Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 04

2021-06-11 00:33

VA - Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 04 / NBBRS04 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1AubaPurple Skies (Original Mix)05:1912
2DJ DalysovichGive Me Your Love (Dub Mix)04:1310
3FlesherFeel The Noise (Original Mix)03:248
4Panca Borneo & CliffrsAstro (Original Mix)02:316
5Strike Nine/ & Anxious & RooverbCountdown (Original Mix)02:225
6SOLARIIHands Up (Original Mix)03:198
7Micky MouzeHands Up High (Instrumental Mix)02:185
8DJ GrooDDanceFool (Original Mix)03:037
9El-RoccLight Grenade (Original Mix)03:137
10Kris FerreriWhat Is It (Original Mix)03:127
11Da Cloot Vs King Beer(How Much Can You) Drink (Extended Edit)04:1910
12Brick TopStrike (Original Mix)03:459
13James PranaSymphony (Original Mix)03:338
14YOLOI'm Leaving (Original Mix)04:1610
15NKNVNew World (Original Mix)03:308
16David SmithUp! (Original Mix)03:388
17DJ Platinum HandCelebration 2017 (Vocal Mix, Mastering 1, Short Edit)02:376
18Russian House MafiaFlashback (Original Mix)04:3010
19Mishel Risk feat. Luis De La FuenteDown 2 Dembow (Original Mix)03:569
20ShuuvekFly (Original Mix)04:1610
21Ferry & Sori SoopAbamama (Radio Edit)02:416
22Alka & FeivRespect (Original Mix)03:007
23EidlyI Can Feel (Original Mix)04:1910
24TronZConquer (Original Mix)03:308
25GarnikeAlternative Service (Original Mix)03:037
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 04

Release Date: 11.06.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 202.71 MB Language: English

Label: Nothing But NBBRS04

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Auba - Purple Skies (Original Mix) 05:20

02. DJ Dalysovich - Give Me Your Love (Dub Mix) 04:14

03. Flesher - Feel The Noise (Original Mix) 03:26

04. Panca Borneo & Cliffrs - Astro (Original Mix) 02:33

05. Strike Nine/ & Anxious & Rooverb - Countdown 02:24

(Original Mix)

06. SOLARII - Hands Up (Original Mix) 03:21

07. Micky Mouze - Hands Up High (Instrumental Mix)02:19

08. DJ GrooD - DanceFool (Original Mix) 03:05

09. El-Rocc - Light Grenade (Original Mix) 03:14

10. Kris Ferreri - What Is It (Original Mix) 03:13

11. Da Cloot Vs King Beer - 04:21

(How Much Can You) Drink (Extended Edit)

12. Brick Top - Strike (Original Mix) 03:46

13. James Prana - Symphony (Original Mix) 03:35

14. YOLO - I'm Leaving (Original Mix) 04:17

15. NKNV - New World (Original Mix) 03:32

16. David Smith - Up! (Original Mix) 03:40

17. DJ Platinum Hand - Celebration 2017 02:38

(Vocal Mix, Mastering 1, Short Edit)

18. Russian House Mafia - Flashback (Original Mix)04:31

19. Mishel Risk feat. Luis De La Fuente - Down 2 03:58

Dembow (Original Mix)

20. Shuuvek - Fly (Original Mix) 04:17

21. Ferry & Sori Soop - Abamama (Radio Edit) 02:42

22. Alka & Feiv - Respect (Original Mix) 03:01

23. Eidly - I Can Feel (Original Mix) 04:20

24. TronZ - Conquer (Original Mix) 03:31

25. Garnike - Alternative Service (Original Mix) 03:04

About Release 

Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 04. Tracks and

remixes from: AUBA, DJ Dalysovich, Flesher, SOLARII, El-Rocc,

Kris Ferreri, Brick Top, James Prana, Yolo, NKNV, David

Smith, DJ Platinum Hand, Shuuvek, Alka & Feiv, Eidly, Panca

Borneo & Cliffrs, Strike Nine, Anxious, Rooverb, Micky Mouze,

DJ GrooD, Da Cloot Vs King Beer, Russian House Mafia, Mishel

Risk feat. Luis De La Fuente, Ferry, Sori Soop, TronZ,



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