Bass Funk Essentials (Autumn 21)

2021-10-13 09:25

VA - Bass Funk Essentials (Autumn 21) / FFR461 / Futurefunk Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Markus JohnsGet Up (Bass House Dub Mix)04:4011
2Sandy FonderaMake Luv (Tech House Vip Mix)04:5511
3Tech ManiacsAdapter (Robin Sanchez Bass House Mix)04:5511
4David FuldnerBass Love (Bass House Mix)04:5311
5Phill SteinerHigh Volume (Bass House Dub Mix)04:5511
6Martin DeluxeNever Give Up (Club Mix)04:5511
7Joseph FerreroDisco Family (Funky Mix)04:4411
8Carlos AmadorWalk Away (Ben Tyler Remix)04:5511
9Kurtis MaverickI Feel Good (Bass House Mix)04:5311
10Drop A HouseStay Back (Future Vip Mix)04:0910
11Funny RogerFind My Way (Club Mix)04:3811
12Janush BekkerIn Your Arms (Bass House Dub Mix)04:2610
13Ron FernandezTurning Back (Original Mix)04:3811
14James RedondoParis (Original mix)04:4211
15Mark CassioCosmic Boy (Original Mix)04:3811
16Franko FerreriDancing Beat (Funky Mix)04:3811
17Mark JokeyBorn To Funk (Martin Duglas Tech House Dub Mix)04:5311
18Jason LindellDisco Dancin (Funky Mix)04:3611
19Ronald GallagherGeneration Funk (Tech House Vip Mix)04:5511
20Paula B KeyDrive My World (Club Mix)04:059
21Steve HollandKeep On Rising (Dave Fletcher Tech Dub Mix)04:049
22Steven OwensMove Your Feet (Richard Sanchez Bass House Mix)04:3611
23Michael SolardoTell Me (House Dub Mix)04:3911
24Ray SanchesRock My Fire (Laurent Champbell Dub Mix)04:4011
25Gabry RomeroNeed Something (Chris Norton Tech House Dub Mix)04:2310
TiTLE.: VA - Bass Funk Essentials (Autumn '21) 


Source: WEB 

TYPE..: Album 


Sdate.: 10-13-2021 

Rdate.: 10-13-2021 

Label.: Futurefunk Recordings 

Genre.: House 

Quali.: 320kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo 

T R A C K L i S T 

Track Title Time 

1 Markus Johns - Get Up (Bass House Dub Mix) 4:40 min 

2 Sandy Fondera - Make Luv (Tech House Vip 4:55 min 

Mix) min 

3 Tech Maniacs - Adapter (Robin Sanchez Bass 4:55 min 

House Mix) min 

4 David Fuldner - Bass Love (Bass House Mix) 4:53 min 

5 Phill Steiner - High Volume (Bass House 4:55 min 

Dub Mix) min 

6 Martin Deluxe - Never Give Up (Club Mix) 4:55 min 

7 Joseph Ferrero - Disco Family (Funky Mix) 4:44 min 

8 Carlos Amador - Walk Away (Ben Tyler 4:55 min 

Remix) min 

9 Kurtis Maverick - I Feel Good (Bass House 4:53 min 

Mix) min 

10 Drop A House - Stay Back (Future Vip Mix) 4:09 min 

11 Funny Roger - Find My Way (Club Mix) 4:38 min 

12 Janush Bekker - In Your Arms (Bass House 4:26 min 

Dub Mix) min 

13 Ron Fernandez - Turning Back (Original 4:38 min 

Mix) min 

14 James Redondo - Paris (Original mix) 4:42 min 

15 Mark Cassio - Cosmic Boy (Original Mix) 4:38 min 

16 Franko Ferreri - Dancing Beat (Funky Mix) 4:38 min 

17 Mark Jokey - Born To Funk (Martin Duglas 4:53 min 

Tech House Dub Mix) min 

18 Jason Lindell - Disco Dancin (Funky Mix) 4:36 min 

19 Ronald Gallagher - Generation Funk (Tech 4:55 min 

House Vip Mix) min 

20 Paula B Key - Drive My World (Club Mix) 4:05 min 

21 Steve Holland - Keep On Rising (Dave 4:03 min 

Fletcher Tech Dub Mix) min 

22 Steven Owens - Move Your Feet (Richard 4:36 min 

Sanchez Bass House Mix) min 

23 Michael Solardo - Tell Me (House Dub Mix) 4:39 min 

24 Ray Sanches - Rock My Fire (Laurent 4:40 min 

Champbell Dub Mix) min 

25 Gabry Romero - Need Something (Chris 4:22 min 

Norton Tech House Dub Mix) min 


Playtime: 116:23min 

Size: 282.67Mb 

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