Pyramid 96

2021-08-15 12:23

Jon The Dentist - Pyramid 96 / BP10522021 / Bonzai Progressive

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1Jon The DentistPyramid 96 (Original Mix)07:2814
2Jon The DentistPyramid 96 (Manu Riga Remix)06:2312
3Jon The DentistPyramid 96 (Gelios Remix)07:2114

The AOV Stars rises again with a big M4Gnitude, and presents

Jon The Dentist - Pyramid 96


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Artist: Jon The Dentist

Album : Pyramid 96


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Genre : House

Date : 08.15.2021

Encoder : LAME

Quality : avg. 264kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo

Track(s) : 03

Size : 40,21 MB

Language : English

Source : WEB (WAV)

Label : Bonzai Progressive

Catalognr : BP10522021

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The legendary producer Jon The Dentist joins us on Bonzai Progressive

with his debut (using this alias) Pyramid 96. Based in the UK, John

Vaughan has been no stranger to BP over the last few years having

delivered solid remixes and original works using his Jon Voorn guise.

Of course, he is famous for the edgier, tougher sound he championed

alongside the best in the business during the 90's and early 00's. His

affiliation with Bonzai runs deeper still with a superb remix of

Phrenetic System's Basic Tune on Bonzai Records UK and one of the very

best remixes (according to Franky Jones) of The First Rebirth alongside

Baby Doc on Prolekult. No matter what persona he brings, we're

delighted to have him on board.

To kick off the release, the Original Mix intros with cool atmospherics

before a robotic voice sets the beats loose. Tension builds throughout,

charged by chunky, subby basses and backed up with infectious arpeggios

and massive synths. Manu Riga returns on remix duties once again. Fresh

off the back of his latest release, Tainted Hope, we're blown away yet

again with what this guy has to offer. Here, he strips down the

original, stamping his mark with a deep-rooted groove while utilising

plucky notes and a strong, chugging bassline. Sublime vocals are

interspersed throughout, adding character and making this one the

perfect fodder for the late-night sessions. Gelios also returns on the

remix, after his latest successful release, Gamma. A name fast becoming

synonymous with damn fine music, we're delighted to have him back. His

remix rounds out the release with a beefed up, euphoric vibe. The

interpretation boasts big, wide synths, charging basses and exotic

percussions, a peak time mover, no doubt.

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01.Pyramid 96 (Original Mix) [07:29]

02.Pyramid 96 (Manu Riga Remix) [06:23]

03.Pyramid 96 (Gelios Remix) [07:22]

Playtime : 21:14 Min

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