Wind Down Routine 028

2023-09-18 21:14

VA - Wind Down Routine 028 / HOTQWDR028 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1MvrikTraveller (Original Mix)02:456
2Pat Lezizmo & KaruBrief Talks (Original Mix)03:298
3Slappy FingersJean Michelle's Blues (Original Mix)01:585
4Spiritchaser & Est8These Tears (ReliF Remix)04:019
558MIICrush Moon (Original Mix)05:2012
6Funk'n'SloCutsRuffneck (Original Mix)05:2312
7TooliViews (Original Mix)03:569
8Aziz RoshdyThe Night King (Original Mix)07:0416
9AnitekInverse (Original Mix)02:456
10Inspired Flight feat. Sophie Barker & Talib KweliThe Next Phase (Original Mix)05:4213
11Bollo feat. Thomas HechenbergerThe Mountain (Original Mix)06:4015
12Paul DeightonBeautiful People Acid Dub (Paul Deighton Remix)04:2410
13cold00nUnnamed (Original Mix)03:067
14Edward WhiteEverything I Want (priya Remix)05:3513
15SchelmanoffFlinders Of Future (Original Mix)03:509
16Vic Flairs x RhiMixThings That I Sent (Rejected Garlic Butter Remix)03:288
17Efeflow BeatHope SEA (Lofi Mix)02:517
18OblomovMagic Stone (Moveton Remix)04:3510
19DJ GravityInside (Original Mix)03:368
20Vincent TruppoChanges (Original Mix)06:1614
21DJ Stress (M.C.P)Snow Fall (Original Mix)06:1414
22Castle FlowFeel The Sky (Dream Version)04:4011
23SkoteinoDark Dubbing (Original Mix)06:5616
24Electronic Networks DivisionSystem Error (Original Mix)03:368
25Donald WilbornGreenland (Chilled Mix)03:579
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: Wind Down Routine 028
        Release Date: 18.09.2023                    Street Year: 2023
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 258,68 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: HOT-Q                       HOTQWDR028


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Mvrik - Traveller (Original Mix)              02:47
           02. Pat Lezizmo & Karu - Brief Talks              03:31
               (Original Mix)
           03. Slappy Fingers - Jean Michelle's Blues        02:00
               (Original Mix)
           04. Spiritchaser & Est8 - These Tears             04:03
               (ReliF Remix)
           05. 58MII - Crush Moon (Original Mix)             05:22
           06. Funk'n'SloCuts - Ruffneck (Original Mix)      05:24
           07. Tooli - Views (Original Mix)                  03:57
           08. Aziz Roshdy - The Night King (Original Mix)   07:05
           09. Anitek - Inverse (Original Mix)               02:47
           10. Inspired Flight feat. Sophie Barker & Talib   05:44
               Kweli - The Next Phase (Original Mix)
           11. Bollo feat. Thomas Hechenberger - The         06:41
               Mountain (Original Mix)
           12. Paul Deighton - Beautiful People Acid Dub     04:25
               (Paul Deighton Remix)
           13. cold00n - Unnamed (Original Mix)              03:08
           14. Edward White - Everything I Want (priya Remix)05:37
           15. Schelmanoff - Flinders Of Future              03:52
               (Original Mix)
           16. Vic Flairs x RhiMix - Things That I Sent      03:29
               (Rejected Garlic Butter Remix)
           17. Efeflow Beat - Hope SEA (Lofi Mix)            02:53
           18. Oblomov - Magic Stone (Moveton Remix)         04:36
           19. DJ Gravity - Inside (Original Mix)            03:37
           20. Vincent Truppo - Changes (Original Mix)       06:17
           21. DJ Stress (M.C.P) - Snow Fall (Original Mix)  06:15
           22. Castle Flow - Feel The Sky (Dream Version)    04:42
           23. Skteino - Dark Dubbing (Original Mix)        06:58
           24. Electronic Networks Division - System Error   03:37
               (Original Mix)
           25. Donald Wilborn - Greenland (Chilled Mix)      03:59

     About Release    

       Wind Down Routine presents tracks and remixes from Pat
       Lezizmo & KARU, 58MII, Funk'n'SloCuts, Tooli, Aziz Roshdy,
       Anitek, Inspired Flight feat. Sophie Barker & Talib Kweli,
       Paul Deighton, cold00n, priya, Schelmanoff, Vic Flairs,
       Moveton, DJ Gravity, Vincent Truppo, DJ Stress (M.C.P),
       Castle Flow, Skteino, Donald Wilborn, Mvrik, Slappy Fingers,
       Spiritchaser, Est8, Bollo feat. Thomas Hechenberger, Edward
       White, Vic Flairs x RhiMix, Efeflow Beat, Oblomov, Electronic
       Networks Division.


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