Oliver's Hands On EP

2020-10-05 23:18

Oliver Koletzki - Oliver's Hands On EP / SVT283 / Stil Vor Talent

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1Mike Tohr Ft. AmariBorax (Oliver Koletzki Rework)06:5116
2Niko Schwind & Felix RaphaelCircles (Oliver Koletzki Remix)07:0616
Proudly Presents

Oliver Koletzki - Oliver's Hands On EP

ARTiST: Oliver Koletzki
ALBUM: Oliver's Hands On EP
GENRE: House
LABEL: Stil Vor Talent
QUALiTY: [email protected] 44..kHz Stereo
RLS. DATE: 10.05.2020
PLAYTiME: 13:57
SiZE: 32.16 MB


01. Mike Tohr Ft. Amari - Borax 06:50
(Oliver Koletzki Rework)
02. Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael - Circles 07:06
(Oliver Koletzki Remix)


It's well-known that Oliver Koletzki isn't afraid to get
his hands dirty when it comes to remixes. One need to look
no further than his 2019 anthology 'Remix Tales' as a
testament to the fact that the Berlin-based legend can put
a very personal spin on just about any track. His new
'Hands On...' EP is another shining case in point. Here,
we're treated to reworks of two recent staples of his DJ-
sets: Mike Tohr & Amari's progressive-trance hymn 'Borax'
and Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael's emotional masterpiece
'Circles'. While Oliver delivers a deeper, more immersive
perspective in his drumming and atmospherics on 'Borax',
the original synth lead shines as bright as ever.
'Circles', meanwhile, turns into a fruity groover in
Koletzki's hands, without losing its emotional edge thanks
to the clarity of Felix Raphael's resounding vocals and an
epic crescendo. Surely made with distant dance-floors in
mind, both remixes are crafted to also get lost in 
whether that may be at home, dancing by yourself or during
sunrise at a rave deep in the woods, you decide.

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