Blind (Fred Everything Remixes)

2023-09-16 09:06

Kaysoul, Kristina Sheli - Blind (Fred Everything Remixes) / LZD099R / Lazy Days Music

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Kaysoul & Kristina SheliBlind (Fred Everything Lazy Vox)06:3015
2Kaysoul & Kristina SheliBlind (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)05:5814
__     __             _        _                     
  \ \   / /     /\     | |      | |          /\        
   \ \_/ /     /  \    | |      | |         /  \       
    \   /     / /\ \   | |      | |        / /\ \      
     | |     / ____ \  | |____  | |____   / ____ \     
     |_|    /_/    \_\ |______| |______| /_/    \_\    

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    > Metadata:
    Artist....: Kaysoul x Kristina Sheli
    Album.....: Blind (Fred Everything Remixes)

    Genre.....: House
    Mood......: Deep House 
    Year......: 2023
    Rls.Date..: 2023-09-15
    Label.....: Lazy Days Music
    Catalog...: LZD099R
    Type......: EP
    Tracks....: 2

    Codec.....: MPEG 1 Layer III (LAME3.99r)
    Quality...: 320Kbps/CBR/44.1 kHz/Joint Stereo
    Source....: WEB


    Size......: 28.79 MB                                
    Playtime..: 00:12:28                                

    > Track(s):  
    01. (06:30) Blind (Fred Everything Lazy Vox)                   
    02. (05:58) Blind (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)                   

    > Notes:
    Hailing from South Africa, Katlego Matseke, aka 
    KaySoul, started making music in 2010. Inspired by the
    sound of House, Kwaito and Bubble Gum played on the
    radio in his township of Kwa-Thema, he went on to
    release music on labels such as Dirt Crew, Night
    Grooves, Apparel Music and Shall Not Fade and gaining
    support from some of the best DJs around the world such
    as Laurent Garnier, Mr Scruff, Ame and Atjazz. In 2018,
    he was awarded Best male DJ and Best Remixer at the
    Dance Music Awards South Africa. In a 2022 GQ
    Interview, he was asked who was his biggest
    inspiration, other than Larry Heard and his answer was
    : Fred Everything. This made the connection with Lazy
    Days even more natural and we're happy to welcome him
    in the family! For this release, he teamed up with
    Berlin based Georgian singer Kristina Sheli, a
    versatile singer who's been involved with Hip Hop, Trip
    Hop, Soul and Electronic Music. She recently
    collaborated with The Revenge on Get Physical and King
    Street and has released on labels such as Defected,
    Hive Audio and her own 4PAWS Records. Blind is about a
    connection between two souls that no one knows about.
    But the feeling remains. Blind in love. Blind from
    love. Reminiscent of those classic vocal Deep House
    tracks of yesteryear with a modern twist, both in the
    original and the Laidback mix. It comes also with 2
    Fred Everything Remixes (Lazy Vox and Lazy Dub),
    keeping the original flow intact and adding his unique
    touch to the song. Closing the EP, is Vous Vous, going
    into quirkier territories where KaySoul experiment with
    noise and textures. The EP was mixed by Fred Everything
    and mastered by Atjazz. Artwork by Robert Vidaure. 

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