Simply Minimal, Vol. 03

2021-10-26 15:30

VA - Simply Minimal, Vol. 03 / LWSM03 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Fear & LoathingThe Masters (Original Mix)05:4413
2Dean Chapple & James DanielsCalling The Funk (Original Mix)04:2110
3Mario DaicLets Go Out Babe (Original Mix)06:4916
4Memo RexTricknology (Original Mix)06:1014
5Gaddison848 (Original Mix)07:4818
6Martin HallakClub De Mantis (ckb Remix)07:4018
7Paolo SoloFurtive (Original Mix)06:3015
8KassierJungo (Original Mix)05:3613
9Willian CeluppiStalker (Original Mix)07:2817
10Paniz69Lowder (Meet Dubremix)07:1817
11Rich WalkerChemical Content (Original Mix)05:0111
12TechnogenDrop (Original Mix)04:1910
13Walter MEFugados (Original Mix)06:0414
14Legit TripFlutter (Original Mix)06:4515
15Nima GorjiNot Over Yet (Original Mix)07:3317
16Spacefunk DubBayioo (Original Mix)06:0714
17Alberto MoreCaldePoeta (Original Mix)06:3915
18GIMBO9000Energies (Original Mix)06:3315
19Gert-Jan KleyneFreak (Club Mix)04:3210
20Dyan KTechno In The Skies (Original Mix)07:0916
21Farid OdilbekovSK (Radio Version)04:3210
22Octave (RO)Vocoder (Original Mix)08:0418
23JUST CHACEFunking Crazy (Original Mix)06:0614
24Andec JamesDeficiencia (Original Mix)05:2012
25NativityLevel E (Original Mix)06:1714
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Minimal, Vol. 03

Release Date: 26.10.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 359,68 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: LW Recordings LWSM03



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Fear & Loathing - The Masters (Original Mix) 05:45

02. Dean Chapple & James Daniels - Calling The 04:23

Funk (Original Mix)

03. Mario Daic - Lets Go Out Babe (Original Mix) 06:50

04. Memo Rex - Tricknology (Original Mix) 06:12

05. Gddisn - 848 (Original Mix) 07:49

06. Martin Hallak - Club De Mantis (ckb Remix) 07:42

07. Paolo Solo - Furtive (Original Mix) 06:31

08. Kassier - Jungo (Original Mix) 05:37

09. Willian Celuppi - Stalker (Original Mix) 07:29

10. Paniz69 - Lowder (Meet Dubremix) 07:19

11. Rich Walker - Chemical Content (Original Mix) 05:02

12. Technogen - Drop (Original Mix) 04:20

13. Walter ME - Fugados (Original Mix) 06:05

14. Legit Trip - Flutter (Original Mix) 06:47

15. Nima Gorji - Not Over Yet (Original Mix) 07:34

16. Spacefunk Dub - Bayioo (Original Mix) 06:09

17. Alberto MoreCalde - Poeta (Original Mix) 06:40

18. GIMBO9000 - Energies (Original Mix) 06:34

19. Gert-Jan Kleyne - Freak (Club Mix) 04:33

20. Dyan K - Techno In The Skies (Original Mix) 07:11

21. Farid Odilbekov - SK (Radio Version) 04:33

22. Octave (RO) - Vocoder (Original Mix) 08:05

23. JUST CHACE - Funking Crazy (Original Mix) 06:08

24. Andec James - Deficiencia (Original Mix) 05:21

25. Nativity - Level E (Original Mix) 06:18

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Mario Daic, Memo Rex, Gddisn, ckb,

Paolo Solo, Kassier, Willian Celuppi, Meet, Rich Walker,

Technogen, Walter ME, Legit Trip, Nima Gorji, Spacefunk Dub,

Alberto MoreCalde, GIMBO9000, Gert-Jan Kleyne, Dyan K, Farid

Odilbekov, Octave (RO), JUST CHACE, Andec James, Nativity,

Fear & Loathing, Dean Chapple & James Daniels, Martin Hallak,



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