Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 08

2021-11-23 15:27

VA - Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 08 / NBBRS08 / Nothing But

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19BLADE & G.E.E.ASands Of Arabia (Radio Edit)02:597
2FucnazNext Level (Original Mix)04:4111
3Vaibhav NagareUrumi (Original Mix)03:077
4AndygTake It Back (Original Mix)02:456
5HypeGogo* (Radio Edit)02:346
6CGVE, Mellark Hoonds & DesnoThis Love (Radio Edit)02:386
7AKSDInsights (TRAKFACE A3KPR Remix)04:1710
8AzyjackEverywhere I Go (Original Mix)05:5414
9Bezimyanniy Papuas & Chornyy ShutTop (Original Mix)03:107
10SpotDope (Secret Valet Remix)03:147
11Dmitriy TimofeevInvasion (Extended Mix)04:2210
12DubNoiz & Kaynos feat. Brandon B.Dose Of You (Radio Edit)03:258
13JAT & Nino LucarelliI Just Wanna Stay (Original Mix)03:087
14Mike MiamiThe Hand of God (Original Mix)02:416
15BREVTHEWon't Give Up (Original Mix)04:2510
16XmossSunshine In You (Original Mix)03:077
17I-LectronGoblin (Original Mix)03:398
18Edgars BukovskisOriginal ID (Original Mix)02:366
19LowardManiac On Sax (Original Mix)03:057
20Alex RamosFire (Nick Harvey Remix)07:5718
21La Joya & PlantonHabana (Original Mix)03:097
22Predatory MeerkatsBass Picks Up (Original Mix)04:3310
23Bluckther & JustyRock This Down (Original Mix)03:579
24NKNVChasing Sun (Original Mix)02:326
25Angosoundz & SkandalMr Not Nice02:085
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Nothing But... Big Room Selections, Vol. 08

Release Date: 23.11.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 207,77 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: Nothing But NBBRS08



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. 9BLADE & G.E.E.A - Sands Of Arabia 03:00

(Radio Edit)

02. Fucnaz - Next Level (Original Mix) 04:42

03. Vaibhav Nagare - Urumi (Original Mix) 03:08

04. Andyg - Take It Back (Original Mix) 02:47

05. Hype - Gogo* (Radio Edit) 02:35

06. CGVE, Mellark Hoonds & Desno - This Love 02:39

(Radio Edit)

07. AKSD - Insights (TRAKFACE A3KPR Remix) 04:19

08. Azyjack - Everywhere I Go (Original Mix) 05:55

09. Bezimyanniy Papuas & Chornyy Shut - Top 03:11

(Original Mix)

10. Spot - Dope (Secret Valet Remix) 03:16

11. Dmitriy Timofeev - Invasion (Extended Mix) 04:23

12. DubNoiz & Kaynos feat. Brandon B. - Dose Of 03:26

You (Radio Edit)

13. JAT & Nino Lucarelli - I Just Wanna Stay 03:10

(Original Mix)

14. Mike Miami - The Hand of God (Original Mix) 02:42

15. BREVTHE - Won't Give Up (Original Mix) 04:26

16. Xmoss - Sunshine In You (Original Mix) 03:08

17. I-Lectron - Goblin (Original Mix) 03:41

18. Edgars Bukovskis - Original ID (Original Mix) 02:37

19. Loward - Maniac On Sax (Original Mix) 03:07

20. Alex Ramos - Fire (Nick Harvey Remix) 07:58

21. La Joya & Planton - Habana (Original Mix) 03:11

22. Predatory Meerkats - Bass Picks Up 04:34

(Original Mix)

23. Bluckther & Justy - Rock This Down 03:58

(Original Mix)

24. NKNV - Chasing Sun (Original Mix) 02:33

25. Angosoundz & Skandal - Mr Not Nice 02:09

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Vaibhav Nagare, AndyG, Hype, TRAKFACE

A3KPR, Dmitriy Timofeev, DubNoiz, Kaynos feat. Brandon B.,

Mike Miami, BREVTHE, Xmoss, I-Lectron, Edgars Bukovskis,

Loward, Nick Harvey, Predatory Meerkats, NKNV, Angosoundz &

Skandal, 9BLADE & G.E.E.A, Fucnaz, CGVE,Mellark Hoonds,Desno,

AKSD, Azyjack, Bezymyannyy Papuas & Chornyy Shut, Spot, JAT,

Nino Lucarelli, Alex Ramos, LA JOYA, PLANTON, Bluckther and



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