Essential House Groovers, Vol. 09

2021-10-26 15:29

VA - Essential House Groovers, Vol. 09 / LWEHG09 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Terry TennagliaLike A Game (Original Mix)05:4413
2YvonneRumor (Rampus - House Radio Edit)03:439
3JodZ ft Alison BethunePain (Tech Bass Remix)06:2715
4Cuendo feat. JulemAirlock (Original Mix)03:368
5Phillip Ramirez & Wayne NumanI Wish The Rain Would Come (Club Mix)06:2014
6Robert RayaBaby Missin' (Extended Mix)04:089
7Josh Davids & Sammy SPower (Original Mix)05:3613
8Msolnusic'Alice In Wonderland' (Original Mix)06:5216
9Inaky GarciaPasion Latina (Mijangos Remix)05:2913
10WilkieThen You Know (Andy Ballantyne Remix)05:4613
11Giuseppe PisicoliBring Me Back (Original Mix)07:1016
12InshoreInner Expression (Original Mix)06:1314
13DavidCRough (Original Mix)03:208
14Manu LoopsMy Life (Original Mix)04:4511
15Sexy Madafaka Feat. Ryan KonlineLet Go (Original Mix)04:0910
16Fabian HanekeFunk You (Original Mix)06:0114
17Nu MagicAgenda (Original Mix)06:1014
18Lee Freeman feat. Vernon LewisFound You (Radio Edit)02:517
19Tony FutureI'm On Fire (Original Mix)06:5916
20Brutto B & GuimaraesBy My Side (Original Mix)04:5211
21Scott Anderson (UK)Inner Groove (Original Mix)04:4911
22Mauri FlyOh Baby (Short Mix)03:077
23Carl HanaghanI Just Can't Get Over (Original Mix)05:2813
24Daniele mastracciFeeling You (Radio Edit)04:029
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Essential House Groovers, Vol. 09

Release Date: 26.10.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 24

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 285,54 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: LW Recordings LWEHG09



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Terry Tennaglia - Like A Game (Original Mix) 05:47

02. Yvonne - Rumor (Rampus - House Radio Edit) 03:46

03. JodZ ft Alison Bethune - Pain 06:29

(Tech Bass Remix)

04. Cuendo feat. Julem - Airlock (Original Mix) 03:39

05. Phillip Ramirez & Wayne Numan - I Wish The 06:22

Rain Would Come (Club Mix)

06. Robert Raya - Baby Missin' (Extended Mix) 04:11

07. Josh Davids & Sammy S - Power (Original Mix) 05:38

08. Msolnusic - 'Alice In Wonderland' 06:54

(Original Mix)

09. Iaky Garcia - Pasin Latina (Mijangos Remix) 05:31

10. Wilkie - Then You Know (Andy Ballantyne Remix)05:49

11. Giuseppe Pisicoli - Bring Me Back 07:12

(Original Mix)

12. Inshore - Inner Expression (Original Mix) 06:16

13. DavidC - Rough (Original Mix) 03:22

14. Manu Loops - My Life (Original Mix) 04:47

15. Sexy Madafaka Feat. Ryan Konline - Let Go 04:12

(Original Mix)

16. Fabian Haneke - Funk You (Original Mix) 06:03

17. Nu Magic - Agenda (Original Mix) 06:12

18. Lee Freeman feat. Vernon Lewis - Found You 02:54

(Radio Edit)

19. Tony Future - I'm On Fire (Original Mix) 07:01

20. Brutto B & Guimaraes - By My Side 04:54

(Original Mix)

21. Scott Anderson (UK) - Inner Groove 04:51

(Original Mix)

22. Mauri Fly - Oh Baby (Short Mix) 03:10

23. Carl Hanaghan - I Just Can't Get Over 05:30

(Original Mix)

24. Daniele mastracci - Feeling You (Radio Edit) 04:04

About Release 

Essential House Groovers, Vol. 09. Tracks and remixes from:

Terry Tennaglia, Rampus, Jodz, Robert Raya, Msolnusic,

Mijangos, Giuseppe Pisicoli, Inshore, Davidc, Manu Loops,

Fabian Haneke, Nu Magic, Tony Future, Scott Anderson (UK),

Mauri Fly, Carl Hanaghan, Daniele Mastracci, Yvonne, Jodz ft

Alison Bethune, Cuendo feat. Julem, Phillip Ramirez, Wayne

Numan, Josh Davids, Sammy S, Inaky Garcia, Wilkie, Sexy

Madafaka Feat. Ryan Konline, Lee Freeman feat. Vernon Lewis,

Brutto B, Guimares


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