2023-11-17 18:13

Cousin - Homesoon / MH031 / Mood Hut

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3Cousin3 x a charm05:3113
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     artist   : Cousin
     title    . HomeSoon
     type     : EP
     year     . 2023
     genre    : House
     subgenre . Deep House, Downtempo, Leftfield 
     label    : Mood Hut
     cat      . MH031
     URL      :
     encoder  . LAME 3.100
     quality  : 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
     source   . WEB

     01.Catsu                                                         4:27
     02.Overpass                                                      9:55
     03.3 x a charm                                                   5:31
     04.Muster                                                        6:23
     05.Citta                                                         6:12

     32:28 min  78.26 Mb


     On New Year's morning, Cousin took a weary-eyed walk... HomeSoon he
     thought, whilst cutting to the path by the Angophora Forest. As he made it
     down to the overgrown sidewalk, he caught a sudden sense of warmth from the
     surrounding flora. On closer focus, it was as if the plants and flowers had
     come alive...pulsing forward down the path as they bounced, smiled, and
     sneered all around him. Against logic, he was struck by an almost Garsonian
     desire to communicate with them.

     This feeling lingered, persisting through several studio sessions. The
     music written over this period makes up this EP. How directly this
     experience informed the music is hard to say. What effect it had on the
     surrounding plant life is even harder to tell we do hope, however, through
     listening to it, youre a little more tuned in to them.


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