The Remixes, Vol. 51

2024-02-11 17:31

VA - The Remixes, Vol. 51 / LWTR51 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Loz GoddardSpace Nugz (Boulderhead Remix)05:2612
2Roland Clark & ANT LaROCKI'm Not A Plugin (The Deepshakerz Remix)05:5213
3Jon Le PhunkThinkin' (If I Knew U) (GooDisco Remix)05:5213
4Henry NavarroBetter Days (4Peace They Is A Comin' Remix)06:2215
5Ranj KalerAlibi (Strange Malcolm Mother Earth Remix)06:5716
6Paul GavronskyBeachside (Ander P Remix)07:4318
7Saucy LadyOne More Night (Daisuke Miyamoto Remix)05:0912
8D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Jerome HillWormal Distortion (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)05:2712
9HousecatHotel Ultra (Pagan Remix)06:0914
10ODR & OH?Feel It (Peekay Remix)06:1814
11Kidd IslandMiles (STI Project Remix)03:248
12Cristobal & Jamiez & DJ Matt ReidMagic (DJ Matt Reid Remix)03:408
13Kelly ReverbFine Ladies Only (Donald Glaude Remix)06:4015
14Jose VilchesThe soul (Joselacruz Remix)07:0516
15DarkexxSearching For Love (Claudio Polizzotto Remix)06:4515
16Karol MelingerForget The World (M. Rodriguez Remix)07:0116
17Crage DThe Swan (Haindo Remix)05:4913
18Processing VesselKeep On Dreaming (ZaVen Remix)07:4018
19Tech CYoy Baby (Mr.lucky & Tech C Remix)06:2115
20Oli HodgesLatino (Jack Realist Remix)06:3615
21BuwaldaBolshe (Dadou Remix)08:4220
22SoireDel Mar (M.I.N.D Remix)05:1012
23Catz N Motion & Vanilla AceThe Boat (Waste Remix)05:2512
24Pretty Poison & Jade Starling feat. Lee DaggerPlace In The Sun (C-Dub Sandcastle Sky Remix)04:089
25Brandon WhellerIt's Not A Happy Thing Remixes (Rudi'Kastic Remix)06:1214
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: The Remixes, Vol. 51
        Release Date: 11.02.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 352,49 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: LW Recordings               LWTR51


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Loz Goddard - Space Nugz (Boulderhead Remix)  05:31
           02. Roland Clark & ANT LaROCK - I'm Not A Plugin  05:57
               (The Deepshakerz Remix)
           03. Jon Le Phunk - Thinkin' (If I Knew U)         05:57
               (GooDisco Remix)
           04. Henry Navarro - Better Days                   06:27
               (4Peace They Is A Comin' Remix)
           05. Ranj Kaler - Alibi                            07:02
               (Strange Malcolm Mother Earth Remix)
           06. Paul Gavronsky - Beachside (Ander P Remix)    07:47
           07. Saucy Lady - One More Night                   05:13
               (Daisuke Miyamoto Remix)
           08. D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Jerome Hill - Wormal   05:32
               Distortion (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)
           09. Housecat - Hotel Ultra (Pagan Remix)          06:13
           10. ODR & OH? - Feel It (Peekay Remix)            06:23
           11. Kidd Island - Miles (STI Project Remix)       03:29
           12. Cristobal & Jamiez & DJ Matt Reid - Magic     03:45
               (DJ Matt Reid Remix)
           13. Kelly Reverb - Fine Ladies Only               06:45
               (Donald Glaude Remix)
           14. Jose Vilches - The soul (Joselacruz Remix)    07:09
           15. Darkexx - Searching For Love                  06:49
               (Claudio Polizzotto Remix)
           16. Karol Melinger - Forget The World             07:05
               (M. Rodriguez Remix)
           17. Crage D - The Swan (Haindo Remix)             05:53
           18. Processing Vessel - Keep On Dreaming          07:44
               (ZaVen Remix)
           19. Tech C - Yoy Baby (Mr.lucky & Tech C Remix)   06:26
           20. Oli Hodges - Latino (Jack Realist Remix)      06:41
           21. Buwalda - Bolshe (Dadou Remix)                08:47
           22. Soire - Del Mar (M.I.N.D Remix)               05:15
           23. Catz N Motion & Vanilla Ace - The Boat        05:30
               (Waste Remix)
           24. Pretty Poison & Jade Starling feat. Lee       04:12
               Dagger - Place In The Sun (C-Dub Sandcastle Sky
           25. Brandon Wheller - It's Not A Happy Thing      06:17
               Remixes (Rudi'Kastic Remix)

     About Release    

       Tracks and remixes from Boulderhead, The Deepshakerz,
       GooDisco, 4Peace, Strange Malcolm, Ander P, Daisuke Miyamoto,
       D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Pagan, Peekay, STI Project, DJ Matt
       Reid, Donald Glaude, Joselacruz, Claudio Polizzotto, M.
       Rodriguez, Haindo, ZaVen, Jack Realist, Dadou, M.I.N.D,
       Waste, Rudi'Kastic, Loz Goddard, Roland Clark, Ant LaRock,
       Jon Le Phunk, Henry Navarro, Ranj Kaler, Paul Gavronsky,
       Saucy Lady, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Jerome Hill, Housecat, ODR,
       OH?, Kidd Island, Cristobal & Jamiez, DJ Matt Reid, Kelly
       Reverb, Jose Vilches, Darkexx, Karol Melinger, Crage D,
       Processing Vessel, Tech C, Oli Hodges, Buwalda, Soire, Catz N
       Motion, Vanilla Ace, Pretty Poison & Jade Starling feat. Lee
       Dagger, Brandon Wheller.


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