Soulful Respect Vol 9

2023-12-27 14:07

VA - Soulful Respect Vol 9 / NER26486 / Nervous Records

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1Stimming x Ben Watt x Julia BielBright Star (Marco Pex & 104 BPM Remix Timmy Regisford Edit)05:1112
2Trekkah feat Nuzu DeepVoices (DJ IC Remix Timmy Regisford Edit)05:4613
3K.O.D x DJ SateliteGears Of War (Timmy Regisford Edit)05:0912
4Danilo BracaSiana (Woza Woza) (Ron Trent Remix Timmy Regisford Edit)05:4713
5Channel CollenMedicine (Timmy Regisford Edit)05:1812
6Echo Deep feat Michael KingWahambelani (Timmy Regisford Edit)05:0612
7Coke Segwapa x HyperSOUL-XPhumelela (Timmy Regisford Edit)05:1112
8K.O.D x Afro WavChants From The Motherland (Timmy Regisford Edit)04:5712
9MoIsh x Vasilis feat Thoby DladlaCulo (Timmy Regisford Edit)05:1412
10DJ GYemanja (Timmy Regisford Edit)05:1212
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     artist   : Various Artists
     title    . Soulful Respect Vol 9
     year     . 2023
     genre    : House
     subgenre : deep house
     label    : Nervous Records
     cat      . NER26486
     URL      :
     ShopURL  :
     encoder  . LAME
     quality  : 320Kbps/CBR/44.1kHz/2CH/Joint Stereo
     source   . WEB

   01. Stimming x Ben Watt x Julia Biel - Bright Star (Marco Pex & 5:11
   02. Trekkah feat Nuzu Deep - Voices (DJ IC Remix Timmy Regisfor 5:46
   03. K.O.D x DJ Satelite - Gears Of War (Timmy Regisford Edit)   5:09
   04. Danilo Braca - Siana (Woza Woza) (Ron Trent Remix Timmy Reg 5:47
   05. Channel Collen - Medicine (Timmy Regisford Edit)            5:18
   06. Echo Deep feat Michael King - Wahambelani (Timmy Regisford  5:06
   07. Coke Segwapa x HyperSOUL-X - Phumelela (Timmy Regisford Edi 5:11
   08. K.O.D x Afro Wav - Chants From The Motherland (Timmy Regisf 4:57
   09. MoIsh x Vasilis feat Thoby Dladla - Culo (Timmy Regisford E 5:14
   10. DJ G - Yemanja (Timmy Regisford Edit)                       5:12

   00:52:51 min  123.39 mb


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