After The Rain

2023-11-21 10:06

Pol Ayke - After The Rain / GRVV2129 / Alveda Gold

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1Pol AykeAfter The Rain05:3913
2Pol AykeAfter The Rain (Radio Edit)03:378
TiTLE.:          Pol Ayke - After The Rain                 

         ARTiST: Pol Ayke                                  
         Source: WEB                                            
         TYPE..: Single                                      
         CATNR.: GRVV2129                                   
            Sdate.: 11-21-2023                                 
            Rdate.: 11-21-2023                                 
          Label.: Alveda Gold                                 
          Genre.: House                                       
       Quali.: 320kbps / 4410kHz / Full Stereo             

                   T R A C K L i S T                        

      Track Title                                       Time    

      1  After The Rain                              5:39 min   
      2  After The Rain (Radio Edit)                 3:37 min   

                                          Playtime: 9:16  min   
                                          Size:     22.33 Mb    

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