Keep It Soulful, Vol. 19

2024-04-02 20:16

VA - Keep It Soulful, Vol. 19 / LWKISOUL19 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Dj AristocratLounge House (Extended Mix)04:4611
2Luca FiorettiEmergency (Original Mix)05:3613
3Blaq OwlTalk To Me (Original Mix)06:5816
4Roy Jazz GrantDeep Air Symph (Roy Jazz Grant Dub)04:5211
5Dj Unotty & Deepconsoul ft. Mercee BlackSweet Jesus (Original Mix)07:4418
6DJ General Slam Feat. Donald SheffeyOut Here On The Floor (Instrumental Mix)05:5414
7Kates Le Cafe Ft. Donald SheffeyBelieve My Love (Instrumental Mix)06:4616
8Cesar C Feat. Dj ChesConversation (Harlem Dance Club Lounge Mix)06:1914
9Neapolitan Soul feat. ChanelleDo What We Have To Do (Lovely Mix)09:4822
10Soul HeadsCircles (Extended Instrumental)05:1712
11FerlowGyromite (Original Mix)06:4515
12DomineekySurvive (Gospel Soul Version)04:1110
13M-Power RSAAll I Need Is (Sweet Soul Mix)07:0716
14House Temptations feat. Linda MurielI Believe In Love (Soulbridge Mix)07:3217
15Digga Da Kruga & Ausama Ft. PrejaMorning Glory (Main)03:278
16Essentrikality ft. Shirley HeavensIncwadi (Lights On) (Original Mix)04:5411
17Mike LindupTime To Let Go Louie Vega Remix (Expansions NYC Instrumental Remix)08:1319
18DJ Le Baron Ft. CorannyBack & Forth (Instrumental Mix)05:4913
19EdsevenBurnin Up feat. Oliver Night (Original Mix)02:416
20Ace Shyllon Feat. Ed RamseyCall On Me (Radio Edit)03:228
21Martina BuddeWho Else (Original Mix)06:3215
22Rhemi Ft. HanleiDiamond (Cafe 432 Radio Edit)03:328
23Ben Neville & Chris Marquez Ft. Morris RevyGo With The Flow (Jack N' Brothas 90's Radio)03:308
24TonicHDCatching Feelings (Original Mix)06:2215
25Beat Rivals & Tracy HamlinUnlikeable Love (Instrumental)07:0216
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: Various Artists
        Title: Keep It Soulful, Vol. 19
        Release Date: 02.04.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: (FLAC) WEB                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 335,76 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: LW Recordings               LWKISOUL19


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Dj Aristocrat - Lounge House (Extended Mix)   04:50
           02. Luca Fioretti - Emergency (Original Mix)      05:40
           03. Blaq Owl - Talk To Me (Original Mix)          07:01
           04. Roy Jazz Grant - Deep Air Symph               04:56
               (Roy Jazz Grant Dub)
           05. Dj Unotty & Deepconsoul ft. Mercee Black -    07:48
               Sweet Jesus (Original Mix)
           06. DJ General Slam Feat. Donald Sheffey - Out    05:57
               Here On The Floor (Instrumental Mix)
           07. Kates L Caf Ft. Donald Sheffey - Believe My 06:50
               Love (Instrumental Mix)
           08. Cesar C Feat. Dj Ches - Conversation          06:23
               (Harlem Dance Club Lounge Mix)
           09. Neapolitan Soul feat. Chanelle - Do What We   09:51
               Have To Do (Lovely Mix)
           10. Soul Heads - Circles (Extended Instrumental)  05:21
           11. Ferlow - Gyromite (Original Mix)              06:49
           12. Domineeky - Survive (Gospel Soul Version)     04:14
           13. M-Power RSA - All I Need Is (Sweet Soul Mix)  07:10
           14. House Temptations feat. Linda Muriel - I      07:35
               Believe In Love (Soulbridge Mix)
           15. Digga Da Kruga & Ausama Ft. Preja - Morning   03:31
               Glory (Main)
           16. Essentrikality ft. Shirley Heavens - Incwadi  04:57
               (Lights On) (Original Mix)
           17. Mike Lindup - Time To Let Go Louie Vega Remix 08:16
               (Expansions NYC Instrumental Remix)
           18. DJ Le Baron Ft. Coranny - Back & Forth        05:53
               (Instrumental Mix)
           19. Edseven - Burnin Up feat. Oliver Night        02:45
               (Original Mix)
           20. Ace Shyllon Feat. Ed Ramsey - Call On Me      03:26
               (Radio Edit)
           21. Martina Budde - Who Else (Original Mix)       06:36
           22. Rhemi Ft. Hanlei - Diamond                    03:36
               (Cafe 432 Radio Edit)
           23. Ben Neville & Chris Marquez Ft. Morris Revy - 03:33
               Go With The Flow (Jack N' Brothas 90's Radio)
           24. TonicHD - Catching Feelings (Original Mix)    06:25
           25. Beat Rivals & Tracy Hamlin - Unlikeable Love  07:06

     About Release    

       Keep It Soulful, Vol. 19 presents tracks and remixes from DJ
       Aristocrat, Luca Fioretti, Blaq Owl, Roy Jazz Grant, DJ
       General Slam Feat. Donald Sheffey, Kates Le Cafe Ft Donald
       Sheffey, Harlem Dance Club, Soul Heads, Domineeky, M-Power
       RSA, Soulbridge, Louie Vega, DJ Le Baron Ft. Coranny,
       Edseven, Martina Budde, Rhemi Ft Hanlei, Jack N' Brothas,
       TonicHD, Beat Rivals & Tracy Hamlin, Dj Unotty, Deepconsoul
       ft Mercee Black, Cesar C Feat DJ Ches, Neapolitan Soul feat.
       Chanelle, Ferlow, House Temptations feat. Linda Muriel, Digga
       Da Kruga Ft Preja, Ausama, Essentrikality ft. Shirley
       Heavens, Mike Lindup, Ace Shyllon Feat. Ed Ramsey, Ben
       Neville, Chris Marquez Ft. Morris Revy.


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