Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 04

2021-11-23 15:27

VA - Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 04 / NBTHS04 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Nele MorsThis Moment (Original Mix)05:4013
2Full Nelson Feat. Lowri NesbittChick Habbit (Original Mix)06:0814
3Angelo RuisEl Sonido De La Cumbia (Original Mix)07:0916
4Stefano RossettiWorld (Original Mix)05:3013
5Rodrigo SenaDowntown (Original Mix)06:0514
6NellisHouse Heroes (Original Mix)06:1614
7Funk ManifestoAshleigh's Move (Oli Hodges Remix)05:0212
8TremonjaiEra Del 8 (Original Mix)07:2917
9Renaud GentonData Groove (RG Tech Remake)06:4115
10Prince VulcanoSystems Deploy (Original Mix)08:2019
11Remi BlazeAction (Original Mix)06:4315
12Vitaly Mc'LayNo Name (Original Mix)05:0912
13Pau MindNew Mind (Original Mix)06:4015
14CazflettsEuphoria (Original Mix)05:3913
15Nestor Sanchez & ChamplooDayz To Dance (Original Mix)06:3615
16CorbelerLucky Seven (Original Mix)05:5414
17False Identity (UK)Goodtimes (Original Mix)05:4113
18Our Anthem & WRNGTrash Talkin' (Extended Mix)05:2112
19Mario HatchetSchall 2021 (Original Mix)04:3410
20PimlicanNeed U (Original Mix)06:4015
21ICEE150 (Original Mix)07:2917
22Martin MerinoSPRSNC (J.Pe Bruna Remix)06:3615
23Gene Farris & Kid EnigmaDavid Copperfield (Original Mix)05:1712
24Ben RolfeMeow (Extended Mix)04:5011
25Falcos Deejay & Crown & BeyondPistone (Original Mix)05:1512
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 04

Release Date: 23.11.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 351,21 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: Nothing But NBTHS04



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Nele Mors - This Moment (Original Mix) 05:41

02. Full Nelson Feat. Lowri Nesbitt - Chick 06:09

Habbit (Original Mix)

03. Angelo Ruis - El Sonido De La Cumbia 07:10

(Original Mix)

04. Stefano Rossetti - World (Original Mix) 05:31

05. Rodrigo Sena - Downtown (Original Mix) 06:06

06. Nellis - House Heroes (Original Mix) 06:18

07. Funk Manifesto - Ashleigh's Move 05:03

(Oli Hodges Remix)

08. Tremonjai - Era Del 8 (Original Mix) 07:30

09. Renaud Genton - Data Groove (RG Tech Remake) 06:42

10. Prince Vulcano - Systems Deploy (Original Mix)08:21

11. Remi Blaze - Action (Original Mix) 06:44

12. Vitaly Mc'Lay - No Name (Original Mix) 05:11

13. Pau Mind - New Mind (Original Mix) 06:41

14. Cazfletts - Euphoria (Original Mix) 05:41

15. Nestor Sanchez & Champloo - Dayz To Dance 06:37

(Original Mix)

16. Corbeler - Lucky Seven (Original Mix) 05:55

17. False Identity (UK) - Goodtimes (Original Mix)05:42

18. Our Anthem & WRNG - Trash Talkin' 05:22

(Extended Mix)

19. Mario Hatchet - Schall 2021 (Original Mix) 04:35

20. Pimlican - Need U (Original Mix) 06:41

21. ICEE1 - 50 (Original Mix) 07:30

22. Martn Merino - SPRSNC (J.Pe Bruna Remix) 06:37

23. Gene Farris & Kid Enigma - David Copperfield 05:18

(Original Mix)

24. Ben Rolfe - Meow (Extended Mix) 04:52

25. Falcos Deejay & Crown & Beyond - Pistone 05:16

(Original Mix)

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Nele Mors, Angelo Ruis, Stefano

Rossetti, Rodrigo Sena, Nellis, Oli Hodges, Tremonjai, Renaud

Genton, Prince Vulcano, Remi Blaze, Vitaly Mc'lay, Pau Mind,

Cazfletts, Corbeler, False Identity (UK), Mario Hatchet,

Pimlican, ICEE1, J.Pe Bruna, Gene Farris & Kid Enigma, Ben

Rolfe, Full Nelson Feat. Lowri Nesbitt, Funk Manifesto,

Nestor Sanchez, Champloo, Our Anthem, WRNG, Martin Merino,

Falcos Deejay, Crown & Beyond


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