat. KoolSaxGet Out (Original Mix)04:5011
10Koulz Ft MoreFeeling Blue (JP Phillippe Instrumental)04:4611
11Master FaleDivina Proportione (Original Mix)06:1314
12Naeem Johnson feat. Cynthia TuckerYou're The One (Stan Zeff Instrumental)07:1417
13BlaQsilva & MisoulTrinity (Classic Mix)07:3017
14Deep75Soul To Soul (Intrumental)06:1514
15Changin FazesMy House (Soul Power Dub Remix)05:0912
16Steal Vybe & Sheree HicksSanctuary (Honeycomb Beat Mix)08:0819
17Creme & Filly featuring Kenny BobienLet Music Take Your Body (Original Mix)06:0814
18Tom LeelandIt's Too Much (Original Mix)06:0414
19DaWeirDTru Love (Original Mix)03:218
20Missfly & Deep Soul SyndicateThank You (Original Mix)09:1221
21Glen Horsborough & Karmina Dai & Yvvan BackGoing Strong (Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk Remix)03:509
22Mp House Musiq & Giga Msezane & ZibumacLove Machine (Original Mix)07:3417
23Riky MuraFill Your Body (Original Mix)05:4813
24ZuluMafiaGet Up (Original Mix)06:2415
25Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft Michelle WeeksHold On (Padapella)05:5714
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Soulful House, 07

Release Date: 09.06.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 355.96 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWSOULH07

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Goosebump - Better (Dub) 03:32

02. Alex Poet Feat. Natasha Watts - Give Love A 05:43

Try (Original Mix)

03. Lukado & HiddenL - Its All Connected 06:18

(Soulful Mix)

04. Da Funk Junkies Feat Zahide Gray - Look Me In 05:04

The Eye (Criss Hawk Remix)

05. Dana Weaver - Looking at Your Eyes 08:31

(Joeflame Remix)

06. Franck Roger & M'Selem feat Chris Wonder - 08:03

You Can Be The One (Instrumental Mix)

07. G.Roy & Rocbeezy feat. Radio Rasheed - All I 05:27

Wanted Was You (Extended Mix)

08. The Kingdeep Feat. Khloe Perez - Living Life 07:40

(Soulful Re-Dub)

09. Adjust feat. KoolSax - Get Out (Original Mix) 04:52

10. Koulz Ft More - Feeling Blue 04:49

(JP Phillippe Instrumental)

11. Master Fale - Divina Proportione 06:15

(Original Mix)

12. Naeem Johnson feat. Cynthia Tucker - You're 07:16

The One (Stan Zeff Instrumental)

13. BlaQsilva & Misoul - Trinity (Classic Mix) 07:33

14. Deep75 - Soul To Soul (Intrumental) 06:17

15. Changin Fazes - My House 05:11

(Soul Power Dub Remix)

16. Steal Vybe & Sheree Hicks - Sanctuary 08:10

(Honeycomb Beat Mix)

17. Creme & Filly featuring Kenny Bobien - Let 06:11

Music Take Your Body (Original Mix)

18. Tom Leeland - It's Too Much (Original Mix) 06:06

19. DaWeirD - Tru Love (Original Mix) 03:23

20. Missfly & Deep Soul Syndicate - Thank You 09:14

(Original Mix)

21. Glen Horsborough & Karmina Dai & Yvvan Back - 03:52

Going Strong (Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk Remix)

22. Mp House Musiq & Giga Msezane & Zibumac - 07:36

Love Machine (Original Mix)

23. Riky Mura - Fill Your Body (Original Mix) 05:50

24. ZuluMafia - Get Up (Original Mix) 06:26

25. Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft Michelle Weeks - 05:59

Hold On (Padapella)

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Goosebump, Alex Poet Feat. Natasha

Watts, Criss Hawk, Joeflame, Franck Roger & M'Selem feat

Chris Wonder, JP Phillippe, Master Fale, Stan Zeff, Deep75,

Soul Power, Josh Milan, Tom Leeland, Daweird, Glen

Horsborough & Karmina Dai, Yvvan Back, Riky Mura, ZuluMafia,

Lukado & HiddenL, Da Funk Junkies Feat Zahide Gray, Dana

Weaver, G.Roy & RocBeezy feat. Radio Rasheed, The KingDeep

Feat. Khloe Perez, Adjust feat. Koolsax, Koulz Ft More, Naeem

Johnson feat. Cynthia Tucker, Blaqsilva, Misoul, Changin

Fazes, Steal Vybe & Sheree Hicks, Creme & Filly featuring

Kenny Bobien, MissFly,Deep Soul Syndicate, Mp House Musiq &

Giga Msezane & Zibumac, Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft Michelle



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