Inertia (Remixes)

2022-05-29 13:31

Mariner, Domingo - Inertia (Remixes) / SA140 / Sound Avenue

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1Mariner & DomingoI Still Remember (Powel Remix)07:4618
2Mariner & DomingoInertia (Tristan Case & Tom Barlow Remix)07:5418
3Mariner & DomingoInertia (Orange & Indigo Remix)06:1214
A L O N E                O U R S E L V E S

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                 [: ARTIST..... :] Mariner and Domingo
                 [: TITLE...... :] Inertia (Remixes)
                 [: GENRE...... :] House
                 [: RIP DATE... :] 2022-05-29
                 [: LABEL...... :] Sound Avenue
                 [: CAT NR..... :] SA140
                 [: TRACKS..... :] 3
                 [: SIZE....... :] 51m
                 [: QUALITY.... :] 320kbps 44.1kHz
                 [: CODEC...... :] MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
                 [: ENCODER.... :] LAME
                 [: URL........ :]

                          [ ::..    Tracklist    ..:: ]

             01. I Still Remember (Powel Remix) ............... 07:46      
             02. Inertia (Tristan Case & Tom Barlow Remix) .... 07:54      
             03. Inertia (Orange & Indigo Remix) .............. 06:12      

                          [ ::.. RELEASE  NOTES ..:: ]

             The latest offering from Madloch's Sound Avenue imprint finds 
             the label showcasing new interpretations of Mariner + Domingo's 
             'Inertia'. Released in September of last year and played by 
             Sebastian Leger and Tim Green, the two-track showcase proved to 
             be one of the defining releases in what was a standout year for 
             the American duo. Now bringing new life to the well-received EP, 
             Sound Avenue invites Powel, Tristan Case and Tom Barlow and 
             Orange and Indigo to re-imagine the tracks for 2022.

             Returning to the label and providing the lone interpretation of 
             'I Still Remember' is Powel. With a career that now spans over a 
             decade, Berlin based artist Powel has continued to delight 
             organic house aficionados with his releases via All Day I Dream, 
             Anjunadeep and more. As a favourite of the genre's tastemakers, 
             Powel made his Sound Avenue debut in 2019 with a gorgeous 
             rendition of 'Pearl' by Paula OS. A groovy yet impassioned take 
             on the track that earned praise from Eelke Kleijn, Nick Warren, 
             Modd, Roy Rosenfeld and Sasha. Now following the release of his 
             latest Do Not Sit On The Furniture vehicle 'Back To The 
             Beginnings', Powel returns to Sound Avenue with a heartfelt 
             interpretation of 'I Still Remember'. Pitched somewhere 
             comfortably between dreamy reverie and groovy bliss, it's a 
             version equally at home above a daytime dance floor or sitting 
             in the emotional sweet spot of an end of the night scenario. 
             Captivating and poignant in equal measure, it's playful nature 
             only furthers Powel's uncanny ability to achieve natural 
             elegance and tasteful patience through his music.

             Providing the first interpretation for 'Inertia' are Tristan 
             Case and Tom Barlow. Renowned for his dreamy yet reassuringly 
             tough and beautifully balanced approach to deep house, UK born, 
             Australia based artist Tristan Case has carved out a sound all 
             his own. From his 2020 debut on Do Not Sit On The Furniture to 
             more recent offerings via Flug Lab, onedotsixtwo and UGENIUS 
             Music, the Sydney resident has enjoyed a three-year creative 
             swell. This inventive period also yielded his Sound Avenue 
             debut, with a contribution to the label's popular 'Correlation' 
             series landing in April of last year. Also finding a home on the 
             label affiliate 3rd Avenue, Tristan now returns to Sound Avenue 
             alongside fellow Sydney resident Tom Barlow for a spirited take 
             on 'Inertia'. Having collaborated twice previously, the creative 
             synergy between Tristan and Tom continues to grow, as the duo 
             crafts a remix that is sure to send people home with a smile. 
             Gentle flutters build and atmospheres emerge across a warm 
             voluptuous groove and trails of bubbly sonics, before a 
             widescreen, cinematic style break ultimately seals its 
             brilliance. It's this tasteful amalgamation of grandiose themes 
             which proves most captivating perhaps, touching the listener 
             with moments of hope and inspiration, before segueing into a 
             finale of buoyant beats, organic percussion and fragmented 

             The release concludes with Orange and Indigo making his label 
             debut and providing the second and final interpretation of 
             'Inertia'. Based in Australia and formerly known as Khetouin, 
             the Sydney resident first made waves by winning 3rd Avenue's 
             Choon remix competition in 2018, a production which eventually 
             led to an appearance on Sound Avenue's popular 'Correlation' 
             series in 2019. 2020 saw the birth of Orange and Indigo however, 
             setting the course for a new organic journey which has yielded 
             standout offerings via 3rd Avenue, RYNTH and The Purr. Now 
             making his Sound Avenue debut as Orange and Indigo, the 
             Australian artist provides a gorgeous take on 'Inertia' to close 
             the release out in style. Warm and undeniably organic its 
             pulsating low end, balmy effects and heavenly sonics work in 
             perfect harmonic unison. A blissful centrepiece sits at the 
             heart of the journey, highlighted by choir-like phrases and hazy 
             motifs, which perfectly set the stage for a transcendent finale. 
             A heady interpretation from Orange and Indigo, which rounds out 
             an excellent remix edition for Mariner + Domingo's 'Inertia'. 

             Written by Mitch Alexander |

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