Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 08

2021-07-18 13:27

VA - Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 08 / LWSINDIE08 / LW Recordings

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1HotmodeAqui (Original Mix)02:587
2BODYPOPBreakdance (Fonzerelli 80s Radio Edit)02:366
3VoidRoverYour Resolve Is Tested (Original Mix)06:1014
4Camilo SanjuanBenijo (Original Mix)08:0218
5CelestinoNot Interested (Original Mix)07:2317
6BadwolfEvil Thoughts (Original Mix)05:2913
7BimmaBaby (Instrumental Mix)06:2014
8Pontias & Mood GorningPilgrim (Original Mix)06:5316
9SyncrosonicDigital Worlds (Radio Edit)03:238
10Paper Cut PonyPhone Ritika (Original Mix)02:135
11Cadillac Express & NOREQUESTDark Means Disco (Original Mix)07:0216
12DionigiStrange Things (Original Mix)05:3213
13Mar+MerFlying Dreams (Original Mix)08:1619
14PfeffermouseHackers Codex (Original Mix)05:0312
15Y.M.OIWii (Original Mix)06:3415
16Revels On PoolsideAll Dressed (Original Mix)06:2215
17MargeeNights (Vander Remix)05:1712
18TantRutClosed Centre (Hogt I Tak Acid Is Life Remix)06:4415
19PaddyBright Colours (Original Mix)03:077
20TinitusHot Club (Original Mix)06:3515
21PVLSXDrvmvlator (Original Mix)04:3310
22Velvet ValleyKB3K (Original Mix)06:4215
23Peter PaulFestivalia (Original Mix)06:2014
24Alex Greenhouse feat. Cameron J.Do You Know? (Felix Thonka Remix)05:5013
25Low GongSoda Rum (Original Mix)03:308
Proudly Present

Release Info 

Artist: VA

Title: Simply Indie Dance, Vol. 08

Release Date: 18.07.2021 Street Year: 2021

Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 25

Source: WEB Genre: House

Release Size: 320,33 MB Language: English

Label: LW Recordings LWSINDIE08

Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght: 

01. Hotmode - Aqu (Original Mix) 03:00

02. BODYPOP - Breakdance 02:38

(Fonzerelli 80s Radio Edit)

03. VoidRover - Your Resolve Is Tested 06:12

(Original Mix)

04. Camilo Sanjun - Benijo (Original Mix) 08:04

05. Celestino - Not Interested (Original Mix) 07:25

06. Badwolf - Evil Thoughts (Original Mix) 05:31

07. Bimma - Baby (Instrumental Mix) 06:22

08. Pontias & Mood Gorning - Pilgrim 06:55

(Original Mix)

09. Syncrosonic - Digital Worlds (Radio Edit) 03:25

10. Paper Cut Pony - Phone Ritika (Original Mix) 02:15

11. Cadillac Express & NOREQUEST - Dark Means 07:04

Disco (Original Mix)

12. Dionigi - Strange Things (Original Mix) 05:34

13. Mar+Mer - Flying Dreams (Original Mix) 08:18

14. Pfeffermouse - Hackers Codex (Original Mix) 05:05

15. Y.M.O - IWii (Original Mix) 06:36

16. Revels On Poolside - All Dressed 06:24

(Original Mix)

17. Margee - Nights (Vander Remix) 05:19

18. TantRut - Closed Centre 06:46

(Hgt I Tak Acid Is Life Remix)

19. Paddy - Bright Colours (Original Mix) 03:09

20. Tinitus - Hot Club (Original Mix) 06:37

21. PVLSX - Drvmvlator (Original Mix) 04:35

22. Velvet Valley - KB3K (Original Mix) 06:44

23. Peter Paul - Festivalia (Original Mix) 06:22

24. Alex Greenhouse feat. Cameron J. - Do You 05:52

Know? (Felix Thonka Remix)

25. Low Gong - Soda Rum (Original Mix) 03:32

About Release 

Tracks and remixes from Hotmode, Fonzerelli, Voidrover,

Camilo Sanjuan, Celestino, BadWolf, Bimma, Syncrosonic,

Cadillac Express, NOREQUEST, Dionigi, Mar+Mer, Pfeffermouse,

Y.M.O, Revels On Poolside, Vander, Hgt I Tak, PADDY,

Tinitus, PVLSX, Velvet Valley, Peter Paul, Low Gong, BODYPOP,

Pontias, Mood Gorning, Paper Cut Pony, Margee, TantRut, Alex

Greenhouse feat. Cameron J.


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