Crossfit Collection 012

2021-11-28 16:28

VA - Crossfit Collection 012 / HOTQCRC012 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Prime RockerzTiramisu (Radio Mix)03:117
29BLADEDestiny (Radio Edit)02:306
3Evan Wilder & Wes Lee WatesOn My Mind (Burnhaze Remix)03:147
4NeoplanetSummer Dawn (Radio Mix)03:127
5John WeberSpace (Extended Mix)04:3711
6PROJ3CT 7Allmyfrnts (Original Mix)02:587
7AL3XEIN & MAQDance Of The Galaxies (Extended Mix)03:559
8Marco LaschiWhere You Go (Instrumental Mix)04:1310
9Dark Intensity & Angelica JoniDevilish (VIP Radio)03:238
10H2HB & Casper YuRoll Up (Radio Edit)02:306
11Max RyperDriving Me Crazy (Original Mix)03:117
12Pascal JuniorAlright (Extended Mix)04:5711
13HYPEGogo* (Extended Mix)03:418
14Andyg & MK8Return To Rave (Original Mix)03:218
15Franny J., Matt Alvarez & Christian AcamoSave You (Original Mix)03:117
16RaztrixTraz (Original Mix)03:057
17NekoZillaInsomnia (Original Mix)03:137
18ZEC.Fluid (Original Mix)02:205
19J4CKO, Nomar & Charles Sebastian Ft. West CollinsSun Goes Down (Radio Edit)03:147
20Fonso Vargas feat. C.U.B.ACuba (Fonso Vargas Remix)03:479
21Stephan Tosh, Ramuto & NAZENHear Me (Extended Mix)03:388
22Lau KidI Want Your Soul (Marigold Remix)03:258
23FVLK & NoisewallTambur (Original Mix)03:378
24Vol2Cat, Sofus Wiene and Nic Johnston featuring Aaron LindtPowerstrike (Original Mix)02:316
25Kris FerreriBooty Shake (Original Mix)04:4011
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Crossfit Collection 012

Release Date: 28.11.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 198,06 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME




Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Prime Rockerz - Tiramisu (Radio Mix) 03:13

02. 9BLADE - Destiny (Radio Edit) 02:32

03. Evan Wilder & Wes Lee Wates - On My Mind 03:16

(Burnhaze Remix)

04. Neoplanet - Summer Dawn (Radio Mix) 03:14

05. John Weber - Space (Extended Mix) 04:39

06. PROJ3CT 7 - Allmyfrnts (Original Mix) 03:00

07. AL3XEIN & MAQ - Dance Of The Galaxies 03:57

(Extended Mix)

08. Marco Laschi - Where You Go (Instrumental Mix)04:15

09. Dark Intensity & Angelica Joni - Devilish 03:25

(VIP Radio)

10. H2HB & Casper Yu - Roll Up (Radio Edit) 02:32

11. Max Ryper - Driving Me Crazy (Original Mix) 03:13

12. Pascal Junior - Alright (Extended Mix) 04:59

13. HYPE - Gogo* (Extended Mix) 03:43

14. Andyg & MK8 - Return To Rave (Original Mix) 03:23

15. Franny J., Matt Alvarez & Christian Acamo - 03:13

Save You (Original Mix)

16. Raztrix - Traz (Original Mix) 03:07

17. NekoZilla - Insomnia (Original Mix) 03:15

18. ZEC. - Fluid (Original Mix) 02:22

19. J4CKO, Nomar & Charles Sebastian Ft. West 03:15

Collins - Sun Goes Down (Radio Edit)

20. Fonso Vargas feat. C.U.B.A - Cuba 03:49

(Fonso Vargas Remix)

21. Stephan Tosh, Ramuto & NAZEN - Hear Me 03:40

(Extended Mix)

22. Lau Kid - I Want Your Soul (Marigold Remix) 03:27

23. FVLK & Noisewall - Tambur (Original Mix) 03:39

24. Vol2Cat, Sofus Wiene and Nic Johnston 02:33

featuring Aaron Lindt - Powerstrike (Original M

25. Kris Ferreri - Booty Shake (Original Mix) 04:42

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from 9BLADE, John Weber, PROJ3CT 7, Marco

Laschi, Max Ryper, Pascal Junior, Hype, AndyG, MK8, ZEC.,

Fonso Vargas, Marigold, Kris Ferreri, Prime Rockerz, Evan

Wilder, Wes Lee Wates, Neoplanet, AL3XEIN & MAQ, Dark

Intensity & Angelica Joni, H2HB,Casper Yu, Franny J., Matt

Alvarez, Christian Acamo, Raztrix, Nekozilla, J4CKO, Nomar,

Charles Sebastian Ft. West Collins, Fonso Vargas feat.

C.U.B.A, Stephan Tosh, Ramuto, Nazen, Lau Kid, FVLK &

Noisewall, Vol2Cat, Sofus Wiene and Nic Johnston featuring

Aaron Lindt


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