2023-09-21 23:07

Finest Wear - SPACE EP / PRDD001540 / Deepa Grooves

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1Finest WearObjects in Space07:1517
2Finest WearThe Unknown07:4718
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     artist   : Finest Wear
     title    . SPACE EP
     year     . 2023
     genre    : House
     subgenre : Deep House
     label    : Deepa Grooves
     cat      . PRDD001540
     URL      :
     ShopURL  :
     encoder  . Lame
     quality  : 320Kbps/CBR/44.1kHz/2CH/Joint Stereo
     source   . WEB

   01. Finest Wear - Objects in Space                              7:14
   02. Finest Wear - The Unknown                                   7:47

   00:15:01 min  34.79 mb


     CENZO SCOGLIO aka FINEST WEAR Has a Deep House History goingback quite 
     a few years now and has found homes for his sound onvarious labels such 
     as Nordic Trax, Colour & Pitch, Large Music, PlasticCity, Loud East, 
     Apparel Music plus many more.As a Dj It all started way back in the early 
     90s pushing his way ontothe free party scene mainly in the Oxfordshire 
     area. Then naturallythings changed and He eventually moved into the club 
     circuit playing across London and Oxford at all the main venues plus 
     having guest appearances across Europe.For the production side of things 
     it started back in 2008 where hewent under the name MrCenzo and he had 
     his first release signed to Richard Earnshaws Guess Records which had 
     great support worldwide. He then had various releases on other labels 
     such as Sebastian Davidsons Nightbird Music, Plastic City, Artizan 
     Music, LoudEast Records plus many more.He also had a short stint under 
     the alias MidiDropMusic Who Heworked along side Matt Masters from 
     Freerange fame, Where they both had a few top 10 hits. Overtime though 
     his sound developed more into the Deeper vibe asthats where his heart 
     was and gradually found his signature soundand thus changing his 
     production name to FINEST WEAR.His releases have gained support from 
     various artists all over the globe such as Laurent Garnier, Mark 
     Farina, Nick Holder, Nick V, LukeMcKeehan, Jimpster, Todd Edwards, 
     Simbad, Jody Wisternoff, Joyce Muniz, Just to name a few. On a global 
     scale the FINEST WEAR sound has found it's way all overthe world where 
     the versatile Deep House Sound is palatable for justabout anyone and 
     any mood.           

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