Spektrum 3

2021-07-30 06:24

VA - Spektrum 3 / TAU026 / TAU

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Echonomist & MehillPhase07:0916
4AldebaranColle Stelle08:1419
5Alex MedinaLobos07:4618
7Cabaret Nocturne feat. EleonoraAfterlife07:1116
8BiesmansSpace Echoes06:5316
9Adana TwinsNordlys07:1917
10DC SalasSolar Walk07:5118
11EdOneI Ever Was A Breaker06:3115
12Holger ZilskeManipulation05:5814
13Time ModemWerkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens (Adana Twins 2021 Edit)07:0616
14Gloom (RU)To Seek You (Wirski 1991 Mix)04:3110
15YubikWaking State06:5516
16quadratschulzMobilis In Mobili05:2913
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>> Yalla Habibi Presents....

> Metadata:

Artist....: Various Artists

Album.....: Spektrum 3

Genre.....: House

Mood......: Deep House : Electronica : Indie Dance : Melodic House : Techno 

Year......: 2021

Rls.Date..: 2021-07-30

Label.....: TAU

Catalog...: TAU026

Type......: Compilation

Tracks....: 16

Encoder...: LAME

Codec.....: MP3 MPEG 1 Layer III

Quality...: 320Kbps/CBR/44.1 kHz/Joint Stereo

Source....: WEB

Size......: 249.24 MB 

Playtime..: 01:48:30 

> Track(s):

01. (07:09) Echonomist & Mehill - Phase 

02. (06:09) Hadiid - Neuro 

03. (07:21) Aaaron - Smile 

04. (08:14) Aldebaran - Colle Stelle 

05. (07:46) Alex Medina - Lobos 

06. (06:07) Pergola - Eterea 

07. (07:11) Cabaret Nocturne feat. Eleonora - Afterlife 

08. (06:53) Biesmans - Space Echoes 

09. (07:19) Adana Twins - Nordlys 

10. (07:51) DC Salas - Solar Walk 

11. (06:31) EdOne - I Ever Was A Breaker 

12. (05:58) Holger Zilske - Manipulation 

13. (07:06) Time Modem - Werkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens (Adana Twins 2021 Edit)

14. (04:31) Gloom (RU) - To Seek You (Wirski 1991 Mix) 

15. (06:55) Yubik - Waking State 

16. (05:29) quadratschulz - Mobilis In Mobili 

Url: https://beatport.com/release/spektrum-3/3446991

> Notes:

Another year has passed, and so it's time for the latest

installment in TAU's huge compilation series, Spektrum. Label

bosses the Adana Twins have been collecting and curating hot new

productions from a variety of sources, new and more established,

compiling a V/A that distills that ineffable TAU sound into 16

diverse cuts. A few familiar names are representing alongside some

fresh faces, introducing new talent as we do with each Spektrum

release. With this special release you'll receive the Spektrum

zine, a printed publication with features on all of the artists

who've contributed to this release. As a record label it's our

intention to innovate and entertain our supporters with creative

treats and alternate ways of reppin' our artists and music. We

hope you enjoy it, and we're sure this Spektrum release will keep

you rocking, whether you're at home or on the dance floor...

Spektrum 3 opens with a sombre, hypnotic trip produced by TAU

family member Echonomist with Mehill. 'Phase' moves at a steady

pace, not too im- posing but with the right amount of propulsive

energy to get you moving. A great way to kick off the compilation.

Next we have 'Neuro' by Hadiid, a sim- mering atmosphere guides us

into a simple, jauty melody. Hadiid juxtaposes downcast vibes with

the upbeat riff to great effect. As the track progresses, he

increases the cut's dramatic impact with layers of electrifying

synth, culminating in a killer breakdown. This is followed by

'Smile', a track that lives up to its positive title with bouncy,

happy energy. Aaron uses a pitched down vocal clip to emphasise

the track title, creating an unorthodox cut with unusual

percussive elements and arrangement. The first quarter of the

16-track collection is rounded up with Aldebaran's 'Colle Stelle'

(Italian for 'with the stars'). As you may expect with that title,

this cut is bright and optimistic with a funky rhythm and rising

synth lines that encourage you to raise your hands up to the sky

and celebrate life. Aldebaran incorporates uplifting riffs and the

progression of this track is particularly immersive. A

life-affirming journey from start to end. Alex Medina steps up

next with 'Lobos', a rugged cut surrounded by a mysterious aura.

Thumping beats and a shamanic shaker take us deep into the

rainforest. A mesmerising wind instrument pops up, adding to the

exotic atmosphere. In the breakdown, an indie-esque vocal appears,

before we're transported back to a transamazonian visionquest.

Next up Pergola takes us deep with a subdued composition called

'Eterea'. The warm, round low end is complemented by crisp beats

and a smooth atmosphere that envelops the listener. Within this

space Pergola places additional sounds and effects to maintain the

depth and absorbing nature of this stirring cut, picking up the

pace in the latter part. Then we have Cabaret Nocturne with

'Afterlife', which features Eleonora on vocals. A percolating

bassline acts as the foundation for Eleonora's wistful spoken

word. Her lyrics tell the story of her experience in the afterlife

and the questions she asks while she's there. Meanwhile, the

instrumental goes through peaks and troughs, sparking head nodding

and two-stepping in abundance. Then it's TAU regular Mr Biesmans,

who drops 'Space Echoes', a groaning cut that taps deep into your

emotional centre. A highly affecting riff teams up with the morose

low end to create a compelling track with enough rhythm to get the

dance floor pumped. Wait for the final part of this cut where

Biesmans demonstrates his production prowess with an energising

last flurry. Halfway through the comp and we're greeted by the

boys themselves, Adana Twins. Their high-impact cut, 'Nordlys', is

like a fuel injection with its slamming beats and claps. Blending

retro elements with a futuristic outlook, this track epitomises

what Adana Twins are all about, channeling the past through a

contemporary lens. An emotive melody soon appears and we're

elevated into a new musical realm. DC Salas follows up with a

moody cut called 'Solar Walk', which evolves and progresses

gracefully. Salas combines punchy beats with heartrending

atmospherics and various layers of synth to create depth and suck

you into his electronic universe. Get ready for the squelchy

switch up midway through. Next up it's EdOne with 'I Ever Was A

Breaker'... this one goes all in with the emotionally-charged

atmosphere; a sweet vocal clip with heartfelt strings means this

one cuts deep. Holger Zilske takes us into the electro zone with

his chunky workout full of 808 space funk entitled 'Manipulation'.

Dense beats and basslines combine with interga- lactic pads and an

indecipherable vocal clip, serious electro vibes for the dance

floor. Moving into the last quarter we arrive at the Adana Twins

2021 edit of 'Werkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens' by Time Modem. This

is another high-energy cut with just the right balance of heavy

drum programming, vintage synth work and uplifting production.

Adana Twins do a superb job of adding their own unique sound to

this almighty track. Then we have the Wirski 1991 Mix of 'Iskat

Tibia' by Gloom. This is a stunning cut with huge dance floor ap-

peal, bringing that big room, new wave sound to the compilation in

emphatic style. Prepare for a singalong (even if you don't know

the words) with your hands in the air. Yubik's 'Walking State' is

the penultimate track, bringing us back down for a seemingly more

mellow ride to the end of the compilation. It begins with a sombre

outlook, leading into a more brazen arrangement and eventually

becoming an all out heartwarming club cut. Finally we have the

closer Quadratschulz with 'Mobilis In Mobili', a voyage into

deep space with cosmic bleeps and an electro-fied composition that

tells a story. It's the perfect balance of joy and sorrow, giving

us time to reflect as the compilation reaches its final

conclusion... And there it is, Spektrum 3, a comprehensive

representation of where TAU stands right now and where the label

is going. Grab your magazine, start reading and hit the play

button for an adventure on Planet TAU.

>> Yalla Bye!