Soul Candi Sessions Six Pt 3

2023-11-20 22:07

Ralf Gum - Soul Candi Sessions Six Pt 3 / Soul Candi Records

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Ralf Gum feat Ayanda JiyaYou're Special (Album Version)05:4013
2Ralf Gum x SimmyHow Deep Is Your Love (Album Version)05:3513
3Ralf Gum x Tortured SoulMaybe More (Album Version)06:2715
4Ralf Gum feat Jon Pierce x KafeleNever (Louie Vega Roots NYC Mix)08:3120
5Ralf Gum x SioUn-Love You (Album Version)05:3913
6Ralf Gum feat KafeleVisitor's Dub (Album Version)06:3915
7Ralf Gum feat ToshiXakanga (Album Version)07:2617
8Ralf Gum feat Monique BinghamClaudette (Jimpster Vocal Remix)07:1017
9Ralf GumDubriarch (Album Version)05:0912
10Ralf Gum feat Leanne RobinsonReplay (Album Version)05:3513
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     artist   : Ralf Gum
     title    . Soul Candi Sessions Six, Pt. 3
     year     . 2023
     genre    : House
     subgenre : soulful house x nudisco
     label    : Soul Candi Records
     cat      . 
     URL      :
     ShopURL  :
     encoder  . LAME
     quality  : 320Kbps/CBR/44.1kHz/2CH/Joint Stereo
     source   . WEB

   01. Ralf Gum feat Ayanda Jiya - You're Special (Album Version)  5:40
   02. Ralf Gum x Simmy - How Deep Is Your Love (Album Version)    5:35
   03. Ralf Gum x Tortured Soul - Maybe More (Album Version)       6:27
   04. Ralf Gum feat Jon Pierce x Kafele - Never (Louie Vega Roots 8:31
   05. Ralf Gum x Sio - Un-Love You (Album Version)                5:39
   06. Ralf Gum feat Kafele - Visitor's Dub (Album Version)        6:38
   07. Ralf Gum feat Toshi - Xakanga (Album Version)               7:26
   08. Ralf Gum feat Monique Bingham - Claudette (Jimpster Vocal R 7:10
   09. Ralf Gum - Dubriarch (Album Version)                        5:09
   10. Ralf Gum feat Leanne Robinson - Replay (Album Version)      5:35

   01:03:50 min  148.01 mb


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