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Emanuele Caponetto, Brittanni - Fluid / 4067248751947 / Music Department

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniAcross the Spider02:486
2Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniCanon Event02:386
3Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniCynic03:087
4Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniDiaspar02:286
5Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniDip02:436
6Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniDraw Back02:416
7Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniDredge02:517
8Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniEaster03:057
9Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniElectric Eye02:296
10Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniFive Months02:496
11Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniLevel Drum03:037
12Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniShot Gun03:168
13Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniShower the People03:348
14Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniTyrants02:205
15Emanuele Caponetto x BrittanniWho Dat Boy02:286
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                Artist: Emanuele Caponetto x Brittanni
              Title: Fluid
              Label: Music Department
              Catnr: 4067248751947
             Genre: House
            Str.date: 2024-03-31
              Rip.date: 2024-03-31
             Source: WEB
             Encoder: LAME3.100
              Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Stereo
               Tracks: 15
             Size: 97.2MB
         Url: https://www.deezer.com/album/561844642

        T R A C K                          

        L I S T I N G                                           

    Track  Title                                              Time

    01.    Across the Spider                                  02:47
    02.    Canon Event                                        02:38
    03.    Cynic                                              03:08
    04.    Diaspar                                            02:28
    05.    Dip                                                02:43
    06.    Draw Back                                          02:41
    07.    Dredge                                             02:51
    08.    Easter                                             03:04
    09.    Electric Eye                                       02:29
    10.    Five Months                                        02:49
    11.    Level Drum                                         03:03
    12.    Shot Gun                                           03:16
    13.    Shower the People                                  03:34
    14.    Tyrants                                            02:20
    15.    Who Dat Boy                                        02:28

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