Deep Rooted (Compiled and Mixed by The Realm)

2021-11-27 02:23

VA - Deep Rooted (Compiled and Mixed by The Realm) / FNDC006DL / Foliage Records

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1Richard Earnshaw, The Realm, KholiAddicted (The Realm Rework Edit)04:0810
2Atjazz, The Realm feat. Dominique Fils-AimeSee-Line Woman (The Realm Remix Edit)04:1810
3Atjazz, Kelli SaeRight Now (Atjazz Vocal Mix Edit)03:418
4EmmaculateHigher Vibrations (Macs Afro Soul Mix)08:2419
5Richard Earnshaw, Daz-I-Kue, Jill Rock JonesTell The Story (Richard Earnshaw 'Inner Spirit Dub)06:1414
6Sebb Junior, Eric Roberson, DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Paula, Kaidi TathamDont Stop (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kaidi Tatham Remix Edit)04:3511
7Atjazz, Kelli Sae, The RealmOn The Road (Vocal Mix Edit)04:2410
8Reel People, Mica Paris, LaroyeI Want To Thank You (Laroye Remix Edit)04:2310
9Atjazz, Hallex M, Bongi MvuyanaDay By Day (Atjazz Remix Edit)03:569
10Kelli Sae, Michael Gray, Rocco RodamaalBelieve In A Brighter Day (Rocco Rodamaal Dub)05:1112
11Da Lata feat. ManooOba Lata (Manoo Remix)09:4022
12Choklate feat. OpolopoThe Tea (Opolopo Remix)05:3613
13Daniel Rateuke feat. Ursula RuckerOr Stay Alive (Richard Earnshaw 'Inner Spirit Extended Mix)05:5614
14Kusini, Rage IthwasaMongoot (Main Mix Edit)04:2710
15Monkey Brothers feat. Shaun Escoffery, House N' HDLosin' My Head (House N' HD Main Mix)06:5216
16The RealmWhen In Rome08:4320
17Vanco, Manoo feat. MavhunguKondelelani (Manoo Dubiano)07:5818
18Dominique Fils-Aime feat. Atjazz, D-MaliceGood Feeling (Atjazz & D-Malice Vocal Dub)05:3113
19Jimpster, Rich MedinaThis Thing (Vocal Mix Edit)05:1412
20Richard Earnshaw, Rob Milton, SmithSunday Morning (Richard Earnshaw Remix Edit)03:057
21MdCL feat. Ovasoul7, The LayaboutsFeels Like Home (The Layabouts Future Retro Dub Mix)06:5016
22Atjazz, Glass SlipperUnification Vibration (Instrumental Mix)06:4215
23DJ FudgeMazal (Main Mix)08:4020
24The Realm feat. Tony MomrelleTime (The Realm Vocal Mix)06:1914
25Hatha feat. AtjazzDepth Of Field (Atjazz Remix Alternate Take)07:4718
26SanXero feat. Omar, David HarnessTo & Fro (David Harness 90's Mix)06:0414
27Da Brownie feat. SoledrifterVergo (Soledrifter Remix)06:1614
28Simon Kidzoo, MilldykeMea Culpa (Dub Mix)07:2317
29Phil AsherBounce In The Sand06:4616
30Sebb Junior feat. CrackazatGot Yo Lovin' (Crackazat Remix)06:4816
31Various ArtistsDeep Rooted (Mixed by The Realm)66:42153
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>> Yalla Habibi Presents....

> Metadata:
Artist....: Various Artists
Album.....: Deep Rooted (Compiled and Mixed by The Realm)

Genre.....: House
Mood......: Deep x Afro

Year......: 2021
Rls.Date..: 2021-11-27
Label.....: Foliage Records
Catalog...: FNDC006DL
Tracks....: 31

Encoder...: LAME
Codec.....: MP3 MPEG 1 layer 3
Quality...: 320Kbps/CBR/44.1 kHz/Dual Channel
Source....: WEB

Size......: 569.80 MB
Playtime..: 04:08:21

> Track(s):
01. Richard Earnshaw, The Realm, Kholi - Addicted (The Realm Rework 4:07
02. Atjazz, The Realm feat. Dominique Fils-Aime - See-Line Woman (T 4:18
03. Atjazz, Kelli Sae - Right Now (Atjazz Vocal Mix Edit) 3:41
04. Emmaculate - Higher Vibrations (Macs Afro Soul Mix) 8:23
05. Richard Earnshaw, Daz-I-Kue, Jill Rock Jones - Tell The Story ( 6:14
06. Sebb Junior, Eric Roberson, DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Paula, Kaidi Ta 4:35
07. Atjazz, Kelli Sae, The Realm - On The Road (Vocal Mix Edit) 4:24
08. Reel People, Mica Paris, Laroye - I Want To Thank You (Laroye R 4:23
09. Atjazz, Hallex M, Bongi Mvuyana - Day By Day (Atjazz Remix Edit 3:56
10. Kelli Sae, Michael Gray, Rocco Rodamaal - Believe In A Brighter 5:11
11. Da Lata feat. Manoo - Oba Lata (Manoo Remix) 9:40
12. Choklate feat. Opolopo - The Tea (Opolopo Remix) 5:36
13. Daniel Rateuke feat. Ursula Rucker - Or Stay Alive (Richard Ear 5:56
14. Kusini, Rage Ithwasa - Mongoot (Main Mix Edit) 4:27
15. Monkey Brothers feat. Shaun Escoffery, House N' HD - Losin' My 6:51
16. The Realm - When In Rome 8:42
17. Vanco, Manoo feat. Mavhungu - Kondelelani (Manoo Dubiano) 7:58
18. Dominique Fils-Aime feat. Atjazz, D-Malice - Good Feeling (Atja 5:31
19. Jimpster, Rich Medina - This Thing (Vocal Mix Edit) 5:14
20. Richard Earnshaw, Rob Milton, Smith - Sunday Morning (Richard E 3:05
21. MdCL feat. Ovasoul7, The Layabouts - Feels Like Home (The Layab 6:50
22. Atjazz, Glass Slipper - Unification Vibration (Instrumental Mix 6:42
23. DJ Fudge - Mazal (Main Mix) 8:40
24. The Realm feat. Tony Momrelle - Time (The Realm Vocal Mix) 6:18
25. Hatha feat. Atjazz - Depth Of Field (Atjazz Remix Alternate Tak 7:47
26. SanXero feat. Omar, David Harness - To & Fro (David Harness 90' 6:03
27. Da Brownie feat. Soledrifter - Vergo (Soledrifter Remix) 6:15
28. Simon Kidzoo, Milldyke - Mea Culpa (Dub Mix) 7:23
29. Phil Asher - Bounce In The Sand 6:45
30. Sebb Junior feat. Crackazat - Got Yo Lovin' (Crackazat Remix) 6:48
31. Various Artists - Deep Rooted (Mixed by The Realm) 6:38


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> Notes:
FOLIAGE RECORDS are excited to present the next version of our 
compilation series DEEP ROOTED. 

DEEP ROOTED is here to get its hands dirty and dig amongst the 
elements to unearth some real deep and soulful gems. 

Next up, donned in bibs & braces and with a shovel in hand we welcome 
THE REALM to superbly curate the sixth DEEP ROOTED edition. 

THE REALM has uprooted something really special and discovered music 

To top it off THE REALM has delivered an exclusive DEEP ROOTED DJ mix. 

Enjoy Digging!! 

>> Yalla Bye!