Simply Minimal, Vol. 05

2021-12-07 15:26

VA - Simply Minimal, Vol. 05 / LWSM05 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1bH2mDT4 (Original Mix)07:0816
2Martin BordacaharMy Beat (Original Mix)06:5416
3Sorin MileaNokturn (Octave RO Remix)08:3820
4BergwallXXXXX (Courant Remix)06:2615
5Mr. MoonDeep In Bulgaria (Pepo Balkan Remix)07:1617
6Jhon AlejandroHay Gono (Original Mix)06:0614
7Sean MuyabaAs One Thing (Optimistic Soul Remix)07:2617
8ApoteozJazzme (Original Mix)07:1016
9Davide MentesanaWhite Smoking (Original Mix)05:5714
10CastenbergGet Move (Original Mix)07:4618
11Franco MusachiConsonant (Original Mix)07:1817
1225bcFull Chakra Reflection (Original Mix)06:0914
13Tony D'CastroJungle Rave (Original Mix)07:1817
14Tommaso PizzelliSlickin' (Original Mix)07:0316
15Teddy JiyaneDestinei (Original Mix)06:1114
16RamoraeChubby (Original Mix)08:1219
17G.PaganelliBD Flush Draw (Original Mix)06:0314
18Timmy RiseVacuum (Original Mix)06:2515
19ZippelBelieve In Magic (Original Mix)09:5523
20BabanMay I Have Your Order Please (Original Mix)07:1617
21High Soundsystem & TapeshStart Working (Original Mix)06:0614
22Drew DappsSomething Real (Original Mix)05:4113
23TANNER DIXONTimeweaver (Original Mix)06:5416
24Santiago BohmerFitzroy (Original Mix)09:2121
25RowanTrust The Process (Original Mix)08:5220
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Minimal, Vol. 05

Release Date: 07.12.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB (FLAC) Genre: House

Release Size: 412,33 MB Language: English

Ripper Soft: EAC Encoding Soft: LAME

Label: LW Recordings LWSM05



Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. bH2m - DT4 (Original Mix) 07:09

02. Martin Bordacahar - My Beat (Original Mix) 06:55

03. Sorin Milea - Nokturn (Octave RO Remix) 08:39

04. Bergwall - XXXXX (Courant Remix) 06:27

05. Mr. Moon - Deep In Bulgaria 07:17

(Pepo Balkan Remix)

06. Jhon Alejandro - Hay Gono (Original Mix) 06:07

07. Sean Muyaba - As One Thing 07:27

(Optimistic Soul Remix)

08. Apoteoz - Jazzme (Original Mix) 07:11

09. Davide Mentesana - White Smoking 05:58

(Original Mix)

10. Castenberg - Get Move (Original Mix) 07:47

11. Franco Musachi - Consonant (Original Mix) 07:19

12. 25bc - Full Chakra Reflection (Original Mix) 06:10

13. Tony D'Castro - Jungle Rave (Original Mix) 07:19

14. Tommaso Pizzelli - Slickin' (Original Mix) 07:04

15. Teddy Jiyane - Destinei (Original Mix) 06:12

16. Ramorae - Chubby (Original Mix) 08:13

17. G.Paganelli - BD Flush Draw (Original Mix) 06:04

18. Timmy Rise - Vacuum (Original Mix) 06:27

19. Zippel - Believe In Magic (Original Mix) 09:56

20. Baban - May I Have Your Order Please 07:17

(Original Mix)

21. High Soundsystem & Tapesh - Start Working 06:07

(Original Mix)

22. Drew Dapps - Something Real (Original Mix) 05:42

23. TANNER DIXON - Timeweaver (Original Mix) 06:55

24. Santiago Bohmer - Fitzroy (Original Mix) 09:22

25. Rowan - Trust The Process (Original Mix) 08:52

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from bH2m, Martin Bordacahar, Octave (RO),

Courant, Pepo, Jhon Alejandro, Apoteoz, Davide Mentesana,

Castenberg, Franco Musachi, 25bc, Tony D'Castro, Tommaso

Pizzelli, Teddy Jiyane, Ramorae, Timmy Rise, Zippel, Baban,

Drew Dapps, TANNER DIXON, Santiago Bohmer, Rowan, Sorin

Milea, Bergwall, Mr. Moon, Sean Muyaba, G.Paganelli, High

Soundsystem & Tapesh


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