Nothing But... Afro House Selections, Vol. 29

2024-05-31 11:10

VA - Nothing But... Afro House Selections, Vol. 29 / NBAHS29 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Legentic DeepJaha (Original Mix)05:5814
2JaimyDancing In The Dark (Remastered)09:1721
3LaKwister & DalasBack To Back (Original Mix)07:4018
4Kill Them With ColourAmarea (Extended Mix)04:5811
5DJ Oscar SharmCello Trip (Original Mix)06:0814
6Antonello Coghe Feat. Seyi OlagunjuThe 100 (Percussion Instrumental Mix)06:1614
7Samantha LoveridgeStolen Land (Original Mix)06:2315
8Vincent Ache'Chasing Mirage (Original Mix)07:4218
9GrayzFried Fish (Original Mix)06:4315
10AfroNerdIsintu Namasiko (Original Mix)07:1216
11SoulReDeepEmma (Original Mix)06:1614
12909 RaveZanzibar (Ruby Skye's Club Edit)03:348
13Grounded Oaks Feat. NontsikeleloBuhle Bendalo (Original Mix)07:3617
14THABISO&MBATHAParadox (Original Mix)07:3617
15Enzo (RO)Buena Onda (Original Mix)05:2012
16Maniq ZarElectronic Box (Original Mix)05:2212
17RAMA7Munno (Original Mix)07:4818
18Blaq Owl & Donavan LewisSpeechless (Retro Tech)07:4018
19Harry SotoCome Together (Original Mix)06:2815
20JunglewoodEl Sonido (Original Mix)05:5914
21Jeff El Jefe & Mr. KoolaidVolvermeros Aqui (Extended Mix)06:1014
22Gil Bokobza & Nomvula SAMvemvane (Gil Bokobza Touch)06:5916
23Various ArtistsAwemba (Original Mix)06:0614
24Kates Le Cafe Ft. Freedom Musiq & Bonita SenoritaKhuluma (Original Mix)05:3013
25DJ Randall Smooth Feat. Terrae'Joy Inside My Tears (Remix) (Joyful Afrobump)09:2221
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: Various Artists
        Title: Nothing But... Afro House Selections, Vol. 29
        Release Date: 31.05.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: (FLAC) WEB                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 381,89 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: Nothing But                 NBAHS29


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Legentic Deep - Jaha (Original Mix)           06:00
           02. Jaimy - Dancing In The Dark (Remastered)      09:18
           03. LaKwister & Dalas - Back To Back              07:42
               (Original Mix)
           04. Kill Them With Colour - Amarea (Extended Mix) 05:00
           05. DJ Oscar Sharm - Cello Trip (Original Mix)    06:10
           06. Antonello Coghe Feat. Seyi Olagunju - The 100 06:17
               (Percussion Instrumental Mix)
           07. Samantha Loveridge - Stolen Land              06:24
               (Original Mix)
           08. Vincent Ache' - Chasing Mirage (Original Mix) 07:43
           09. Grayz - Fried Fish (Original Mix)             06:44
           10. AfroNerd - Isintu Namasiko (Original Mix)     07:13
           11. SoulReDeep - Emma (Original Mix)              06:18
           12. 909 Rave - Zanzibar (Ruby Skye's Club Edit)   03:36
           13. Grounded Oaks Feat. Nontsikelelo - Buhle      07:37
               Bendalo (Original Mix)
           14. THABISOMBATHA - Paradox (Original Mix)       07:37
           15. Enzo (RO) - Buena Onda (Original Mix)         05:21
           16. Maniq Zar - Electronic Box (Original Mix)     05:23
           17. RAMA7 - Munno (Original Mix)                  07:50
           18. Blaq Owl & Donavan Lewis - Speechless         07:41
               (Retro Tech)
           19. Harry Soto - Come Together (Original Mix)     06:29
           20. Junglewood - El Sonido (Original Mix)         06:00
           21. Jeff El Jefe & Mr. Koolaid - Volvermeros Aqui 06:11
               (Extended Mix)
           22. Gil Bokobza & Nomvula SA - Mvemvane           07:00
               (Gil Bokobza Touch)
           23. Various Artists - Awemba (Original Mix)       06:08
           24. Kates L Caf Ft. Freedom Musiq & Bonita      05:31
               Senorita - Khuluma (Original Mix)
           25. DJ Randall Smooth Feat. Terrae' - Joy Inside  09:23
               My Tears (Remix) (Joyful Afrobump)

     About Release    

       Nothing But... Afro House Selections presents tracks and
       remixes from Legentic Deep, Jaimy, Kill Them With Colour, DJ
       Oscar Sharm, Samantha Loveridge, Vincent Ache', Grayz,
       AfroNerd, SoulRedeep, Ruby Skye, Enzo (RO), Maniq Zar, RAMA7,
       Harry Soto, Junglewood, Gil Bokobza & Nomvula SA, Various
       Artists, DJ Randall Smooth, Lakwister, Dalas, Antonello Coghe
       Feat Seyi Olagunju, 909 Rave, Grounded Oaks Feat
       Nontsikelelo, THABISOMBATHA, Blaq Owl & Donavan Lewis, Jeff
       El Jefe, Mr. Koolaid, Kates Le Cafe Ft Freedom Musiq & Bonita
       Seorita, DJ Randall Smooth Feat TERRAE'.


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