Simply Soulful House, 08

2021-07-18 13:28

VA - Simply Soulful House, 08 / LWSOULH08 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Bruno Motta Feat Dave BaronStay Together (Darren Studholme At The Beach Mix)08:5420
2Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft SuSu BobienWondrous (Danny Clark 2021 Relentless Funk Mix)08:1519
3Got Soul CollectiveBrotherly Tribute (Original Mix)04:4511
4Muzzaik & ExactaReach Deep (ThomChris Soulful Remix)08:3220
5Leandro DiFeel The Soul (Original Mix)06:0914
6Demarkus LewisLet Myself Go (Slamtwisted Remix)05:0812
7Soul Des JaguarTsa Ko Kasi (Original Mix)08:1019
8K-MaestroJazzy Symptoms (Original Mix)06:4716
9Tom LeelandGet Down (Radio Edit)02:577
10N.W.N.Your Body (Original Mix)05:5313
11Jaymz Nylon Feat. Bobbi SandersMy Lover (MKL vs Soy Sos Remix)07:2017
12Jordi CabreraRunning Away (Original Mix)05:5814
13Beat Rivals feat. Marissa AnglinFreedom (Original Mix)06:5916
14Shino Black PresentsThe Organ'z Testimony (Original Mix)06:0914
15SebTeix & Frank Savannah feat. Morris RevyFever (Joe Mangione Remix)06:3715
16Ivan Afro5You & Me (Original Mix)05:3513
17Audiology ft Gifford & Craze M2bobho (Sipho Ngubane Remix)06:0214
18DJ Randall Smooth feat Ed RamseyGRACE Remix (Tayo Wink Deep Soul Mix)07:2817
19LukadoShes A Kool Kat (In Too Deep Mix)09:2321
20Elements Of Life Feat. Lisa FischerDraggin' My Heels (Dub Harness)07:0716
21Ethiopian Chyld Ft. Ace Bliss & LyricaPlaces I Have Never Been (Original Mix)05:4613
22Deepconsoul & C. Robert WalkerI Got Your Back (Memories Of You Remix)07:0016
23King Luthi Feat. Michelle FaniNgiyabonga (Original Mix)07:5218
24Brad AshwellWe Were Together (Original Mix)05:3713
25Jordan TroveAfter The Love Has Gone (Painting Welton Red)07:4118
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Soulful House, 08

Release Date: 18.07.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 387,38 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWSOULH08

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Bruno Motta Feat Dave Baron - Stay Together 08:56

(Darren Studholme At The Beach Mix)

02. Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft SuSu Bobien - 08:17

Wondrous (Danny Clark 2021 Relentless Funk Mix)

03. Got Soul Collective - Brotherly Tribute 04:47

(Original Mix)

04. Muzzaik & Exacta - Reach Deep 08:34

(ThomChris Soulful Remix)

05. Leandro Di - Feel The Soul (Original Mix) 06:11

06. Demarkus Lewis - Let Myself Go 05:10

(Slamtwisted Remix)

07. Soul Des Jaguar - Tsa Ko Kasi (Original Mix) 08:12

08. K-Maestro - Jazzy Symptoms (Original Mix) 06:49

09. Tom Leeland - Get Down (Radio Edit) 03:00

10. N.W.N. - Your Body (Original Mix) 05:55

11. Jaymz Nylon Feat. Bobbi Sanders - My Lover 07:22

(MKL vs Soy Sos Remix)

12. Jordi Cabrera - Running Away (Original Mix) 06:01

13. Beat Rivals feat. Marissa Anglin - Freedom 07:01

(Original Mix)

14. Shino Black Presents - The Organ'z Testimony 06:12

(Original Mix)

15. SebTeix & Frank Savannah feat. Morris Revy - 06:39

Fever (Joe Mangione Remix)

16. Ivan Afro5 - You & Me (Original Mix) 05:38

17. Audiology ft Gifford & Craze M - 2bobho 06:04

(Sipho Ngubane Remix)

18. DJ Randall Smooth feat Ed Ramsey - GRACE 07:30

Remix (Tayo Wink Deep Soul Mix)

19. Lukado - Shes A Kool Kat (In Too Deep Mix) 09:26

20. Elements Of Life Feat. Lisa Fischer - 07:09

Draggin' My Heels (Dub Harness)

21. Ethiopian Chyld Ft. Ace Bliss & Lyrica - 05:49

Places I Have Never Been (Original Mix)

22. Deepconsoul & C. Robert Walker - I Got Your 07:03

Back (Memories Of You Remix)

23. King Luthi Feat. Michelle Fani - Ngiyabonga 07:55

(Original Mix)

24. Brad Ashwell - We Were Together (Original Mix)05:39

25. Jordan Trove - After The Love Has Gone 07:44

(Painting Welton Red)

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Darren Studholme, Danny Clark, Got

Soul Collective, ThomChris, Leandro Di, SLAMTWISTED, Soul Des

Jaguar, Tom Leeland, N.W.N., MKL vs Soy Sos, Jordi Cabrera,

Joe Mangione, Ivan Afro5, Sipho Ngubane, Tayo Wink, Lukado,

David Harness, Memories Of You, Brad Ashwell, Jordan Trove,

Bruno Motta Feat Dave Baron, Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft SuSu

Bobien, Muzzaik, Exacta, Demarkus Lewis, K-Maestro, Jaymz

Nylon Feat. Bobbi Sanders, Beat Rivals feat. Marissa Anglin,

Shino Black Presents, Sebteix & Frank Savannah feat. Morris

Revy, Audiology ft Gifford & Craze M, DJ Randall Smooth feat

Ed Ramsey, Elements Of Life Feat. Lisa Fischer, Ethiopian

Chyld Ft. Ace Bliss & Lyrica, Deepconsoul & C. Robert Walker,

King Luthi Feat. Michelle Fani


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