Laidback Grooves 010

2024-06-21 01:16

VA - Laidback Grooves 010 / HOTQLBG010 / HOT-Q

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1JoeskiAfro Latinism (Radio Edit)04:1510
2Simon VinylNightcrawlin In The Congo (Original Mix)04:1010
3RoqueAfrika Sose (Radio Edit)04:2910
4Da Drum Ghost SAClose Range (Original Mix)07:1216
5Rhythm Bandits SAAncient (Original Mix)07:3317
6INlightenInHumane (Tony Puccio Remix)04:5011
7Sgom & DJ Fortee feat. McKenzie & Optimist Music ZADaardie Ding (Instrumental)04:5711
8AFRI MunishSarcasm (Original Mix)07:0016
9Modjadeep.SASpirit Of Chapita (Irie Drums Remix)05:2412
10Jay B McCauley & Emiola SundayEdua (The Almighty) (Ron Carroll Afro Disco Remix)06:1714
11The Phat Ones, Aquadeep & VeesoulKiss Of The Dragon (Original Mix)06:3715
12DomineekyDreams (Instrumental)05:0212
13Alan De LaniereI Pa Bon (Original Mix)08:5220
14Jackson BrainwaveSadaka (Stripped)06:1014
15Souhail Artwork & Bader SihamiAfrican Soukous (Radio Edit)04:0910
16Yaans Ft. MakhouLou Way Di Nian (Eddie ZAR Remix)05:4713
17SebTick DJ, Kyika DeSoul & Morris RevyIf It's Love That You Want (Original Mix)07:1116
18ShinkohConfluent (Original Mix)05:5213
19Ucha & Close EncountersAd Populum (Instrumental Dub Mix)07:5218
20DeMajor X Obdurate & DarQknight Feat. YanaTot Samyi (The One) (Instrumental Mix)07:1216
21Iban Mendoza & Medusa OdysseyIo Mama (Original Mix)03:288
22AfriindiAssegai (Bass Edit)04:2510
23Realm of House & Chrisoul Inactive feat. La NenaYo Soy Boricua (Chrisoul Inactive Remix)08:0819
24Love In The Endz, Loelash & DaviaaTropas (Deep Cut)03:057
25Ace ShyllonAfro Metro (Original Mix)06:4115
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: Various Artists
        Title: Laidback Grooves 010
        Release Date: 21.06.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: (FLAC) WEB                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 336,61 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: HOT-Q                       HOTQLBG010


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Joeski - Afro Latinism (Radio Edit)           04:16
           02. Simon Vinyl - Nightcrawlin In The Congo       04:10
               (Original Mix)
           03. Roque - Afrika Sose (Radio Edit)              04:29
           04. Da Drum Ghost SA - Close Range (Original Mix) 07:13
           05. Rhythm Bandits SA - Ancient (Original Mix)    07:33
           06. INlighten - InHumane (Tony Puccio Remix)      04:50
           07. Sgom & DJ Fortee feat. McKenzie & Optimist    04:57
               Music ZA - Daardie Ding (Instrumental)
           08. AFRI Munish - Sarcasm (Original Mix)          07:00
           09. Modjadeep.SA - Spirit Of Chapita              05:25
               (Irie Drums Remix)
           10. Jay B McCauley & Emiola Sunday - Edua         06:18
               (The Almighty) (Ron Carroll Afro Disco Remix)
           11. The Phat Ones, Aquadeep & Veesoul - Kiss Of   06:38
               The Dragon (Original Mix)
           12. Domineeky - Dreams (Instrumental)             05:03
           13. Alan De Laniere - I Pa Bon (Original Mix)     08:52
           14. Jackson Brainwave - Sadaka (Stripped)         06:11
           15. Souhail Artwork & Bader Sihami - African      04:10
               Soukous (Radio Edit)
           16. Yaans Ft. Makhou - Lou Way Di Nian            05:48
               (Eddie ZAR Remix)
           17. SebTick DJ, Kyika DeSoul & Morris Revy - If   07:12
               It's Love That You Want (Original Mix)
           18. Shinkoh - Confluent (Original Mix)            05:52
           19. Ucha & Close Encounters - Ad Populum          07:53
               (Instrumental Dub Mix)
           20. DeMajor X Obdurate & DarQknight Feat. Yana -  07:12
               Tot Samyi (The One) (Instrumental Mix)
           21. Iban Mendoza & Medusa Odyssey - Io Mama       03:29
               (Original Mix)
           22. Afriindi - Assegai (Bass Edit)                04:26
           23. Realm of House & Chrisoul Inactive feat. La   08:08
               Nena - Yo Soy Boricua (Chrisoul Inactive Remix)
           24. Love In The Endz, Loelash & Daviaa - Tropas   03:05
               (Deep Cut)
           25. Ace Shyllon - Afro Metro (Original Mix)       06:42

     About Release    

       Tracks and remixes from Joeski, Simon Vinyl, Roque, Da Drum
       Ghost SA, Tony Puccio, AFRI Munish, Irie Drums, Ron Carroll,
       Domineeky, Alan de Laniere, Jackson Brainwave, Eddie ZAR,
       Shinkoh, Afriindi, Chrisoul Inactive, Ace Shyllon, Rhythm
       Bandits SA, INlighten, Sgom & DJ Fortee feat. Mckenzie &
       Optimist Music Za, Modjadeep.SA, Jay B McCauley & Emiola
       Sunday, The Phat Ones, Aquadeep, Veesoul, Souhail Artwork,
       Bader Sihami, Yaans Ft. Makhou, SebTick DJ & Kyika Desoul &
       Morris Revy, Ucha, Close Encounters, Demajor X Obdurate &
       Darqknight Feat. Yana, Iban Mendoza, Medusa Odyssey, Realm of
       House, Chrisoul Inactive feat. La Nena, Love In The Endz &
       LOELASH & Daviaa.


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