A Strollology

2021-01-22 09:38

Ame - A Strollology / Innervisions

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1AmeHelliconia (Mixed)07:3618
2AmeQueen Of Toys (Mixed)03:158
3Ame feat. PlanningtorockBlind Eye (Mixed)05:5714
4Ame feat. RoedeliusDeadlocked (Mixed)06:2415
5AmePositivland (Mixed)06:2415
6AmeFuturo Antico (Mixed)06:0414
7AmeNo War (Mixed)05:5214
8Ame feat. Matthew HerbertThe Line (Mixed)05:3213
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artist : Ame
title . Dream House A Strollology (Mixed)
year . 2021
genre : House
subgenre : Deep House
label : Innervisions
cat . 
URL : https://electronicgroove.com/ame-reinterpreted-their-album-dream-house-for-the-art-exhibition-berlin-berlin

encoder . LAME 3.99.1+
quality : 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Dual Channel
source . WEB

01. Helliconia (Mixed) 7:35
02. Queen Of Toys (Mixed) 3:15
03. Blind Eye (Mixed) 5:57
04. Deadlocked (Mixed) 6:24
05. Positivland (Mixed) 6:24
06. Futuro Antico (Mixed) 6:04
07. No War (Mixed) 5:52
08. The Line (Mixed) 5:32

00:47:03 min 108.65 mbB


Innervisions duo me will release a reinterpreted mix of their debut album 
Dream House, initially released in 2018. The new edition has been reworked 
and repackaged into a continuous session entitled Dream House: A Strollology.

With the addition of street recordings from their hometown of Berlin, the 
mix will be released as part of the digital, experiential, and historical 
project Berlin, Berlin, an event featuring collaborators from fashion, 
music, and art.

During the quarantine, several friends mentioned how they had discovered 
our album Dream House and we really enjoyed it with the peace and 
time to listen to it properly. When Highsnobiety approached us to ask if we 
could contribute music to their project Berlin, Berlin, we came up with the 
idea to reinterpret and mix our album with street recordings of the Berlin 
cityscape to give people a perfect soundtrack for walking around the city, said 
Frank Wiedemann of me.

The collective exposition of immersive art and augmented reality invites 
visitors to place eight sculptures by local artists in public spaces around 
the city or within their own four walls using a smartphone or tablet. 
Meanwhile, music was chosen as the soundtrack for the exhibition on the 
streets of Berlin.

Since the pandemic, the way people consume music has changed and people 
are discovering and listening to music on walks around their city and town 
rather than at clubs or festivals and parties. We wanted to focus on how 
best to put a soundtrack on it, adds mes Kristian Beyer.

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