Trax For The Track 031

2024-02-11 17:33

VA - Trax For The Track 031 / HOTQTFTT031 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Justin-SaneDont Need It (Instrumental)04:1510
23 WaysReal Love (Chris Daniel & Jano Remix)05:0412
3FiddeLozzaUniversal Language (Original Mix)07:5718
4D.A.T.AIn Love (Original Mix)04:029
5Bound to Divide & LEWYNLost In A Love Song (Original Mix)03:428
6EminenceFalling (Original Mix)03:288
7YordeeExistenz (Original Mix)07:2117
8Oak and HammerThis Is Your Mind (Extended Mix)08:1519
9InfeXus & AnzaBreathe (Radio Edit)04:029
10Hausman & LumynesynthKenmore (Meant To Be) (dwelyr Extended Remix)06:2215
11Saiful IdrisIn Transit (Remastered)04:4811
12Frank ParaCan You Save Me (Original Mix)03:007
13Some Of & Tony EsigerEach Other (Original Mix)03:469
14h.x.e.Echoes Of Euphoria (Original Mix)03:539
15Luca Di AlessandroFears In The Fire (Original Mix)05:3813
16Nikita BerdnikSee The Sea (Original Mix)06:4415
17Moe TurkTrippin (Deep Dub Mix)05:0412
18Parasol StarsFuture Horizon (Original Mix)05:1212
19Manu LoopsSave Me (Original Mix)05:4513
20Shamka & AudiocellsAntimatter (Original Mix)04:049
21Module2Closer To Heaven (Original Mix)06:4415
22Key LeanBongo Bells (Original Mix)06:5316
23FortunatoIntrospective (Original Mix)06:1614
24Alan MarshallTwilight Dreams (Da Syk Remix)07:2517
25ANCODYNEWNeon Drive (Extended Mix)05:0212
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: Trax For The Track 031
        Release Date: 11.02.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 311,49 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: HOT-Q                       HOTQTFTT031


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Justin-Sane - Dont Need It (Instrumental)     04:18
           02. 3 Ways - Real Love (Chris Daniel & Jano Remix)05:07
           03. FiddeLozza - Universal Language (Original Mix)07:59
           04. D.A.T.A - In Love (Original Mix)              04:05
           05. Bound to Divide & LEWYN - Lost In A Love Song 03:45
               (Original Mix)
           06. Eminence - Falling (Original Mix)             03:31
           07. Yordee - Existenz (Original Mix)              07:24
           08. Oak and Hammer - This Is Your Mind            08:18
               (Extended Mix)
           09. InfeXus & Anza - Breathe (Radio Edit)         04:05
           10. Hausman & Lumynesynth - Kenmore               06:25
               (Meant To Be) (dwelyr Extended Remix)
           11. Saiful Idris - In Transit (Remastered)        04:51
           12. Frank Para - Can You Save Me (Original Mix)   03:03
           13. Some Of & Tony Esiger - Each Other            03:49
               (Original Mix)
           14. h.x.e. - Echoes Of Euphoria (Original Mix)    03:56
           15. Luca Di Alessandro - Fears In The Fire        05:41
               (Original Mix)
           16. Nikita Berdnik - See The Sea (Original Mix)   06:47
           17. Moe Turk - Trippin (Deep Dub Mix)             05:07
           18. Parasol Stars - Future Horizon (Original Mix) 05:15
           19. Manu Loops - Save Me (Original Mix)           05:48
           20. Shamka & Audiocells - Antimatter              04:06
               (Original Mix)
           21. Module2 - Closer To Heaven (Original Mix)     06:46
           22. Key Lean - Bongo Bells (Original Mix)         06:56
           23. Fortunato - Introspective (Original Mix)      06:19
           24. Alan Marshall - Twilight Dreams (Da Syk Remix)07:28
           25. ANCODYNEW - Neon Drive (Extended Mix)         05:05

     About Release    

       Trax For The Track presents tracks and remixes from Justin-
       Sane, FiddeLozza, D.A.T.A, Eminence, Yordee, Oak and Hammer,
       dwelyr, Saiful Idris, Frank Para, h.x.e., Luca di Alessandro,
       Nikita Berdnik, Moe Turk, Parasol Stars, Manu Loops, Module2,
       Key Lean, Fortunato, Da Syk, 3 Ways, Bound To Divide & Lewyn,
       InfeXus, Anza, Hausman & Lumynesynth, Some Of, Tony Esiger,
       Shamka, Audiocells, Alan Marshall, ANCODYNEW.


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