Falling Down EP

2024-03-31 01:07

8Kays - Falling Down EP / WGVINYL099D / Watergate

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18Kays x Juan HansenFalling Down04:0810
28Kays x Juan HansenFalling Down (Colyn & Beswerda Remix)03:369
38Kays x Juan HansenFalling Down (Chris Avantgarde Remix)04:5412
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     artist   : 8Kays
     title    . Falling Down EP
     year     . 2024
     genre    : House
     subgenre : deep house x tech house
     label    : Watergate
     cat      . WGVINYL099D
     URL      : https://www.deezer.com/album/533783182
     ShopURL  : https://www.junodownload.com/products/6454529-02
     encoder  . LAME
     quality  : 320Kbps/CBR/44.1kHz/2CH/Joint Stereo
     source   . WEB

     01. 8Kays x Juan Hansen - Falling Down                          4:08
     02. 8Kays x Juan Hansen - Falling Down (Colyn & Beswerda Remix) 3:36
     03. 8Kays x Juan Hansen - Falling Down (Chris Avantgarde Remix) 4:54
     04. 8Kays - Lyra                                                3:02

   00:15:40 min  37.03 mb


        The "Falling Down EP" marks 8Kays' impressive debut on Watergate       
      Records, showcasing the talents of Ukrainian sound-producer and live     
      act Iryna Shvydka. The EP opens with "Falling Down," a collaborative     
       effort with Buenos Aires-based producer and live act Juan Hansen,       
     resulting in a captivating blend of electronic progressive sounds. The    
         EP takes a different turn with the remix by Dutch duo Colyn &         
         Beswerda, who infuse "Falling Down" with a tougher edge while         
      retaining its melodic intricacies while Chris Avantgarde contributes     
      his own rework with his bold and memorable production style. And to      
     send you off on a cloud of musical bliss, the EP finishes with "Lyra,"    
     a solo track by 8Kays herself. Think: floaty, dreamy vibes with these     
       cool, cascading arpeggios that'll leave you feeling all happy and       
                     relaxed. Perfect way to end the ride!                     

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