Balearic Sundown 012

2021-11-28 16:28

VA - Balearic Sundown 012 / HOTQBS012 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Timmy RiseUnknown (Original Mix)03:459
2Samuel WallnerEast Wilson (Original Mix)06:4415
3ZippelBelieve In Magic (Andrey Loud Remix)07:0616
4BabanHarry Looking For Larry (Original Mix)06:5916
5RapaAnticipation (Stiven Escarraga Remix)08:1119
6Alvin DrakeArt Of Living (Alex Raider Extended)06:4716
7Emile B & RehoxxOut Of Time (Radio Edit)03:147
8Laydee VHappy Go Lucky (Womack Remix)06:3715
9CaravacaSerendipia (Original Mix)06:1114
10Petit SonLight In The Rock (Original Mix)06:1414
11High Soundsystem & TapeshVisionary Minds (Original Mix)07:3317
12Brain DancingViolacious (Original Mix)06:2815
13TANNER DIXONPolaris (Original Mix)06:3815
14Icka NaracaDeep Memory (Radio Edit)04:049
15Denny Silverman & Ricci FerdinandBetter Days (Original Mix)06:0614
16Santiago BohmerDabeat (Original Mix)08:1119
17RondonMan Dem (Original Mix)05:5514
18Roland'SousaCherubim (Original Mix)09:0421
19Nic CapadociaTwisted (Original Mix)05:1712
20LotraxGet On With It (Original Mix)06:0014
21Remi Blaze & MalleHierophant (Original Mix)07:0116
22scvLong Time No See (Original Mix)08:5220
23SubFNK'Around My Head'04:5711
24Max CourtTo Much (Original Mix)06:5116
25Ivox GarciaGet in Deep (Dub Mix)07:2517
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Balearic Sundown 012

Release Date: 28.11.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 373,88 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: HOT-Q HOTQBS012



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Timmy Rise - Unknown (Original Mix) 03:48

02. Samuel Wallner - East Wilson (Original Mix) 06:46

03. Zippel - Believe In Magic (Andrey Loud Remix) 07:08

04. Baban - Harry Looking For Larry (Original Mix)07:02

05. Rapa - Anticipation (Stiven Escarraga Remix) 08:14

06. Alvin Drake - Art Of Living 06:49

(Alex Raider Extended)

07. Emile B & Rehoxx - Out Of Time (Radio Edit) 03:16

08. Laydee V - Happy Go Lucky (Womack Remix) 06:40

09. Caravaca - Serendipia (Original Mix) 06:13

10. Petit Son - Light In The Rock (Original Mix) 06:16

11. High Soundsystem & Tapesh - Visionary Minds 07:35

(Original Mix)

12. Brain Dancing - Violacious (Original Mix) 06:31

13. TANNER DIXON - Polaris (Original Mix) 06:40

14. Icka Naraca - Deep Memory (Radio Edit) 04:07

15. Denny Silverman & Ricci Ferdinand - Better 06:08

Days (Original Mix)

16. Santiago Bohmer - Dabeat (Original Mix) 08:14

17. Rondon - Man Dem (Original Mix) 05:57

18. Roland'Sousa - Cherubim (Original Mix) 09:06

19. Nic Capadocia - Twisted (Original Mix) 05:19

20. Lotrax - Get On With It (Original Mix) 06:02

21. Remi Blaze & Malle - Hierophant (Original Mix)07:04

22. scv - Long Time No See (Original Mix) 08:54

23. SubFNK - 'Around My Head' 04:59

24. Max Court - To Much (Original Mix) 06:54

25. Ivox Garcia - Get in Deep (Dub Mix) 07:27

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Timmy Rise, Samuel Wallner, Andrey

Loud, Baban, Stiven Escarraga, Alex Raider, Womack, Caravaca,

Brain Dancing, TANNER DIXON, Icka Naraca, Santiago Bohmer,

Rondon, Roland'Sousa, Nic Capadocia, Lotrax, SubFNK, Max

Court, Ivox Garcia, Zippel, Rapa, Alvin Drake, Emile B &

Rehoxx, Laydee V, Petit Son, High Soundsystem & Tapesh, Denny

Silverman & Ricci Ferdinand, Remi Blaze & Malle, scv


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