Rhetoric Monster EP

2020-10-05 16:21

Audiostorm - Rhetoric Monster EP / BP9732020 / Bonzai Progressive

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1AudiostormRhetoric Monster (Original Mix)07:5518
2AudiostormModular Experience (Original Mix)08:3220
3AudiostormSound Of Inevitability (Original Mix)08:2819

The AOV Stars rises again with a big M4Gnitude, and presents

Audiostorm - Rhetoric Monster EP

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Artist: Audiostorm
Album : Rhetoric Monster EP

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Genre : House
Date : 10.05.2020
Encoder : LAME
Quality : 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo
Track(s) : 03
Size : 57,05 MB
Language : English
Source : WEB
Label : Bonzai Progressive
Catalognr : BP9732020

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AudioStorm returns with another sublime three track EP, this time we
are treated to the delicious sounds of Rhetoric Monster EP, which comes
after his last effort here, Beauty of the Andes. Always consistent in
his output, AudioStorm remains a firm favourite in the deeper end of
the progressive underworld. His productions show style, carrying solid
grooves and being versatile. He's released a lot with us along with
other labels over the years. The passion for making music is strong,
ever since he started listening to Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Joy
Division, he has never let up, always moving forward, bringing out the
best he can offer. It's always a delight to hear his latest works and
no doubt there will be much more to come.

First up we have Rhetoric Monster, which explores the cosmic realms of
progressive house. Delicately poised melodies and arpeggios captivate
on a bed of solid beats and rhythmic percussions. On the low end, a
strong bassline shows prominence, adding weight to the atmospherics.
The break continues with the groove before a sharper, plucky arp fades
up and then climaxing back to the main track for the duration. Top-
notch stuff.

Modular Experience intros with a nice chunky beat and sharp hat combo.
Exotic percussions layer up, bringing in a smooth rhythmic flow. Sweet,
melodic arpeggios fade up alongside a rich, pitching lead synth.
Subtleties in the groove add to the flavour, enhancing the vibrance of
the track. On the low end, we find a powerful bassline which drives the
groove. A stand-up groove that will not disappoint.

Rounding out this fine release we have Sound Of Inevitability. Keeping
with the them of the EP, we're treated to a display of smooth,
cosmically charged progressive grooves. Led by a strong drum section,
complete with slamming 80's style snares, the arrangement is tight. A
silky bassline rolls along as intricate patterns form mesmerizing
melodies. On the break, a kaleidoscope of arpeggios cascade, forming a
vivid picture, captivating the mind. The perfect ending, this one will
not disappoint.

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01.Rhetoric Monster (Original Mix) [07:55]
02.Modular Experience (Original Mix) [08:31]
03.Sound Of Inevitability (Original Mix) [08:28]

Playtime : 24:54 Min

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