Deep House Chill 031

2024-02-11 17:25

VA - Deep House Chill 031 / HOTQDEEPHC031 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Paolo BarbatoThe Writer (Lineki Remix)05:5313
2GoosebumpAnticipation (Original Mix)03:348
3Chemical CrashSay No More (Always Mix)06:1714
4Saku NewMoonSeikatsu (Original Mix)06:2015
5Pando GMichael Dublus (Original Mix)06:0714
6Raheem MadeeMade With Passion (Original Mix)06:5416
7Walkman AlkhebuLongevity (Original Mix)08:4520
8Sakhile SKI'm Gonna Get You (One Day) (Original Mix)07:2017
9Mr Milk Dee & OvernoisedThe 6 (Original Mix)06:4015
10Diego ReyLet The Groove (Original Mix)06:1514
11Carl Price & Paul HawkinsDangerous Feeling (Original Mix)05:5313
12Matt PrehnThe Way Of The Gun (Original Mix)06:4816
13DysFonik, Merlzar & Vince deDJUrban Heatwave (Original Mix)05:2813
14Ly SanderMarching To Where (Jacques Bon Remix)06:2215
15CRAY CYour Lies (Original Mix)03:127
16LYP Feat. Elliot ChapmanWhat Made Me (Original Mix)06:0814
17The Secret Soul SocietyLate Nites (Original Mix)04:2110
18Gus SaboElastic Feeling (Original Mix)06:0614
19Dannie FadeZmones (Original Mix)06:2815
20Arty Violin & SebastiannDesert Trip (Extended Mix)06:2615
21Magnus AsbergThis Is House Music (Horner Remix)06:0814
22Ted Ganung & The Incredible Melting ManOrchestral House (Original Mix)06:1414
23Jam FunkOn Top Of The World (Original Mix)06:3915
24TroyderWatching From A Distance (Original Mix)05:3113
25StotoDon't Drive Away Alone (Original Mix)09:0521
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: Deep House Chill 031
        Release Date: 11.02.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 359,09 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: HOT-Q                       HOTQDEEPHC031


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Paolo Barbato - The Writer (Lineki Remix)     05:58
           02. Goosebump - Anticipation (Original Mix)       03:39
           03. Chemical Crash - Say No More (Always Mix)     06:21
           04. Saku NewMoon - Seikatsu (Original Mix)        06:24
           05. Pando G - Michael Dublus (Original Mix)       06:11
           06. Raheem Madee - Made With Passion              06:58
               (Original Mix)
           07. Walkman Alkhebu - Longevity (Original Mix)    08:50
           08. Sakhile SK - I'm Gonna Get You (One Day)      07:25
               (Original Mix)
           09. Mr Milk Dee & Overnoised - The 6              06:44
               (Original Mix)
           10. Diego Rey - Let The Groove (Original Mix)     06:19
           11. Carl Price & Paul Hawkins - Dangerous Feeling 05:57
               (Original Mix)
           12. Matt Prehn - The Way Of The Gun (Original Mix)06:52
           13. DysFonik, Merlzar & Vince deDJ - Urban        05:32
               Heatwave (Original Mix)
           14. Ly Sander - Marching To Where                 06:26
               (Jacques Bon Remix)
           15. CRAY C - Your Lies (Original Mix)             03:16
           16. LYP Feat. Elliot Chapman - What Made Me       06:13
               (Original Mix)
           17. The Secret Soul Society - Late Nites          04:26
               (Original Mix)
           18. Gus Sabo - Elastic Feeling (Original Mix)     06:10
           19. Dannie Fade - Zmones (Original Mix)           06:32
           20. Arty Violin & Sebastiann - Desert Trip        06:31
               (Extended Mix)
           21. Magnus Asberg - This Is House Music           06:12
               (Horner Remix)
           22. Ted Ganung & The Incredible Melting Man -     06:18
               Orchestral House (Original Mix)
           23. Jam Funk - On Top Of The World (Original Mix) 06:44
           24. Troyder - Watching From A Distance            05:35
               (Original Mix)
           25. Stoto - Don't Drive Away Alone (Original Mix) 09:09

     About Release    

       Deep House Chill presents tracks and remixes from Lineki,
       Goosebump, Chemical Crash, Saku NewMoon, Pando G, Raheem
       Madee, Walkman Alkhebu, Sakhile SK, Diego Rey, Matt Prehn,
       Jacques Bon, The Secret Soul Society, Gus Sabo, Dannie Fade,
       Horner, Jam Funk, Troyder, Stoto, Paolo Barbato, Mr Milk Dee
       & OverNoised, Carl Price, Paul Hawkins, DysFonik, Merlzar &
       Vince deDJ, Ly Sander, CRAY C, LYP Feat. Elliot Chapman, Arty
       Violin & Sebastiann, Magnus Asberg, Ted Ganung, The
       Incredible Melting Man.


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