Nothing But... Essential Big Room, Vol. 15

2023-11-20 16:09

VA - Nothing But... Essential Big Room, Vol. 15 / NBEBR15 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1RobloxSuper Boom (Original Mix)05:0011
2The ElegantEgoTeseract (Original Mix)04:039
3DzejuNever Be Alone (Original Mix)03:398
4Dimitris KaripidisBloodline (Original Mix)02:456
5Niel Degas Ft. ScarlettBraveheart (Dark Intensity Remix)04:5011
6DANCIStay (Original Mix)02:486
7Ace of RaveAmigos (Forever) (BaseJaxx & Rave! Code Remix)03:348
8Serdar BingolCan't Stop Us (Extended Mix)03:459
9SiloneFree Fall (Original Mix)03:178
10Stayer, Dubrush & Jean LucTitans (Radio Edit)02:266
11Emre Cizmeci & Arman BercinBigger Than Bigroom (Original Mix)03:489
12VIRDUBlindness (Original Mix)04:4011
13SahapBlack Lightning (Original Mix)03:057
14Funky House BrothersLet It Bounce (Ben Cross Remix)05:2212
15Tony ColangeloVee (Extended Club Mix)07:1917
16Chris SchambacherA Million Miles (Original Mix)04:009
17HMBLGet Up (Original Mix)03:358
18Alejandro LoomForce Gravity (Original Mix)04:5411
19YermakMagic Potion (Original Mix)04:049
20QKazooAssault (Original Mix)04:4011
21SANDCLaganas (Original Mix)04:4411
22HAUSK & mOnSteR nO.9 feat. Wanja JanevaBreak My Pride (St.Emilio Remix)03:188
23Spencer Tarring, Jorday Jay & Charlie Ray ft. Angelika VeeAutopilot (Original Mix)05:4213
24Nicola MorenoEclips (ADE 2016 Anthem)04:1510
257 GramsFame Or Shame (Original Mix)04:4011
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: Nothing But... Essential Big Room, Vol. 15
        Release Date: 20.11.2023                    Street Year: 2023
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 241,42 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: Nothing But                 NBEBR15


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Roblox - Super Boom (Original Mix)            05:02
           02. The ElegantEgo - Teseract (Original Mix)      04:06
           03. Dzeju - Never Be Alone (Original Mix)         03:42
           04. Dimitris Karipidis - Bloodline (Original Mix) 02:48
           05. Niel Degas Ft. Scarlett - Braveheart          04:52
               (Dark Intensity Remix)
           06. DANCI - Stay (Original Mix)                   02:50
           07. Ace of Rave - Amigos (Forever)                03:37
               (BaseJaxx & Rave! Code Remix)
           08. Serdar Bingol - Can't Stop Us (Extended Mix)  03:48
           09. Silone - Free Fall (Original Mix)             03:19
           10. Stayer, Dubrush & Jean Luc - Titans           02:29
               (Radio Edit)
           11. Emre Cizmeci & Arman Bercin - Bigger Than     03:50
               Bigroom (Original Mix)
           12. VIRDU - Blindness (Original Mix)              04:42
           13. Sahap - Black Lightning (Original Mix)        03:08
           14. Funky House Brothers - Let It Bounce          05:25
               (Ben Cross Remix)
           15. Tony Colangelo - Vee (Extended Club Mix)      07:21
           16. Chris Schambacher - A Million Miles           04:02
               (Original Mix)
           17. HMBL - Get Up (Original Mix)                  03:38
           18. Alejandro Loom - Force Gravity (Original Mix) 04:57
           19. Yermak - Magic Potion (Original Mix)          04:06
           20. QKazoo - Assault (Original Mix)               04:43
           21. SANDC - Laganas (Original Mix)                04:46
           22. HAUSK & mOnSteR nO.9 feat. Wanja Janeva -     03:21
               Break My Pride (St.Emilio Remix)
           23. Spencer Tarring, Jorday Jay & Charlie Ray ft. 05:44
               Angelika Vee - Autopilot (Original Mix)
           24. Nicola Moreno - Eclips (ADE 2016 Anthem)      04:18
           25. 7 Grams - Fame Or Shame (Original Mix)        04:42

     About Release    

       Nothing But... Essential Big Room, Vol. 15 presents tracks
       and remixes from The ElegantEgo, Dzeju, Dimitris Karipidis,
       Dark Intensity, DANCI, Serdar Bingol, Sahap, Ben Cross, Tony
       Colangelo, Chris Schambacher, Alejandro Loom, Yermak, SANDC,
       St.Emilio, 7 Grams, Roblox, Niel Degas Ft Scarlett, Ace of
       Rave, Silone, Stayer, Dubrush, Jean Luc, Emre Cizmeci, Arman
       Bercin, VIRDU, Funky House Brothers, HMBL, Qkazoo, HAUSK,
       Monster No.9 feat. Wanja Janeva, Spencer Tarring, Jorday Jay
       & Charlie Ray ft. Angelika Vee, Nicola Moreno.


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