Big Room Selectors, 08

2021-07-18 13:29

VA - Big Room Selectors, 08 / LWBRS08 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Luca Di AlessandroRocket (Original Mix)03:519
2Geral GTBadas (Original Mix)03:308
3The DecentsGamer (Original Mix)03:057
4Alien EvidenceDark (Original Mix)03:569
5C4TO & OH HAYIR!Drown (Original Mix)02:386
6Fadi Awad feat. Nicole CarinoInto The Groove (Big Room Mix)05:4613
7MORRAXGalactus (Original Mix)03:529
8Loreno Mayer & Bmark & Robbie RosenI Can Feel It (Original Mix)02:577
9Zenitram ArianFeelings (Original Mix)04:5111
10Marco MarbellRaise Your Hands Up (Original Mix)03:157
11Olly JamesSilence (Original Mix)02:195
12Panca Borneo & CliffrsDon't Worry (Original Mix)03:308
13Angello Es99th (Original Mix)04:1510
14NomaskTokyo (Original Mix)04:059
15Josh NorMistery Feeling (Original Mix)05:0712
16ZverevJump Higher (Original Mix)04:079
17Max NorwarlPower (Original Mix)04:5211
18RemundoClose Your Eyes (Original Mix)03:429
19MadJumperzJungle Groove (Original Mix)03:178
20Spooner StreetTemplate (Original Mix)04:1710
21First GiftT H I R S T (Original Mix)03:057
22Olly ShakeDream (Original Mix)03:228
23V.S. & RompassoShipwreck (Original Mix)05:4613
24BiggooseSteam (Original Mix)03:358
25Mak5ast#FRWL II (Original Mix)03:077
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Big Room Selectors, 08

Release Date: 18.07.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 222,14 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWBRS08

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Luca Di Alessandro - Rocket (Original Mix) 03:53

02. Geral GT - Badas (Original Mix) 03:32

03. The Decents - Gamer (Original Mix) 03:06

04. Alien Evidence - Dark (Original Mix) 03:58

05. C4TO & OH HAYIR! - Drown (Original Mix) 02:40

06. Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino - Into The 05:48

Groove (Big Room Mix)

07. MORRAX - Galactus (Original Mix) 03:53

08. Loreno Mayer & Bmark & Robbie Rosen - I Can 02:59

Feel It (Original Mix)

09. Zenitram Arian - Feelings (Original Mix) 04:53

10. Marco Marbell - Raise Your Hands Up 03:17

(Original Mix)

11. Olly James - Silence (Original Mix) 02:21

12. Panca Borneo & Cliffrs - Don't Worry 03:32

(Original Mix)

13. Angello Es - 99th (Original Mix) 04:16

14. Nomask - Tokyo (Original Mix) 04:07

15. Josh Nor - Mistery Feeling (Original Mix) 05:08

16. Zverev - Jump Higher (Original Mix) 04:09

17. Max Norwarl - Power (Original Mix) 04:54

18. Remundo - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) 03:44

19. MadJumperz - Jungle Groove (Original Mix) 03:18

20. Spooner Street - Template (Original Mix) 04:19

21. First Gift - T H I R S T (Original Mix) 03:06

22. Olly Shake - Dream (Original Mix) 03:24

23. V.S. & Rompasso - Shipwreck (Original Mix) 05:48

24. Biggoose - Steam (Original Mix) 03:37

25. Mak5ast - #FRWL II (Original Mix) 03:09

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Geral GT, The Decents, Alien

Evidence, Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino, MORRAX, Olly James,

Josh Nor, ZVEREV, Max Norwarl, Remundo, MadJumperz, Spooner

Street, First Gift, Olly Shake, V.S. & Rompasso, Biggoose,

Mak5ast, Luca Di Alessandro, C4TO, OH HAYIR!, Loreno Mayer,

Bmark, Robbie Rosen, Zenitram AriaN, Marco Marbell, Panca

Borneo & Cliffrs, Angello Es, Nomask


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