Elevating Melodies 006

2024-02-23 17:15

VA - Elevating Melodies 006 / HOTQEM006B / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Lim3ricRed Stiletto (Original Mix)06:0114
2Richie BarrenoOneiric (Original Mix)07:3317
3FOLLY (SK)Nocturne (Original Mix)07:1317
4Cannibal CoconutsKronos (Original Mix)07:3717
5sone. & ScarpelliSignals (Original Mix)04:4711
6John BounceI Am Gone (Melodic House Mix)04:5911
7Cranky & Youssef El HousniSunset Groove (Original Mix)05:3913
8D.A.T.AI Need You (Original Mix)03:258
9PissiOoman (Original Mix)06:4615
10Last 2 StandingAcheron (LackOfAffekt Remix)07:3317
11ProdI Told You (Original Mix)05:3513
12BillyJaySatellite (Original Mix)06:4916
13KayzenAstronaut (Original Mix)03:378
14Deep DiveNew Life (Original Mix)03:469
15DiabolusinlineaMetamorphosis (Original Mix)05:4313
16MainhsoOverclock (Original Mix)06:0014
17VnTrident (Original Mix)05:1512
18Mario KNatural Organica (Original Mix)08:3220
19The FrixionStarstruck Love (Aaron Hedges Extended Dub)06:4916
20Spirit Tag feat. Starky 47Delusion (Original Mix)06:5616
21Nightbob feat. Cay-TFocus On You (Original Mix)07:1116
22VandersImagination (Original Mix)06:1014
23GrotesqueDesert Siren (Original Mix)07:1517
24Isaac Nightingale & Dj AristocratGot To Feel Love (Original Mix)03:218
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: Various Artists
        Title: Elevating Melodies 006
        Release Date: 23.02.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 24
        Source: (FLAC) WEB                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 332,67 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: HOT-Q                                Cat.no: HOTQEM006B
        Url: https://www.deezer.com/album/547718722


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Lim3ric - Red Stiletto (Original Mix)         06:03
           02. Richie Barreno - Oneiric (Original Mix)       07:34
           03. FOLLY (SK) - Nocturne (Original Mix)          07:14
           04. Cannibal Coconuts - Kronos (Original Mix)     07:39
           05. sone. & Scarpelli - Signals (Original Mix)    04:49
           06. John Bounce - I Am Gone (Melodic House Mix)   05:01
           07. Cranky & Youssef El Housni - Sunset Groove    05:40
               (Original Mix)
           08. D.A.T.A - I Need You (Original Mix)           03:27
           09. Pissi - Ooman (Original Mix)                  06:47
           10. Last 2 Standing - Acheron (LackOfAffekt Remix)07:34
           11. Prod - I Told You (Original Mix)              05:36
           12. BillyJay - Satellite (Original Mix)           06:50
           13. Kayzen - Astronaut (Original Mix)             03:38
           14. Deep Dive - New Life (Original Mix)           03:48
           15. Diabolusinlinea - Metamorphosis (Original Mix)05:44
           16. Mainhso - Overclock (Original Mix)            06:01
           17. Vn - Trident (Original Mix)                   05:17
           18. Mario K - Natural Organica (Original Mix)     08:33
           19. The Frixion - Starstruck Love                 06:51
               (Aaron Hedges Extended Dub)
           20. Spirit Tag feat. Starky 47 - Delusion         06:58
               (Original Mix)
           21. Nightbob feat. Cay-T - Focus On You           07:13
               (Original Mix)
           22. Vanders - Imagination (Original Mix)          06:11
           23. Grotesque - Desert Siren (Original Mix)       07:16
           24. Isaac Nightingale & Dj Aristocrat - Got To    03:23
               Feel Love (Original Mix)

     About Release    

       Tracks and remixes from Lim3ric, FOLLY (SK), Cannibal
       Coconuts, John Bounce, D.A.T.A, Pissi, Sonickraft,
       LackOfAffekt, Prod, BillyJay, Deep Dive, Diabolusinlinea,
       Mainhso, Mario K, Aaron Hedges, Nightbob feat. Cay-T,
       Grotesque, Isaac Nightingale & DJ Aristocrat, Richie Barreno,
       sone. & Scarpelli, Cranky, Youssef El Housni, Last 2
       Standing, Kay?Zen, VN, The Frixion, Spirit Tag feat. Starky
       47, Vanders.



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