2020-09-07 15:44

Likwid Continual Space Motion - Earthbound / SSJ09LP / Super-Sonic Jazz

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1Likwid Continual Space MotionMore Brilliant Centre04:5612
2Likwid Continual Space MotionThe Box05:3113
3Likwid Continual Space MotionWorld Order Is Chaos Pt. 1 (Future Wave) -ft. Demelza Toy Toy-04:3011
4Likwid Continual Space MotionWeapon X (More Gems)05:0312
5Likwid Continual Space MotionEarthbound05:4914
6Likwid Continual Space MotionMa'at Life -ft. Ghettolette String Ensemble-05:2713
7Likwid Continual Space MotionFrequency05:3613
8Likwid Continual Space MotionAlien Sphere -ft. Natalie May-05:2813
9Likwid Continual Space MotionThe Way05:2213
10Likwid Continual Space MotionPiece of Mind -ft. Luke Wynter-05:2213
11Likwid Continual Space MotionFor the People05:2012
12Likwid Continual Space Motion12th Planet -ft. Ghettolette String Ensemble-07:5818
13Likwid Continual Space MotionSoul In Yo Mind04:0910
14Likwid Continual Space MotionAnuunaki05:2913
15Likwid Continual Space MotionUnreal Rock04:5712
16Likwid Continual Space MotionBubbler -ft. Oliver Night & Natalie May-04:1710
17Likwid Continual Space MotionTime -ft. Oliver Night & Ahnanse-05:0412
18Likwid Continual Space MotionLet Me -ft. Natalie May & Neue Grafik-05:0912
19Likwid Continual Space MotionMoor Jazz04:4111
20Likwid Continual Space MotionThe Word05:2813
21Likwid Continual Space MotionWorld Order Is Chaos Pt. 2 (Outro)01:344
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artist : Likwid Continual Space Motion
title . Earthbound
type : Single
year . 2020
genre : House
subgenre . Electronic, Jazz, Funk-Soul
label : Super-Sonic Jazz
cat . SSJ09LP
encoder . LAME 3.100
quality : 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
source . WEB

01.More Brilliant Centre 4:56
02.The Box 5:30
03.World Order Is Chaos Pt. 1 (Future Wave) -ft. Demelza Toy 4:30
04.Weapon X (More Gems) 5:03
05.Earthbound 5:48
06.Ma'at Life -ft. Ghettolette String Ensemble- 5:27
07.Frequency 5:36
08.Alien Sphere -ft. Natalie May- 5:27
09.The Way 5:22
10.Piece of Mind -ft. Luke Wynter- 5:22
11.For the People 5:20
12.12th Planet -ft. Ghettolette String Ensemble- 7:57
13.Soul In Yo Mind 4:09
14.Anuunaki 5:29
15.Unreal Rock 4:57
16.Bubbler -ft. Oliver Night & Natalie May- 4:16
17.Time -ft. Oliver Night & Ahnans- 5:04
18.Let Me -ft. Natalie May & Neue Grafik- 5:09
19.Moor Jazz 4:40
20.The Word 5:28
21.World Order Is Chaos Pt. 2 (Outro) 1:34

107:04min 261.82Mb


IG Cultures LCSM Likwid Continual Space Motion releases 18 track LP and
theatre soundtrack Earthbound on Super-Sonic Jazz Records. With last years
EP1 release on the Super-Sonic Jazz label, broken beat icon IG Culture
introduced the world to the afro-futuristic and forward-thinking jazz of
LCSM Likwid Continual Space Motion. Now, the UK pioneer kicks off the new
decade by expanding on the project with a full-fledged album entitled
Earthbound. The interstellar instrumentals blur borders between funk, soul
and space-age jazz, while maintaining the signature London Bruk Boogie
sound IG Culture is recognised for. The album also serves as a score for
the accompanying science fiction theatre production that goes by the same

Earthbound delicately propels listeners out of orbit and into the vastness
of space. The conveying message behind the album is based on the work of
author Zecharia Sitchin, who translated ancient Sumerian tablets that
explain the origins of humans. The story revolves around the ancient people
of Nibiru who return to earth, only to discover that the humans they had
once passed down their knowledge are now living in a world of chaos. LCSM
translates this esoteric journey by using intergalactic live jazz fusion.
The resulting collage is a melange of live sax, alternating percussions
sessions, Sun-Ra like piano lines, and otherworldly synth sessions.

Produced in cooperation with Saido Lehlouh, Johanna Faye and Summer Dance
Forever Amsterdam, Earthbound sees IG Culture team up members from the
London artist collective Steam Down, Alex Phountzi of Selectors Assemble
(Bugz In The Attic), and Rhythm Sections Neue Grafik. Collectively, the
hive mind creates a holistic listening experience, to be enjoyed both on
and off the dancefloor.

IG Culture is one of the most important protagonists of the UKs broken
beat jazz scene. Having set up the legendary CoOp night at Plastic People,
hes also the man behind CoOp Presents and Selectors Assemble. IG Culture
is no stranger to Super-Sonic Jazz, having released an homage to Sun Ra on
KC The Funkaholic first imprint, Kindred Spirits back in 2003. With three
decades worth of prolific production nuance, Earthbound is the next
challenge in the IG Cultures legacy, an idea that was spurned on and
encouraged by Super-Sonic Jazz central figures KC The Funkaholic and
brothers Vincent and Siemen Tenzer. With the theatre production making its
debut late 2020, the full soundtrack and LP sees its release in april.


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