Soultronic 029

2023-12-08 20:09

VA - Soultronic 029 / HOTQSOULT029 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Steal Vybe & Peven EverettI Found Inside (Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Instrumental)08:3920
2RoqueThe Legend (Original Mix)08:1419
3MsolnusicSets Me Free (Original Mix)07:0516
4Rubeus Solis & ToniaTogether (Extended Vocal Mix)06:1914
5Ace Shyllon & Vibrant CBeautiful Distraction (Ace Shyllon Bumpy Mix)07:0516
6Bored Ape Feat. Heidi BLetting It Go (Original Mix)03:529
7Jordi CabreraJazzy Loop (Original Mix)05:2512
8Nya Jones & Deep Soul SyndicateNobody Knows (Original Mix)06:1414
9Glen Horsborough & Karmina DaiGoing Strong (Richard Earnshaw Revision)06:2115
10Peter MacKnuckle Shuffle (Original Mix)06:0614
11Neil Pierce Ft. Hannah KhemohTryna Be (Original Mix)06:0914
12Pat Bedeau & Anna-Marie JohnsonMy Life (Instrumental)06:0014
13Jordi CabreraFeel The Way (Original Mix)06:1614
14Babs PresentsLet The Groove (Original Mix)07:0716
15Da Drum Ghost SA, Persie Botta & Angelic VoiceEma (Persie Botta Version)05:4813
16Ben HarrisLove Boogie (Original Mix)06:2415
17Naarzo Jaca & Room 806 feat. Rasool & George TrumpetYour Movement06:4716
18Soul HeadsIf Only (Original Mix)03:328
19Knate Koti & Ed RamseyBeautiful World (Original Mix)07:3417
20Gustavo Fk & Camila Jun feat. Mr. VUnified (Opolopo Remix)06:5716
21ThamzaONR & Mr Rantsho Feat. BlaxM.U.S.I.C (Original Mix)07:0516
22Blaq OwlDo You Wanna Know (Original Mix)07:4818
23Corrado AlunniMy Time (Original Mix)06:3215
24Flowersons feat. TpeahYou Are The Reason (Instrumental Mix)05:1312
25Robbo Fitzgibbons Feat. La Veda DavisFree Falling (Acoustic Version)03:519
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: Soultronic 029
        Release Date: 08.12.2023                    Street Year: 2023
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 364,27 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: HOT-Q                       HOTQSOULT029


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Steal Vybe & Peven Everett - I Found Inside   08:40
               (Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Instrumental)
           02. Roque - The Legend (Original Mix)             08:16
           03. Msolnusic - Sets Me Free (Original Mix)       07:07
           04. Rubeus Solis & Tonia - Together               06:21
               (Extended Vocal Mix)
           05. Ace Shyllon & Vibrant C - Beautiful           07:07
               Distraction (Ace Shyllon Bumpy Mix)
           06. Bored Ape Feat. Heidi B - Letting It Go       03:53
               (Original Mix)
           07. Jordi Cabrera - Jazzy Loop (Original Mix)     05:26
           08. Nya Jones & Deep Soul Syndicate - Nobody      06:16
               Knows (Original Mix)
           09. Glen Horsborough & Karmina Dai - Going Strong 06:23
               (Richard Earnshaw Revision)
           10. Peter Mac - Knuckle Shuffle (Original Mix)    06:07
           11. Neil Pierce Ft. Hannah Khemoh - Tryna Be      06:10
               (Original Mix)
           12. Pat Bedeau & Anna-Marie Johnson - My Life     06:01
           13. Jordi Cabrera - Feel The Way (Original Mix)   06:18
           14. Babs Presents - Let The Groove (Original Mix) 07:08
           15. Da Drum Ghost SA, Persie Botta & Angelic      05:49
               Voice - Ema (Persie Botta Version)
           16. Ben Harris - Love Boogie (Original Mix)       06:25
           17. Naarzo Jaca & Room 806 feat. Rasool & George  06:48
               Trumpet - Your Movement
           18. Soul Heads - If Only (Original Mix)           03:33
           19. Knate Koti & Ed Ramsey - Beautiful World      07:35
               (Original Mix)
           20. Gustavo Fk & Camila Jun feat. Mr. V - Unified 06:59
               (Opolopo Remix)
           21. ThamzaONR & Mr Rantsho Feat. Blax - M.U.S.I.C 07:06
               (Original Mix)
           22. Blaq Owl - Do You Wanna Know (Original Mix)   07:49
           23. Corrado Alunni - My Time (Original Mix)       06:33
           24. Flowersons feat. Tpeah - You Are The Reason   05:14
               (Instrumental Mix)
           25. Robbo Fitzgibbons Feat. La Veda Davis - Free  03:52
               Falling (Acoustic Version)

     About Release    

       Soultronic 029 presents tracks and remixes from Dj Spinna,
       Roque, Msolnusic, Ace Shyllon & Vibrant C, Jordi Cabrera,
       Richard Earnshaw, Peter Mac, Neil Pierce Ft Hannah Khemoh,
       Babs Presents, Persie Botta, Soul Heads, Knate Koti, Ed
       Ramsey, Opolopo, Blaq Owl, Corrado Alunni, Steal Vybe & Peven
       Everett, Rubeus Solis & Tonia, Bored Ape Feat. Heidi B, Nya
       Jones, Deep Soul Syndicate, Glen Horsborough & Karmina Dai,
       Pat Bedeau, Anna-Marie Johnson, Da Drum Ghost SA, Persie
       Botta, Angelic Voice, Ben Harris, Naarzo Jaca & Room 806
       feat. Rasool & George Trumpet, Gustavo Fk & Camila Jun feat
       Mr. V, ThamzaONR & Mr Rantsho Feat. Blax, Flowersons feat.
       Tpeah, Robbo Fitzgibbons Feat La Veda Davis.


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