Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 05

2021-11-23 15:26

VA - Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 05 / NBTHS05 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1J AveeGo (Original Mix)03:348
2NcRazeRoyal (Original Mix)04:069
3Samuel Pomata & Banana MamboPercussive Game (Original Mix)05:0412
4Rogier DulacMake The Floor Burn (Original Mix)04:1710
5Oli Hodges & Will VarleyI Want You (Original Mix)05:1112
6CTEROI'm A Mess (Original Mix)04:049
7M. RodriguezSound Of Batteria (Original Mix)06:0914
8Freshcobar & Lavelle DupreeTurn Me Up (Original Mix)05:4113
9K-StyleBelieve (Original Mix)07:0716
10Aaron NoiseLet Me Out (Extended Mix)05:2512
11RizzerHarmonix (Original Mix)06:3815
12RickyseeShould Have Known (Original Mix)03:268
13TeklowFreak Weekend (Original Mix)06:1814
14BergwallXXXXX (Extended)07:3217
15MarkynoTorsion (Original Mix)07:4118
16Hector DiezElectronic Changes (Original Mix)06:4215
17Our AnthemWarning (Radio Edit)03:077
18Ben FerCorazon (Original Mix)07:3918
19Caner SevalA Lost Pixie Girl (Original Mix)09:0021
20Tom Haw & Gunther BeatsRock My Body (Original Mix)06:1414
21DANZAHDon't Stop (Original Mix)06:1214
22Dantiez, Andre Salmon & Keyone Sellers feat. Kid EnigmaLet Me Breathe (Original Mix)05:3413
23Jose Aranda & Mario CasaresSabroson (Extended Mix)04:4411
24SovaxEverything (Original Mix)06:5616
25Mikhail Garcez & StiolizeDay & Night (Original Mix)05:3113
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 05

Release Date: 23.11.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 330,95 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: Nothing But NBTHS05



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. J Avee - Go (Original Mix) 03:36

02. NcRaze - Royal (Original Mix) 04:07

03. Samuel Pomata & Banana Mambo - Percussive 05:05

Game (Original Mix)

04. Rogier Dulac - Make The Floor Burn 04:19

(Original Mix)

05. Oli Hodges & Will Varley - I Want You 05:12

(Original Mix)

06. CTERO - I'm A Mess (Original Mix) 04:05

07. M. Rodriguez - Sound Of Batteria 06:10

(Original Mix)

08. Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree - Turn Me Up 05:42

(Original Mix)

09. K-Style - Believe (Original Mix) 07:08

10. Aaron Noise - Let Me Out (Extended Mix) 05:27

11. Rizzer - Harmonix (Original Mix) 06:39

12. Rickysee - Should Have Known (Original Mix) 03:28

13. Teklow - Freak Weekend (Original Mix) 06:19

14. Bergwall - XXXXX (Extended) 07:33

15. Markyno - Torsion (Original Mix) 07:42

16. Hector Diez - Electronic Changes 06:44

(Original Mix)

17. Our Anthem - Warning (Radio Edit) 03:08

18. Ben Fer - Corazon (Original Mix) 07:40

19. Caner Seval - A Lost Pixie Girl (Original Mix)09:01

20. Tom Haw & Gunther Beats - Rock My Body 06:16

(Original Mix)

21. DANZAH - Don't Stop (Original Mix) 06:14

22. Dantiez, Andr Salmon & Keyone Sellers feat. 05:35

Kid Enigma - Let Me Breathe (Original Mix)

23. Jos Aranda & Mario Casares - Sabroson 04:45

(Extended Mix)

24. Sovax - Everything (Original Mix) 06:57

25. Mikhail Garcez & Stiolize - Day & Night 05:32

(Original Mix)

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Rogier Dulac, CTERO, M. Rodriguez,

Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree, K-Style, Aaron Noise, RIZZER,

Teklow, Bergwall, Markyno, Hector Diez, Our Anthem, Ben Fer,

Caner Seval, DANZAH, Sovax, J Avee, NcRaze, Samuel Pomata &

Banana Mambo, Oli Hodges & Will Varley, Rickysee, Tom Haw,

Gunther Beats, Dantiez, Andre Salmon, Keyone Sellers feat.

Kid Enigma, Jose Aranda & Mario Casares, Mikhail Garcez,



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